The rights of the consumer to exchange the goods

Female site continues the series of useful tips for consumers. Today shops and shopping became an everyday part of life. And know their rights, for example, the rights of the consumer to exchange a product, it is important for everyone.

It is possible to exchange the goods as defective, which is quite natural and goes without saying, and good, which the law calls “the goods of appropriate quality”.

These situations fundamentally different. Yes, there is a whole list of what exchange is, in principle, taboo. So let’s consider the example of how the law works to protect the rights of consumers in terms of exchange and return of goods.

For example, during the Sunday shopping have you bought a wonderful pair of shoes (Yes, Yes it is the color “Marsala”, which fits perfectly with the new bag), winter overalls son (to be a little too big, just enough for the season), a bottle of milk and a laptop. Don’t be fooled by some weirdness of this set, it’s important to know how to behave in various situations in the store, and it is this very choice will help to achieve our goal.

The goods of good quality, but not with pearl buttons

Let’s start with the shoes. At home, at daylight, they were completely the wrong color, what was under artificial store lighting, and to the bag so it does not come. My first thought was to return! The idea is correct and feasible.

The consumer’s right to exchange and return of goods arises only if the item does not fit in:

  • form
  • dimensions
  • style,
  • coloring,
  • size
  • configuration.

Shoes are not included in the list of goods that cannot be exchanged or returned. Returned item must not be used (i.e. shoes not worn, tag cut off, taps are not removed, etc.).

Thus, the law on consumer rights, the exchange of goods is dependent on three conditions:

  • the thing is not approached by one of the specified reasons;
  • thing permitted to exchange;
  • things are no traces of use.

Shoes “not” shades that you only tried on and compared with a bag suitable for all conditions, so they can do either to exchange for another pair or to get back the money paid.

To do this within 14 days from the date of purchase you need to contact the store (it is advisable to take your passport with you, as many shops require you to write an application) with the product and a receipt and either exchanged for another pair, or you can demand a refund. If another item is selected on the spot, immediately, in the case of money back you should within three days.

Not to mention that the protection of the rights of consumers in terms of exchange of goods applies to cases where the cheque no.

In this case you may refer to the testimony that you, in that day bought these shoes at a specific store. Can help and video surveillance. And they are now in many retail outlets.

Next in line – rompers. Having tried it at home on a child you realized that missed badly with the size: it is not enough to carry not only one season, but even a little for one month. What to do? Again to return.

Generally, first and foremost, in the law we are talking about the exchange. In case of errors the size is what you need. Refund is secondary and applies only if the store will not be a suitable product.

With baby clothes there’s a catch. Some of them are included in the list of goods not subject to exchange. It’s small, and easy to find online. Advise readers that the list approved by the Government of the Russian Federation of 19.01.1998, № 55.

Some unscrupulous sellers when trying to exchange baby clothes refer to paragraph 6 of Resolution 55, but it is only about underwear knit underwear and sewing products. Winter jacket obviously does not apply to underwear. And if you don’t have time to walk in it at first the snow, your consumer’s right to exchange goods of good quality (same, only larger) legitimately. The requirement for this exchange, the store should satisfy.

The rights of the consumer to exchange the goods in case of marriage

As we remember, in addition to shoes and children’s clothing, was purchased by milk and laptop.

Let’s start with milk, as many people buy it every day, it is one of the most common of our shopping. But the acquisition does not always (although it is “not always” is rarely, admittedly) successful: in the summer, even in good stores the milk is sour. And so, came home, decided to cook porridge, opened the package or bottle, and there…not cereal, and yogurt.

In this case, you will help article 21 of the Law on consumer protection. It’s just about cases of store return of the defective goods. The deadline to meet the consumer’s right to return the goods, after which the seller must give you a thing “right” quality 7 days.

It can be increased for the far North in connection with the peculiarities of the distribution of goods from the “Big land”.

Milk understood, it was the turn to test the home laptop. And it is not included. Here is not included. Wire and all cable connections are tested, as each socket in the house, husband and neighbor-geek shrug.

What to do? To take your passport, your “iron” the acquisition, receipt, and go back to the store.

Since computer technology is a technically difficult goods, in this case, the exchange of goods according to the Law on consumer protection takes place within 20 days — they are given to inspection of goods by the seller.

But if the laptop worked fine, you just something about him have ceased to please (hard drive should have plenty, and the keyboard is good when it’s backlit), then return it to the store already that would not work because it is a technically difficult goods of a household purpose included in the already mentioned us a list of RF Government Decree No. 55, which prohibits their exchange and return if the goods.

Don’t be afraid to buy, do not be afraid to make mistakes, especially if you choose something that you can safely return back to the store. And knowing about your consumer rights, rights to exchange the goods, you can actually do it peacefully. Successful to you of purchases!

The author – Nadezhda Gromova, site

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