The rules of small talk or small talk in Russian

“Beautiful and Successful” today an article about how to make a small conversation – both simple and complex art. You’re embarrassed to talk to strangers, especially to start talking first? You don’t know what topics can be addressed, and at the same time don’t like grimly silent?

We will suggest some ideas on how to start and finish secular dialogue, as well as tell you what better not to talk to the people you see for the first time.

Small talk is a courtesy

Social gathering is a situation when many or unfamiliar people together for a particular reason.

It can be turn in the clinic, a coffee break at the training, or the reception after the presentation, partners in business. The people who do that easily and naturally “chat about anything”, and someone literally stiffens when he is accosted with a completely irrelevant remark.

It is for these people and there are rules of small talk. In the West this process is called small talk, though in an English speaking environment, these norms differ from our own.

In small talk the main thing – to find a middle ground, as a deathly silence, and the uncontrolled chatter will look ridiculous and rude.

It is therefore highly desirable to know what “small talk” and how to behave. In addition, successfully launched the conversation will help to make a good impression and to successfully conduct complex negotiations.

Going to a meeting where they are barely acquaintances colleagues or friends of friends, it is better to think in advance about what you will say, to choose some suitable conversation topics and model dialogues.

“What a beautiful day!”

Talking about the weather is the best way to start a conversation or to fill a pause in it, and no matter what situation you’re in the office, in the restaurant or the company of unfamiliar people.

It’s versatile and the most safe topic of conversation between people who have no common interests, people of different ages or different social status. Don’t think this is trite or inappropriate – the art of small talk is to be able to “talk about anything”.

Easy topics for “small talk” advises to work out to make small talk first – so you’ll increase your confidence and show it to others.

Speak only about positive, but the joke better if the joke is not concerned with taboo topics (about them later). Although appropriate even simple irony or the ability to parry.

Conversation should be easy topic of conversation – one that doesn’t offend anyone or provoke a heated debate.

The best theme in order to maintain small talk. Unless you don’t speak with an American or Italian citizen. In these countries, secular conversation on such topics is normal. We have about the relatives decided to speak only with relatives or friends.

During dinner or lunch in the restaurant, a common theme may be the dish that you filed. You can discuss the place and the occasion on which you here are.

A common theme can be any social event – current or forthcoming, for example, the construction of the bridge, the strike of airport workers, sports news, show business or incident in country or city. Any suitable, more or less neutral topic of conversation.

The best topic for any conversation – say the psychologists – is the man himself. So, you can ask leading questions, like, what does your interlocutor, what his Hobbies and so on.

Small talk examples:

  • If you met someone you barely knew in transport, it is possible to discuss the reason for the overcrowding of the bus, the Friday rush hour or the weather outside.
  • If the office client that you’re not familiar with, discuss with them changes to the interior of the office or any upcoming event in the company.
  • Give your companion a compliment and ask where she bought original shoes or bag.
  • During the reception or social dinner mind you that “is finally over, the rainy season, you can now re-start run”. So you’re not just stating that it ended in rain, but will also provide the opportunity to extend the dialogue.
  • During the break at the training, asked his colleagues how long they got to the place, easily found the right building.

The art of small talk easy – don’t push

Remember that you can not talk with strangers on the topic of religion and politics. Also prohibited the discussion of wages and prices – their own or their interlocutor. You also better not to Express their opinion on the fact that, in your opinion, is expensive and what is cheap.

Unethical to plunge into the topic of gender equality, racism, age. Similarly, you should not engage in gossip and discuss your mutual friend or his personal life.

How to maintain and finish conversation

You took our hint and asked where the interviewee took the original diary, and he did not stop for 15 minutes? It’s simple – pay attention to the clock and hint that you need: it would be nice if the report on the work was written by themselves and suit themselves came from the dry cleaners.

Finally, be sure to promise to continue this conversation next time.

Don’t forget to smile and keep eye contact, you don’t have to look your partner straight in the eye, but not too often looked around.

Pair training, sincere interest, desire to communicate – and soon the “little conversation” will cease to cause you stress.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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