The most popular children’s toys

Today the site for women “Beautiful and successful” let’s talk about what toys are popular today among the younger generation.

Advanced kids

Modern children and teenagers will not surprise bears soft, simple dolls or toy cars. With each passing year children need more and more complex and interesting fun interactive apps for smartphones and tablets, toys with which to “talk.” Besides, boys and girls like games based on cartoons or movies. For example, toys, Angry birds, dolls “Winx” and “monster high” “transformers” cars from m/f “Cars,” etc.

We “prosherstili” the market and made a rating of the most popular games and toys for boys and girls.


  • The boys – the future men. Therefore, it is not strange that they often play with toy cars. This year its popularity not losing model cars on the radio. Also boys don’t rarely ask their parents to buy them a toy autotrace, which can run cars, the popular brand of toys – the tracks “Hot Vilz”.
  • Transformers toys, as mentioned above, created by the eponymous cartoon and movie. Popular these baby toys Toiva among boys, along with toy cars, because it is, in fact, the same cars that a slight movement transformirovalsya in robots or other “creatures”.
  • Designer – this kind of toy is popular among children from a very early age. The most famous manufacturer “folding-blocks” is the company LEGO. The variety of assortment they have is, that the eyes diverge!
  • Toys “Young scientist”. This kind of entertainment is suitable for children from 10 years, which differ in diligence and interest in the environment and structure of nature. There are many areas of the game – physics, biology, chemistry. It’s a scientific-cognitive sets that will not only entertain the child but also develop logical thinking and teach the love of nature. Play girls too.

Toys for girls

  • Girls prefer “girly” toys. Most children like dogs, ponies, catswho know how to publish different sounds, wagging tail, give paw, etc. For example, the interactive toy “cherry Cat” imitates the behavior of a real animal responds to the voice of his mistress, likes to be petted, which is very like little miss. This may also include interactive dolls-babies who need to be fed, change their diaper and perform all the functions of “mother”.
  • Doll. Among girls popular “ugly” dolls from the animated series “monster high”. Oddly enough, but girls like analogues of known Barbie, only adjusted for the fangs, horns, and other attributes of “monsters”. Also their popularity have not lost doll “Winx” from the same movie;
  • Dollhouses. The girls of “necessary” houses for their dolls. Usually, the Barbie dolls or the same Winx toy stores you can buy accessories – houses, cars, vans, etc.

Popularity in 2013-2014 acquired boys and girls (and adults do not disdain him out to play!) talking hamster. This cool toy repeats what she’s told, with built-in microphone and dynamics, but his squeaky little voice. In the current year have developed more variations of toys: hamsters can run, jump, come dressed in Christmas clothes or specially for the holiday of lovers. The popularity of this type of toys say many funny videos on the Internet.

Popular toys to buy in the usual “Children’s world” or to watch what dreams a child, in the network. There are special online stores that sell the most fashionable children’s toys, besides, at affordable prices.

The author – Natalia Degtyareva, site

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