The sauce from tomatoes and garlic: a classic recipe for winter, the variation is sharp, green seasoning, no cooking, horseradish, aspirin + reviews

A classic recipe adzhika from tomatoes and garlic do not like the Abkhaz or the Georgian version of cooking. Initially, a pungent seasoning made only out of salt, herbs, and spicy peppers. Modern Housewives have adapted an appetizer to your taste by adding sweetness and acidity, introducing into the tomatoes, apples, zucchini, eggplant, and even beets.

1.5 hours
10 servings
Medium complexity

Natalie Feofanova

18 Mar 2018

Thanks to vegetable and fruit ingredients, various additives initially “fire” the taste of adjika has changed to a more gentle and soft. Seasoning was filed not only to grilled meats and kebabs but also for fish, stews, vegetables.

The composition and rules of cooking

The main components of tomato spicy adzhika are ripe red tomatoes and garlic cloves. The first is responsible for the color, texture of the workpiece, the second adds spice. The remaining ingredients are introduced to enhance the taste, spicy aroma. Most often the recipes contain products such as salt, sugar, bell and hot pepper, onions, carrots, vinegar.

Depending on the method of preservation and preference in tomato-garlic sauce added additional fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even aspirin and starch. A more detailed list of additives listed in the table.

Table — Additional ingredients included in tomato-garlic adzhika

Vegetables, berries, fruits, nutsGreensSpicesSeasonings and spices
— Zucchini or eggplant;
— apples, plums;
— walnuts;
— Aronia
— Dill;
— parsley;
— cilantro;
— celery
— Carnation;
— cardamom;
— Chile;
red and black pepper;
— citric acid
— Ginger;
— coriander;
— Laurel;
— hell;
— mustard

Before preparation adzhika in advance to choose the recipe and prepare ingredients. Selecting, chopping and cooking each ingredient has its own rules.

  • Tomatoes. Can be taken for harvesting and large fleshy varieties with dense pulp, and cherry tomatoes. Allowed cracks from the dough, the main thing — do not use for cooking rotten, brownish frost fruits. With tomatoes remove the skin, first scalded with boiling water, and then dropping into the icy water.
  • Burning and bell pepper. Pods should be cleaned of peduncles, thick walls inside, from seed. With Chile it is better to work in rubber gloves to avoid burns of the hands. Prepared pods should be scalded with boiling water or hold it for three minutes in hot water to give softness.
  • Garlic. The teeth should be freed from the husk before milling. To preserve the spicy flavor, garlic mush better to enter in the sauce for five to ten minutes before it is ready, not before. If you send the garlic to the pan along with other vegetables, it will lose sharpness.
  • Other vegetables and fruits. In advance to be removed from the zucchini and carrot peel, onion peel. Apples, pears need to be cleaned from stalks and seeds from plums remove the seeds. Eggplant should be cut into wedges, soak them for 20 minutes in salted water to remove bitterness.

Prepared ingredients for preservation, it is desirable to grind until smooth. For this purpose, suitable blender, grinder, food processor, even an ordinary kitchen grater. Banks should be sterilized, and the cover — scalded with boiling water.

The chutney prepared with raw way, that is without cooking, can only be stored in the refrigerator. Supplement, the last heat treatment, allowed to leave in a cool place (basement, cellar) and even at room temperature.
Useful properties and calorie

The natural composition of spicy additives not only gives spicy flavor but also benefits with regular use.

  • Tomatoes. Reduce the risk of cancer of the genital organs, increase the ability to handle stress. Lower blood pressure, reduce pain thrombophlebitis.
  • Garlic. Contains volatile substances, which kill harmful microorganisms, especially viral in nature. Increases the protective properties of the organism, strengthens the immune system.
  • Chile. Eliminates harmful bacteria that cause food poisoning. Establishes the gastrointestinal tract, helps to digest heavy food.
  • Fresh herbs. Reduces the formation of gases in the intestines, normalizes digestion, neutralizes the harmful effects of carcinogens, fried and fatty foods.
  • Seasonings and spices. Improve mood, improve the digestion of fats and metabolism, and prevent inflammation.

Use tomato-garlic adzhika increases the energy activity of the body, speeds up metabolism, has a warming effect. Also the Supplement improves the circulatory system, is used for the prevention of influenza. However, acute the Supplement is not a suitable food for people suffering from diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys.

Calorie seasonings without cooking is quite low, around 50-60 calories per 100 g. When adding sugar, vegetable oil, or fruit calorie increases to 80-90 kcal. You can safely enable the workpiece in the menu of people who are watching their diet and weight, to use as a Supplement to meat, rice and vegetables.
A classic recipe adzhika from tomatoes and garlic

Features. The traditional recipe adzhika tomatoes with garlic cloves and pepper allows you to obtain a pleasant spicy taste with hints of acidity.


  • tomatoes — 2 kg;
  • garlic — 500 g;
  • vegetable oil — half Cup;
  • Cayenne hot pepper — 300 g;
  • sweet pepper — 3 kg;
  • sugar — 40 g;
  • salt — 40 g;
  • vinegar 9% — 40 ml.

Step by step

  • Vegetables mince separately.
  • Garlic pulp to leave the pepper-tomato puree to heat on the fire until boiling.
  • Inject the oil with the vinegar, sugar and salt into a mass.
  • Stirring occasionally, cook on low heat for half an hour.
  • Add the garlic pulp for ten minutes until tender, stir.
  • Put the snack on the banks, roll up.
  • Original variations seasonings

    Often the hostess create a new “masterpiece” only because the house was a surplus of some vegetable because of its high yield or did not have at hand a similar ingredient. After tasting the recipe goes to the masses, spreading through word of mouth or forums on the Internet.


    Features. Spicy sauce of tomatoes for the winter to prepare based on the classic Georgian recipe contains just four ingredients. She has balanced sharpness, pleasant scent, whet the appetite.


    • tomatoes — 2.5 kg;
    • hot pepper — 250 g;
    • garlic — one head;
    • salt — 50 g.

    Step by step

  • Boil twisted into a puree tomatoes.
  • Pour pepper-ground garlic, salt, mix well.
  • Boil for another five minutes, to preserve for the winter.
  • Cooked sauce of tomatoes for the winter will be sharper, if not remove the seeds from the pods and take the fruits bright red color. Green usually contain two times less than burning.

    Features. Pungent seasoning often referred to as Armenian by analogy with the “fire” Caucasian additives. From the experienced cook it is known under the name of “yum”. Of all the tomato AGIC this is the most acute.


    • tomatoes — 5 kg;
    • garlic — 1 kg;
    • burning chili — 500 g;
    • salt rock — half Cup.

    Step by step

  • Skip the tomatoes through a meat grinder.
  • To cross ground in a large pot, add salt and mix well.
  • The same is done with the remaining ingredients in a separate container.
  • Bring the tomato pulp to a boil, then boil for ten minutes to evaporate some of the moisture.
  • Enter the garlic-pepper mass, to mix, to hold the fire for another five minutes.
  • Pour into sterilized jars and screw the metal lids. To store until spring.
  • If you do not want to store the workpiece longer than a month, it can be not cooking. Then you will need to mix components twisted, season with salt and leave to ferment for two weeks under gauze in the indoor environment. Times a day to mix, then resealed with a plastic lid and store in the fridge.

    Features. Home made adjika sauce of green tomatoes for the winter — the option to shred unripe fruit. They have a neutral taste. But thanks to the connection with vegetables and spices, will be interesting seasoning suitable for meat dishes, soups.


    • unripe green tomatoes — 1.5 kg;
    • cilantro — one bunch;
    • Bulgarian sweet pepper — 250 g;
    • Chile — three of the pod;
    • vinegar — 40 ml;
    • garlic — four cloves;
    • vegetable oil — 50 ml;
    • sugar — four tablespoons;
    • salt — one tablespoon.

    Step by step

  • Grind vegetables, mix, not powdering the garlic pulp.
  • Butter.
  • Cook after boiling for 35 minutes.
  • Add remaining recipe ingredients, simmer another ten minutes on slow fire.
  • Roll up key for long-term storage.
  • “Bollocks”

    Features. Beloved by many representatives of the stronger sex spicy hot sauce simply called “Damn” or “Granaderos”. Included with the nuts, seasonings and spices give it an incredible flavour and taste, add spice, spices.


    • tomatoes — two large fleshy fruit:
    • garlic — a whole head;
    • Chile — two of the pod;
    • sweet pepper paprika — 1 kg;
    • walnuts peeled — 130 g;
    • the rhizomes of horseradish — 20 g;
    • salt — two teaspoons;
    • sugar — one tablespoon;
    • coriander — two teaspoons;
    • paprika — one tablespoon;
    • cilantro — a small bunch;
    • Khmeli-suneli is one teaspoon;
    • vegetable oil — three tablespoons.

    Step by step

  • Garlic cloves and horseradish to grate, cover with a lid, set aside.
  • Vegetables grind in a meat grinder, put into a greased large pan.
  • The warm nuts on a dry pan, watching not to burn. Crushed, pour in the vegetable mass.
  • On a hot griddle pour the coriander, Khmeli-suneli, paprika, fry for a few minutes. Then grind with a coffee grinder or in a mortar, also pour in a saucepan.
  • Add to vegetable mixture, chopped cilantro, salt, sugar, stir and simmer on low heat for half an hour.
  • Five minutes before the end of cooking to enter the pulp of garlic and horseradish, mix well.
  • Remove from heat, spread over the prepared containers of 250 ml, cover with a lid.
  • To sterilize jars five to eight minutes in a pot of boiling water, to spin. Tanks with capacity of 0.5 l to sterilize for about 15 minutes.
  • Wrap to cool, placing on the floor upside down.
  • All of the vegetables to save time and dishes you can throw into the meat grinder at the same time, individually disassemble and scroll makes no sense. So milled parts are even better mixed up in the pot.
    Without cooking

    Features. Recipe adzhika from the tomatoes without cooking for the winter is considered to be universal. This seasoning combined with various first and second dishes, cold cuts of meat, poultry. It is possible to replace the tomato sauces and ketchups. Due to the absence of heat treatment, vitamins and nutrients are preserved almost in full throughout the winter.


    • ripe tomatoes — 3 kg;
    • bell pepper red — 1.2 kg;
    • garlic — 150 g;
    • chilli — 100 g;
    • vinegar — 150 ml;
    • salt — 40 g.

    Step by step

  • All the prepared ingredients to mince or chop food processor, blender.
  • Mix the mass in large capacity salted and sweetened by pouring the vinegar.
  • Leave for two to three hours for the infusion.
  • To prepare at this time banks, to sterilize.
  • Fill containers flavored raw seasoning, dry to close lids.
  • Store on refrigerator shelf.
  • With peppers

    Features. Cooked sauce of tomatoes and peppers in winter, has a balanced sweet and spicy taste, fragrant smell. Thanks to the simple preparation technology, it is popular with Housewives, allows to prepare in a pot a mixture of different vegetables.


    • juicy tomatoes — 2.5 kg;
    • carrots — 0,5 kg;
    • garlic — two heads;
    • sweet pepper — 0.9 kg;
    • vegetable oil — 300 ml;
    • onion — 400 g;
    • Chile — two of the pod;
    • vinegar — 50 ml;
    • salt three tablespoons.

    Step by step

  • All the vegetables are clean, grind into a homogeneous mass with any cooking device.
  • Pour oil, salt, simmer them for about an hour with regular stirring.
  • Pour a lot of vinegar, mix well.
  • Lay on dry banks, clogging the key.
  • To give the workpiece a beautiful view, it is desirable to select only the Bulgarian and the red hot peppers. Combined with orange carrots they will give the sauce a rich hue.
    With apples and plums

    Features. Apples bring a fresh acidity and plum, along with the astringency, change familiar color additives on bright purple. For cooking are not suitable for all varieties of apples. It is desirable to use a juicy, hard, slightly sour fruit with no signs of rot and stains. Ideal for harvesting — domestic “Antonovka”.


    • tomatoes — 2 kg;
    • sour apples — 1 kg;
    • carrots — 1 kg;
    • sweet Bulgarian pepper — 1 kg;
    • plum — 1 kg;
    • onions — 1 kg;
    • garlic — 300 g;
    • hot pepper — 200 g;
    • vegetable oil odourless — 200 ml;
    • parsley — two bunches;
    • dill — one bunch;
    • salt — two tablespoons;
    • sugar — 140 g;
    • vinegar 9% — half Cup.

    Step by step

  • Peeled vegetables and fruit, except Zubkov garlic, grind in a meat grinder.
  • Bring mixture to a boil, then cook an hour on low heat.
  • Garlic, greens grind in a meat grinder, add to the total weight.
  • Here to send the remaining ingredients, mix well.
  • Cook the sauce with apples and plums for another 15 minutes.
  • Fill hot sterile jars with ground roll.
  • With horseradish

    Features. “Raw” sauce of tomato and horseradish saves preparation time by eliminating heat treatment products. However, to keep the workpiece can not too long, not more than five or six months in the refrigerator.


    • tomatoes red color — 2.5 kg;
    • the rhizomes of horseradish, 300 g;
    • garlic — 150 g;
    • salt — two tablespoons.

    Step by step

  • Garlic teeth and peeled from the stalk to scroll through the tomatoes into a large bowl through a meat grinder.
  • To clean off the roots of hell the top layer, wash, and grind in total weight.
  • To mix the components, not forgetting to season with salt to taste. It is better to try the workpiece, gradually powdering the salt, not to be mistaken with the number.
  • To distribute the cold sauce in sterilized jars, preferably small volume.
  • Close polyethylene caps.
  • Aspirin

    Features. Sauce from tomatoes in the winter with aspirin to prepare without cooking, because tablets are a sort of preservative component. The addition of acetylsalicylic acid increases the shelf life, do not give vitamins “abyss” of vegetables.


    • tomatoes — 4 kg;
    • garlic — two heads;
    • sweet pepper — 0.9 kg;
    • hot pepper — tri pod;
    • aspirin — ten tablets;
    • salt — 40 g.

    Step by step

  • Grind kitchen device vegetables.
  • Salt mass, add the pounded powder of aspirin.
  • To leave after mixing for three hours under gauze.
  • Spread along the banks, spinning.
  • With eggplant

    Features. This eggplant preparation — medium spicy, so fans of “fire” Supplement, it is recommended to double the amount of chili and garlic.


    • eggplant — 1 kg;
    • sweet pepper — 1 kg;
    • tomatoes — 1.5 kg;
    • hot pepper — three red pod;
    • vegetable oil — one glass;
    • vinegar 9% — half Cup;
    • salt.

    Step by step

  • All vegetables to scroll, after removing the bitterness from eggplant slices with soaking in the salt water solution.
  • On the bottom of the pan pour the oil, there to pass the vegetable mass. Salt.
  • After boiling, cook for 45 minutes, not forgetting to gently stir.
  • At the end to enter the vinegar, mix and distribute on washed sterile containers. Clogging key wrap.
  • In a slow cooker

    Features. Uniform languor in the bowl protects the spice from burning, makes the vegetables soft. Grinding blender allows you to achieve a homogenous sauce consistency.


    • fleshy tomatoes — 1 kg;
    • sweet pepper — 0.8 kg;
    • garlic five major Zubkov;
    • salt rock — 30 g;
    • Chile — two pieces;
    • vinegar — 40 ml;
    • sugar — 50 g.

    Step by step

  • Grind in a blender the peppers and tomatoes.
  • To cook in slow cooker for two hours, setting the mode “Stewing”.
  • Add the mashed garlic the teeth and other components.
  • Simmer program “Baking” 30 minutes.
  • Spread along the banks, roll up.
  • To prepare a sauce from the tomatoes, even the inexperienced hostess, special difficulties will not cause no prescription. In the presence of kitchen “helpers” time to prepare the vegetables can also be significantly reduced. Some blanks will need a few days to infuse, others are allowed to taste immediately after mixing.

    Reviews: “will Definitely do next year”

    Delicious chutney! Most importantly, just in moderation, a balance of salt and sugar is ideal. For reliability, sterilized jars with sauce in the oven for 20 minutes, just to keep in the room. The only garlic flavor apartment two days erode. Will definitely do next year, only to have double or even triple batch!

    Natalia Alex

    I cook the sauce constantly because I love this dish with meat and fish and bread, but cooked recipe from my mother, i.e., red bell pepper, bitter, garlic, dill, tomato only a few pieces, all eyes on the salt to taste, twist it in a meat grinder and banks, store in the fridge. All natural and no seasonings and vinegar…


    I mix all the fruits available-with tomatoes and sweet pepper to taste add garlic, hot pepper, greens, salt, sugar and vinegar. It’s not adjika in Georgian sense of the word, but to the Ukrainian sound comes out very tasty). Cook in chunks, garlic and greens added in the last poderevnoy.

    The mainmast,

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