The right to treason: does it save your relationship?

Cheating is awful! If, God forbid, your husband will change, will completely understand your desire to show him the place of wintering cancers! However, in today’s article is not about that, and about what happens if you tell the wife “I’m giving you the right to adultery“. He will use it or not? It will lead to a crash or will be the key to a long relationship of trust? Mistake or good strategy of family happiness?

Do take advantage of the right man for treason?

Marriage (and any relationship based on mutual love) suggests loyalty. Allegiance swear, exchanging rings at the registry office and Vincas in the Church, and meant that people said to each other “I love you”, should not change.

However, the problem of adultery has existed at all times — even when divorce and stutter it was impossible, and adultery could be very serious penalties, including the death penalty!

Why not work the system of obligations to spouse and society, and why these commitments are not enough to be confident in the fidelity of the husband?

Because, why always violated, and violated any laws – it is theft, violence, deception, etc. If a person has an internal reason not to violate a certain norm of behavior, he will not break. If it causes no, and the man sees no point in keeping this rule (fidelity, in our case) – it will break, trying to minimize the impact (to not know that was a valid excuse, etc.).

Simply put, while a man loves you, it can be even a pen to bring to the mistress and say “Change, skillet not gonna hit!” — the right to adultery he doesn’t use it, because it does not need. And if love is not there, he will find a way to change, though prikovyvaya his handcuffs to the battery!

How to allow the husband to change, to change he wants it to go?

To right cheating have not shaken your marriage, and strengthened it, it has to be mutual. This trick strategy!

In any case don’t tell the husband: “Change for your health, for me it doesn’t matter, but I’ll be faithful until death!”. What if the man really decides that no matter?!

It would be correct to say: “I want you to be happy, and if you’d be better off with another woman, I well let you go to her forever or for a while. But if I want to be with another man, then I also reserve the right to change. Agree?”. gives a 100% guarantee that the man will not agree! Because a sense of ownership in relation to the woman men are usually much stronger than the desire to tighten temporary hanky-panky with a side lady!

And if the husband will know that his cheating (or attempting to change) will untie your hands, and on his own forehead may appear branched horns, he hardly dares to look to the left!

Such a “Esprit de corps”!

In any case, the “Esprit de corps” doesn’t work?

If a man love another woman so much that decides to leave her forever, making a deliberate decision to leave my wife.

But in this case the separation will be certainly not the right wife for treason, and the deeper motives!

And I should warn you that there is a category of men (not very extensive, thankfully), which is endowed with such a strong desire for polygamy, to wean them to change is almost impossible.

Such pathological womanizer sometimes don’t even consider disposable bed adventure cheating – it’s not going to this woman to leave for good, he’s not in love with her, so what’s the problem?! If you got such an instance, and you really intend to build a future together with him – give him the right to treason and don’t be surprised that he actively enjoys.

But then don’t complain – it’s your choice!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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