The man says not what it does: why is he lying?

Faced with this, perhaps every woman. Because every man at least once in your life say not what I do. And to be honest – more times in my life! And there are men, 99% of the actions are directly at odds with their words and promises… What if over and over again to convict a man in the fulfillment of their words and do not understand why he behaves? Tips to understanding male psychology gives!

A lie or misunderstanding?

When the words of men and then disagree with his actions, the natural reaction of women is “is He lying to me!“. And it creates a lot of anxiety, speculation, speculation… Why lie? He stopped loving me? Am I doing something wrong? How to bring it to clean water? Why not give result of a conversation heart to heart, tears, scandals, tantrums? What to do?!

But do not rush to blame and punish! The presumption of innocence first! Rather than try to understand the male psychology. Very often what a woman feels like a lie from a man’s mouth is… the truth! Only expressed this truth so that the woman is very difficult to guess what I wanted to tell the man really is.

For example, he said, “I with the boys will sit a bit after work.” Came at 10 PM, but still with a noticeable aroma of beer on his lips! What is “a bit”??? But it’s really a bit. Because “not a bit” in the male sense is to come after midnight, barely able to stand. So before you throw tantrums on the subject: “You keep lying to me!”, learn to hear and understand her man. If he uses relative parameters of type “bit”, “bit”, “a little expensive”, etc., don’t be shy to ask directly: “what comes?” “How much is it?” etc.

Also, do not forget that you are different people, so you can differently evaluate the same things. If he enthusiastically says that he wants to purchase a awesome Wallpaper for living room, do not be surprised that the vaunted Wallpaper would be, for example, black with gilt.

You have a bad taste, and he loved it!

But if he is cheating on purpose?

But what if you’re not finding excuses for him, and no misunderstanding his behavior has not explained? Why sometimes men say not what I do?

Sometimes (sometimes, not every half hour!) women lie all men. Even the most loving and loyal.

Because there are situations when it is easier, simpler and more correct to say that a woman expects to hear, than to indulge in boring truthful explanations.

For example, in response to the questions: “do you never think about your ex?”, “And you want us to have born little?”, “How do you feel about my mother?” etc. Rare man will be such a stubborn truth-seeker, he would run into immediate scandal, honestly answering “I can’t see your mother!”.

But this behavior can be considered normal!

What do you do when the lie (small, large,”good” and not really) poured out of your man, like peas from a torn bag, and you’re already tired once again to resent the unfulfilled promises and false speech? doesn’t want to disappoint you, but most likely, the man is not interested in your Union. In love people lie rarely. Even when the “acute phase” of love is, trust to your loved one allows you to tell it like it is.

If a man starts to build a relationship on lies – then left the trust. To leave or to try to restore the sincerity between you is up to you, but any lie is alarming!

There are, of course, and pathological liars. If you suspect that your man is that you’re not the only victim of his untruthfulness (unless, of course, it may be some consolation).

Our friendly advice to you – run from a pathological liar aimlessly (although, it’s quite possible he really loves you!). He will not change, not re-and the other person will not, and you with him will be difficult!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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