The psychology of poverty and wealth, characteristics, way of thinking

Recently, the psychology of poverty has become one of the most popular and debated topics in society.

So today women’s site “Beautiful and Successful” has decided to understand with the meaning of this phrase, and at the same time tell their readers where such syndrome how evident and how to get rid of it.

Modern philosophers believe that the psychology of poverty is the inner state of a person which prevents him to live at a good level. This condition develops under the influence of certain factors.

Why not get out of poverty?

The question of why some people live in wealth, others in poverty has troubled mankind since ancient times. Social injustice throughout history has become a cause of conflicts between the upper and lower classes. Poor murmured, rose up against the rich, robbed them all and established a new order. And still after the coup, the society was not equality. As before, some prospered and grew rich while others remained in need.

Analyzing the activities of representatives of various segments of society, sociologists and psychologists came to the conclusion that the cause of all material problems of man is a special internal installation – the psychology of poverty.

In other words, according to experts of the science of the human soul, the poor people are to blame for their problems. Poverty, like wealth, has its own reasons. And it’s not a natural disaster, a curse, or chronic bad luck, as many tend to think. The root of poverty is not buried so deeply.

Psychology of poverty: the basic causes and symptoms

The main reason of psychology restricted budget is a fear of any changes in life. In the Bush, poor people prefer a bird in the hand, so you can continue to work decades at the least, poorly paid work, clinging to the consolation that this life is stable and predictable. “If only was not worse” — a typical phrase for a man infected by the “syndrome of poverty.”

Where does this attack? Psychologists believe that this is guilty of wrong education.

From early childhood, the main rule of financial literacy of each modern adult was total savings. In Soviet times the salary of employees and workers of state-owned enterprises has always remained stable, so the only opportunity to buy some expensive thing was to accumulate a certain amount. Several generations of our ancestors worked hard to save, for coming up with this thousands of different ways. Our generation was instrumental in the experience economy, which he and developed the psychology of poverty.

Internal setup to look for cheap products and save on the required forms in humans, the subconscious program “I have limited amount of money and no more.” People who took this program as the main rules of life, doomed to eternal poverty.

Psychology of poverty manifests a number of characteristics, knowledge of which is essential for the diagnosis of the syndrome, and to deal with it. These include:

  • Envy towards those who have money. People living on the program of permanent monetary savings, have a negative attitude to the rich, often explaining their dislike of a certain that are many to earn an honest living. They believe the rich or the cheaters, or the darling of fortune, which all benefits are unfairly easy.
  • Fear of any changes in life, passivity. People exposed to psychology restricted budget, very afraid of any change, not to mention the risks.
  • Big love to shopping promotions, discounts, low prices. Very poor like cheap goods and often are buying absolutely unnecessary things just because they are sold at a discount.
  • Contempt for money. In the psychology of the people who used to live in poverty, often lives firmly of the belief that money is a certain evil. Therefore, to small coins and larger bills they are often treated with negligence, as a result, they never have to possess at least some significant amount. On the basis of contempt for money psychology of poverty rooted in man particularly well.
  • Love to complaints about the injustice of the world — is also a sure sign of psychology restricted budget. Wealthy people never blame their failures on someone else. The motto of successful people: “Everything is in my hands”. Poor people also often say that they have been robbed and cheated, not realizing that without their participation, these sad events could not happen.
  • Low self-esteem is not only a sign of chronic poverty, but its main cause. While the man thinks he’s not worthy of beautiful clothes, delicious food and jewelry, psychology of poverty from his life will not disappear.
  • In other words, the causes of poverty of a person are rooted in the depths of his subconscious. It’s no wonder folk wisdom says that everyone in life has something to aspire to. Hence the conclusion suggests itself: problems with perpetual budget deficits are solved by a radical psychological adjustment of the person.

    Psychology of poverty: how to get rid of it?

    Judging by the fact that this issue is devoted not to one book, we can assume that some people experience in getting rid of the fundamental psychology of poverty there, so, the chance to live richly is everyone.

    The website recommends its readers to get acquainted with the contents of the book Steve Sibolga “How to think rich”, which fully reveals the psychology of wealth and poverty. This author says that the secret of the rich is their a special type of thinking:

    • They don’t waste time on empty expectations, preferring to act to improve their well-being.
    • They almost always make plans for the future, not the past.
    • Egotism in their view, is not a defect but a virtue.
    • Wealthy people tend to get carried away about their business, which usually becomes their source of wealth.
    • One of the most important goals in life of such people is self-improvement. They never rest on our laurels, not to indulge in idleness, preferring to study and comprehend new skills.
    • The rich are always looking for ways to increase capital.

    In the study of the psychology of poverty the book is not only worthy tutorial. Another piece, which should be any modern man, is the work of the American writer George Clason “the richest man in Babylon”.

    For those who want to get rid of the need, you can also read a book by Robert Kiyosaki “Rich dad, poor dad”. Millionaire Kiyosaki argues that wealth is not just the possession of some capital, and a way of thinking.

    Of course, each of the authors of books about poverty and riches reveals the problem with his point of view. However, there are times that all of the writings about the psychology of the limited budget, are shared. It tips what to do to get rid of the eternal shortage of money and buy a real financial well-being. So, the psychology of poverty will recede, if you will follow these tips:

  • Dream. Definitely desire not just to strengthen its financial position and real wealth, such income that would allow you to carry out every whim.
  • Do not skimp to save up some money for a coveted purchase, and think about how to make money on it.
  • Love yourself, don’t be afraid to look selfish in the eyes of others.
  • Appreciate your work and time. Don’t waste yourself in activities which will not bring serious income.
  • Develop and look for yourself professionally. Psychology of poverty is the destiny of those who are engaged in unloved business. If the work is really like, people can do it better than others, to become a true master of his craft, allowing him to increase the value of their work and earn more every year.
  • Get rid of the habit to deny yourself all.Allow yourself to buy things that are for you luxury.
  • Don’t waste your money on cheap products trying to save: one who enjoys such things, lowers the cost to himself.
  • Don’t be afraid to change your life and start working on himself: only those who dare, managed to acquire true financial independence.
  • Psychology of poverty is not a disease, but a way of thinking, which, as already mentioned, is based on many fears. It is therefore very important from those fears to get rid of. Do not be afraid to be in a difficult situation or to seem too pushy.
  • Those who once had ceased to be afraid of losing unloved work, to leave the hated city, to quarrel with people who didn’t understand and didn’t appreciate it, well know that to escape from these fears is not easy. And only a great force of desire can lead a man scared to the top, which is the psychology of poverty would not let him many years.

    And to find these forces within themselves can detect each. Really everyone, without any restrictions, because all human beings are created for happiness.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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