The names of the children who later grow up


The owner of this name retains a childlike throughout life. It is very difficult to put in any frame, because his whole nature is contrary to the need to respect “adult seriousness”. From a young age Arkady demonstrates the presence of creative abilities. Parents definitely need support in the boy the desire to create. Due to the peculiarities of nature, he will approach the floating chart with the ability to exercise freedom of action.


The boy that received this name, growing emotional and active. He literally can not sit in one place. Often the thirst for adventure is stronger than the parent bans, so the baby is said to be the Skoda. Adolescence can be a challenging one. Basil does not want to become more calm, to take on new responsibilities, to be responsible for their actions. Even when it reaches maturity, it still has a lightness, at the same time causes jealousy and irritation of others.


The bearer of this name is gullible and naive. Realizing his weaknesses, he is afraid of adulthood. Until the last moment to delay moving from the parental home. Benjamin’s hard to admit vulnerability to external aggressive factors, but even harder for him to adjust internally. Next to him must be the wise mentor in the person of a relative or close friend. Then to adapt to the reality of reality he can quickly.


Since childhood Gleb strongly tied to mom and dad. If the other guys are trying to prove independence, this boy is not committed to independence. In General, he is obedient and agreeable, but the older generation still need to be vigilant. Hleb is a slave a man, and this means that it can negatively affect the environment. If a bully becomes his authority, parents will be hard to regain intimacy with his son.


The boy so named, looks at the world with wide eyes. He loves to learn something new, different sensibility, liveliness and increased emotionality. Denis was not used to feelings. Can sincerely admire something unusual, not hiding the tears when he is sad, and filled with laughter if became very fun. The severity and seriousness come to it later, and can not come.


Ilya has a beautiful imagination, which draws in his mind the most optimistic picture of the future. Fantasy is often far from reality, and the young man eventually disappointed in their abilities. He needs to learn to think rationally, develop a logical thinking to figure out all the options and risks. Otherwise castles in the air, with age will disappear, and in place ambitious plans will remain only emptiness and regret about lost time.


The owner of this name is quite infantile. He keeps dodging of responsibility, do not want to make important decisions, trying to shift their responsibilities to other people. If you wish would stay in the age when everything worried parents. The fact that Oleg close to the heart receives any kind of failure. The slightest mistake can permanently unsettle him. It is extremely touchy, doesn’t like to admit they were wrong. Trying to answer the questions specifically to avoid claims.


The owner of this name from an early age manifests manipulative ability. In the course are whims, simulated drama and even ostentatious tantrums. In most cases the surrounding go on about young Anfisa, therefore, the habit to succeed with this method is it in a more conscious age. For a disclaimer resentment and termination of communication. In many ways, this behavior explains that the girl has a few real friends, though the circle wide.


Daria grows active, sociable and incredibly moving. Has many Hobbies, is constantly in search of something new and even more interesting. Loves to compete because it is not without a sense of excitement. If you catch her in a bad mood, you can run into rudeness and aggression. But in General, the Dasha is a good person. Because of the impulsiveness that is inherent in it, it is often compared to a child. However, she is not offended, because she understands that adults have to behave more seriously.


The bearer of this name does not know how to be patient. If she wants something, she wants to get what you want at the same moment. Capricious, willful, likes to argue and argue. However, Zlata emotional. When making decisions guided by feelings, under whose influence often makes mistakes. And yet other people’s advice, the girl does not want to hear due to the natural stubbornness. It is because of this traits is having problems in his personal life.


Xenia requires a lot of attention to his person. If you understand that the focus of it has shifted, from demonstrating discontent. She has this need to feel care, love, interest. Very important for girls praise to her achievements recognized by others. This attitude Xenia adheres to adulthood. Useless to explain to the girl the difference between rational selfishness and self-centeredness. Your Outlook on life she will not change.


Lily struggles to look older than his years, tries to reason and behave accordingly. I must say she is successful at it, but exactly to the moment until she is in control of his emotions. Once lost composure, be striking metamorphosis. From the former of seriousness and not a trace remains. Instead of a discreet young ladies you Lily: flighty, capricious and demanding.


Another owner of a beautiful “flower” name for a reason, too included in this list. Rose needs special attention, care and guardianship. Absolutely can not stand criticism, the slightest remark can make her cry. Sincerely happy to hear your nice words. She just wants to be cared for and cherished and not asked to become an adult, so rose sometimes specially emphasizes the immaturity of the character.


And “green”, and in adulthood, the bearer of this name is difficult to make informed decisions. The reason is the habit to be guided by anything but logic and common sense. In fact, Ella is afraid to become too strict and lose the ease which so fascinates the opposite sex. And it’s terrifying the thought of old age, so the girl is always young, even if it emphatically youthful image looks ridiculous.


The girl that received this name, has several signs of immaturity. First, she led and gullible, and secondly, fear of loneliness, thirdly, are prone to spontaneous emotional reactions. Due to the nature of Julia finds learning difficult, but it is much more interesting to learn the romantic sphere. However, the new romance novels don’t make her grow up. In the eyes of men she is a defenseless child, which should be taken care.

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