The orgasm was, but this — no

“Good evening, female site I was tormented by one problem, and I wanted Your advice. With my man I have a great relationship, even spiritual community, but in bed for the past few weeks I don’t get an orgasm. At the same time with multiple partners I have I use it without problems, although the relationship did not work out. Don’t know what to do. To leave until later? Or is it normal not to orgasm with the person with whom you are well mentally? Juliana”.

Juliana, Your question has a marked answer. You said, “even a spiritual community,” and that’s worth a lot. So with the separation I still have time to do this step. But when you do change something it will be too late. Better let us deal with the lack of orgasm ? is it Possible to live with it, and so whether You have lost?

The hard

You know, every choice is always a heavy burden. Any person in any situation with the choice of tense, because he keeps in mind that one of the options is a mistake.

Starting from their own experience, advise this. Slipping away the choice, then, perhaps, will escape the agony and fear before the error. That is, You now don’t need to think whether to leave or not? Should or should not?

You have a relationship already developed, then bring the matter to an end. A few extra weeks or months is nothing, and that then, when You have with someone will be orgasms and nothing more ? , not to wonder: and whether I did?

Analyze the problem

And it may be that problem and it was not. I want to say that Your current partner does something not the way You would approached. Or are You still just not used to each other.

Talk to him, not to mention that with previous partners You were fine in bed. Open to him, suddenly full disclosure-move the business from a dead point ?

Don’t forget that women getting off psychology plays a much larger value than men. Maybe You never had problems before because You knew this person’s family not to build.

And now, faced with a spiritually close person, have created themselves (subconsciously) problem: if in bed with him will NOT? In any case, several weeks – not years!


For example, it appears that it will take more time, and the orgasm You have with him and never will. Anyway – fight. Fight for Your relationship, that ALL You had. Struggling DESIRE to become the best Your sexual partner.

Will not venture to say that it is better to live without orgasm with someone close to You spiritually than the bright sex without spiritual affection and spiritual comfort. On the one hand sex is very important, but it’s not the most important. And with age, its value will gradually decrease. Everyone chooses himself.

And I wish that all by itself determined with time. And either You will feel that You have with him isn’t that wonderful to do even without orgasm. Or absence of orgasm suddenly seem not so important, it to losing a loved one.

A personal example

I too had had a similar problem. My future wife did not immediately become my best sexual partner. However, she was a virgin, but in such cases a girl is not always do not experience orgasm in over a month.

Partly for this reason, I have not seen the friend of his future wife, but circumstances have developed so that we’re not broken up, and the case eventually reached orgasm ?

So remember: people do not know when will fall, but when something will find.

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