The pleating in the winter: How to wear trendy skirts and dresses with pleats in the cold


If you don’t like velvet, sequins on fabric and sequins, it is possible to pay attention to romantic dresses with small pleats. Colors can be any, as long as shade was to face.

You can choose the classic models with uppers of warm fabric and a slimmer skirt or woolen model, where a pleated bottom performs the function of decor.

MIDI skirt leather

The most practical option for cold weather – pleated skirt made of leather. Combine the bottom with a voluminous top: knitted sweaters, cardigans, high heel boots and coats-oversized.

Brilliant skirt

Deluxe version and not only for evening wear. Lurex looks bright winter jackets, polavaram and white shirts. The perfect combination – heeled shoes with a pointed toe. The main rule – do not combine more than 2 things with lurex in one outfit.

Nadowa themes

In order not to distract attention from the delicate color scheme of the lower part outfit, choose a darker top. Black jacket goes well with milk skirt to the floor. You can create a total outfit in a single color. Pleated not lost on the background of volume knitted sweaters.

A neutral shade of tropical peach (as in the examples below) the skirt looks great with both dark and light riding. Choose grey short coat with boots on a flat course or a dark green coat with black boots.

Helen Sinko, an expert in the field of fashion and beauty
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