The most popular styles of jeans for girls

Practical, stylish and comfortable jeans which year are subject to number one in the wardrobe of any woman. Agree, denim jeans is indispensable for exploring the city, friendly parties or gatherings in cafes with friends. They can be worn for school and work, to the country and the concert of the favorite musician.

They fit always and everything! Especially if you choose a good model that emphasizes the dignity and cleverly hides small imperfections. We can advise on what styles of jeans are the most popular among the modern fine lady, as well as how to select jeans based on your figure type, as is further described in this article. Well, let’s get started!

Popular styles of jeans girls

Style Slim Fit has a high waist and slim fit. This style is ideal for fragile and slender girls. Visually legs get longer, more elegant, and the whole figure is expressive.

Bootcut Fit is by far one of the most popular models of stylish women’s jeans. This style is characterized by low waist, long legs, which are quite tightly hug the thigh and widen at the bottom. This type of jeans is good that it is suitable for almost all girls, regardless of height and shape.

If you can boast of the perfect thighs and want to bring to this body part attention, pay attention to style Easy Fit. This fashionable jeans with a low waist and a tapered leg. They are sewn to make a beautiful woman’s hips and American women of fashion, for example, have long made their choice in favor of stylish and trendy models of the brand Laguna Beach, Wrangler and other popular brands.

However, buy stylish women’s jeans – even half the battle, the main thing – was able to choose the model that will hide defects. There are little tricks like full and for very thin girls.

Fine fabrics and dark colors.

To hide the fullness will help flared jeans or styles with a straight leg. Pyshechka strictly contraindicated light color pants, tapering to the bottom. It is better to choose the model of thin and soft fabric. Girls with problem areas on the thighs (so called “breeches”) it is not recommended to wear jeans with stretch. Even if during the fitting skinny jeans you’ll think they perfectly sit on you, give up this idea. The fact that you look different when standing motionless in jeans in the fitting room, and when you walk down the street. Keep in mind this nuance.

Buy women’s slim-fit jeans – this style will slim your legs, is beneficial to hiding the disadvantages of problem areas. For girls with large hips and thin waist for a good fit model with a high rise, loose from the hip, gradually tapering to the bottom. If you have too much lush buttocks, and with the rest of the proportions are about right, wear tight jeans that visually pull the extra volume.

The best advice for girls with short legs

Short legs can visually make them longer with a narrow and straight styles. Ideally, if you manage to find jeans with the “arrows”.

Secrets for a lean straight leg and back pockets

For slim girls experts in the fashion industry are advised to purchase the “classics”, paying attention to the nipped waist and straight leg. This applies to owners of slender legs straight. If this is the problem, they are easy to handle jeans with a tapered leg. For girls with “boyish” hips and buttocks ideal model of stretch lace or jeans with large back pockets. As for color, remember the rule that light colors make you look heavier, and dark – slimming. This means that skinny girls are allowed to wear jeans all the bright shades.

Follow the above advice and you’ll always be on top and will be able to choose the ideal model of jeans. We, in turn, can only slightly help to facilitate choice and to focus on those models that suit your body type.

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