The order of adoption, guardianship and adoption in foster care

The adoption of a childdeprived of parental care is a very important step. However, those who takes it face many problems and legal difficulties. What is the standard procedure of adoption in Russia, what documents are needed for this, will tell the website

Adoption, custody, the taking into foster care – what is the difference?

Deciding to raise a step-child, you need to clearly understand which forms of participation in the life of this child, you will elect. Depends on the range of rights that you will receive and the responsibilities that will be on you.


Child take the family on an equal footing with children rights. Can be changed the child’s name, name and patronymic, and sometimes date of birth. However, the order of adoption that is most difficult – you will need the court’s decision.

Custody or guardianship

The child is a pupil in the family. If it’s a teenager aged 14-18 years, this form of education will be called trusteeship.

Carers are paid an allowance for the child, and when he reaches adulthood, he should be granted public housing.

The order of establishment of guardianship, unlike adoption procedures easier.

However, if there will be applicants for adoption of this child or biological parents can be restored parental rights, Committee on guardianship can make a decision on the termination of guardianship.

The foster family

The education of the child in the family on the basis of an agreementdrawn up between the family and the Committee on trusteeship. The term of the contract might be different.

Families with foster children pay the salary and amount of work, also provides various incentives and subsidies for the improvement of the material and housing conditions.

Formally, the child’s stay in foster care replaces the stay in the orphanage. The foster family must be strictly accountable to the guardianship (e.g., for the use of funds allocated to child rearing).

The advice from the website – don’t be seduced by the fact that the order of establishment of guardianship or being placed in foster care is simplerthan the procedure of adoption!

If you really want to become this child’s mother, do not be lazy to draw up adoption, and this will help to avoid many problems in the future!

First step: discussion with the expert Committee on guardianship

This state body is responsible for everything connected with the adoption that verifies your ability to become adoptive parents, explains the procedure and the procedure of adoption in your specific case, gives the forms of the documents necessary for adoption, accepts and checks the finished documents etc.

The first step is a meeting with a representative of this Committee and conversation. Specialist should talk with you (if adoptive parents would be a married couple, this meeting must come both spouses), find out the reasons why you want to become foster parents, and test your housing, financial and family circumstances.

Do not consider this conversation a formality! It’s not the housing Department and not the city – if the employee Committee is something suspicious in your behavior or motivation, the adoption process can become significantly more difficult!

However, if all goes well, you will come out of Committee with knowledge of what will be the order of adoption in your case, what to do next and what documents should be collected.

What documents are needed in order to adopt a child?

Standard list of documents required for the usual order of adoption (if the adoptive parents be a married couple, each spouse must provide these yourself):

  • A brief autobiography of the candidate in adoptive parents
  • Reference from place of work potential adopter, which shows the position
  • Certificate of employment stating the salary for the last six months, or a certified copy of the Declaration of income
  • Extract made from the house at the place of residence
  • Characteristics, issued by the organization where the candidate adoptive parents
  • A certified copy of the financial account
  • Documents that prove ownership of the future adopter for housing
  • Certificate of family composition
  • Certified copy of passport
  • FAQ about the absence of a criminal record for intentional crimes against life and health committed in Russia
  • A copy of the marriage certificate of the spouses, wishing to become adoptive parents
  • Medical certificate-a report on the state of health of the prospective adoptive parents issued by the state or municipal medical institution
  • Extract made from the Unified state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it.

All these documents can be submitted within a year from the date of issuance (the medical report on the health of the candidate is valid only 3 months).

What is the standard procedure of adoption?

A term which is given to the preparation of the documents necessary for obtaining a positive decision of the Committee on guardianship and trusteeship, giving the opportunity to become prospective adoptive parents or guardians is 1-2 months.

The further procedure for adoption is usually:

  • The documents submitted to the Committee on trusteeship.
  • Documents are reviewed by specialist care, followed by the examination of housing and material conditions.
  • If everything meets the requirements, the conclusion about the possibility of being candidates for adoptive parents shall be issued within 15 days.
  • The next stage is the selection of the child. The Committee gives direction to the familiarity with the children (in the orphanage, the baby house), which is valid for 10 days.
  • The child is picked up or the adoptive parents knew from the beginning what kind of child they wish to adopt into the family. Adoptive parents are given time to get acquainted and establish a relationship with the child, and at the request of his medical examination. To neglect this stage in any case is impossible, because if the child is over 10 years, his opinion will be taken into account when making a final decision about adoption or guardianship installing!
  • Adoptive parents apply to the court, and guardians or foster parents – the local authorities.
  • The Committee on guardianship prepares the conclusion about expediency of adoption or guardianship.
  • When the adoption application is considered in court within two months. Adoptive parent receives a copy of the judgment, which is marked with the date of entry into force (a month after its adoption).
  • When taking a child into care, including the conditions of creation of the foster family, to award the administration of the village about the establishment of guardianship (taking into custody), the creation of the foster family and further transmission to her child. The decision shall be prepared within 14 days.

The standard adoption procedure for this is completed.

In reality, however, may experience additional difficulties – for example, if the child has blood relatives, may be required to provide proof that they do not claim to custody of the child, etc.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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