The most fashionable feminine tattoo

To follow fashion trends and be individual sometimes help tattoo and that they present a women’s website ““.

Note: this article is not for opponents of “marking your body”, and for those who think tattoos are at least a piece of art. And immediately – look at the “problem”.

“One day I wanted to get a tattoo, chose a small Phoenix, but the master immediately began to tell me that the tattoo must be in color and large, or simply “not look”. And began to offer to select from a catalog. But there all wrong. In the end, I went out without a tattoo, but then I began to pay attention to the tattoos of celebrities. Of course, some almost whole body tattooed. But others – a small elegant matusicky, Oh, to take photos of their artists :)”. Melissa.

A sad story, but a good master can make an individual sketch. And in a tattoo parlor it is advisable to come with your outline (if you have the talent and desire) and printout, what about the tattoo you want.


One of the fashion trends – it is a small tattoo. Recently, the “Zoological”. For example, Kara Delving adorned his index finger smaller, but still luxurious, the head of the king of beasts, the lion. However, this is not only a fashion statement, but also the implication: popular model is the Leo zodiac sign.

Still very fashionable in recent times to do the tattoo with images of birds: one or whole flocks. A refined and elegant look swallows, hummingbirds. And yet – a gentle, small but adds zest and lightness to the image – a tattoo in the form of feathers.

tattoo tree, birds and inscriptions

Quite popular tattoo cats. Or one of the lovely variations – cat paws.

But the tattoo of the wings from time to time it gaining popularity, they become “unfashionable”. Increasingly, the stars of “warm” interest in them. For example, the neat wings on the back is Nicole Richie.


At the peak of popularity now experiencing tattoo bracelets, chains, rings and sometimes a sign of eternal fidelity instead of a simple wedding, for example. On the one hand, are easy to hide, but they will recall the reason that made.

Signs and labels – hits of all social networking

Of course, social networks in the tape, many have become familiar with photo images of beautiful tattoos in the form of inscriptions. In all possible languages. Rarely seen in their native Russian, except “Bob” on the fingers of one hand. But it’s all a joke, and fashionable girls prefer tattoos on Latin, Ethiopic, Arabic, in the form of hieroglyphics. The fonts are different! As the values. Someone wants this to “perpetuate” any inscription, some believe that a phrase with meaning change fate, of course, for the better. And some people just want to copy the stylish inscription on the beautiful body of the beloved celebrities.

tattoo-lettering on the neck

Very fashionable in recent times to fill different signs. So, the infinity symbol – everyone knows him, but remember: this is the “inverted eight”. And as for the finger – again, as wishes that marriage lasted forever, and in the other life. Or on the wrist.

At what point to fill a fashionable tattoo?

By the way, tattoos are very different, but today the site will highlight the most popular:

  • the wrist and neck, fingers just “hits”
  • blades – slightly inferior, but also in recent years, often “sprayed”;
  • completing the top three tattoos on his shoulders.

But the tattoo on the lower back gradually fading. Today they are not in fashion. But those who are already filled, is their “wear”, but not with jeans with a low waist and exaggerated in order to “hide”.

Brave girls who want to immortalize something special for their loved ones, doing intimate tattoo on the pubis.

Single story – tattoo on the leg. In the last few years, the girls stuffed their ankles. And in appearance very different: and chains, and roses, hearts, birds, hieroglyphs, inscriptions in the Latin alphabet, signs and even skulls or, on the contrary, crosses.

By the way, not all tattoos just to decorate yourself or forever to capture something important. So, writing or drawings on the body can hide the scars or hide moles.

To make a tattoo or not is a question purely personal. However, in order to reduce it or make no attempt to conceal, you need to think what pictures or words to fill. No need to blindly follow only the fashion trends!

Author – Eva the rainbow site

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