The secrets of beauty and youth men

“My husband and I are the same age — we for 35 years. But I have to look good, have to exert a lot of effort: masks, creams, fitness, hair, drink, smoke… And he’s doing nothing, still looks younger than me. WHY???”

April 1 – don’t trust anyone? Trust us – today in all seriousness reveals to women the secrets of men’s beauty and youth!

The secret of male beauty 1. Thick skin physical

The main secret of young men lies in their skin, which is denser than women’s. Due to this the density of the skin on the face and body and droops slowly, and the shape holds up better.

How to use this secret

Like it or not, we women are wired differently, and the skin we have thinner. But it is more soft and pleasant to the touch!

The secret of male beauty 2. Thick skin mental

You could even say, apathy. Many things that so touch us, the women, the men just don’t take to heart, whereas we women need all the experience. Maybe here we have a “sensitive” facial wrinkles?

Yes, men also have a lot of problems (and who doesn’t?!). But for some reason only us, women, there is “the mouth of my mother”.

How to use this secret

Learn healthy apathy! Not all strive to feel and take to heart. There are many things that do not concern us at all, so why suffer for all?

If you can not take everything in your account, limit the sources of negative information: see less news on TV, do not communicate with people who want to dump on you all the ugly.

The secret of male beauty 3. A minimum of makeup

We women constantly have something to masugata, something to apply to painting. Men use a standard set: shampoo + shower gel + shaving gel. In the best case is also used after shave cream, hand cream and perfume.

How to use this secret

Is this the secret of male beauty? – you will ask. Of course! After all, no one knows what’s in our creams and more – benefit or harm. When you consider which components are placed in modern means to make them pleasant, attractive and sold, it is not surprising that they can bring to our skin not benefit, but harm. Read about the Harmful ingredients of the cream and continue to choose your cosmetics carefully.

The secret of male beauty 4. Maximum stay

Long live gender equality! Thanks to one infamous lady now we women have equal rights with men to work and earn money! But no one shared equally and women’s responsibilities. That is why we are working “double shift”: first at work, for money, and the second at home, for free.

While men are in the majority still live in Patriarchy: work only at work, and the house – wife, it is for home meets! And then modern man was not eager to earn, because I know that if anything will rescue the wages of his wife.

Standard day men: stood up – washed my face – put on that made the wife ate what I had prepared the wife took tormozok made by the wife – went to work – worked — came home – ate a cooked wife rested in front of the TV, went to bed.

The woman falls a huge share of the responsibility: for themselves, their youth and beauty, for family relationships, for children, for farming, for food, clean house and clothes and stuff.

Sometimes this added the responsibility for the material support of the family and sex in marriage (and what to do if husband is passive in sex? After all, if sex will not be the husband, they will go to another, more young and sexy).

A responsible man?

How to use this secret

For starters, understand that men are not guiltythat they so much rest, and we have so much work! We just have so historically, and men and are happy to abdicate responsibility.

Separation of duties and responsibilities is the best, but most difficult, as life in the family long-established, and everything goes on the thumb (and if you all just formed, turn on your brain!).

The second option is to try to rest more. Many things are not very important, set them aside for later. While resting, remember that you are not just chilling out and doing this for their youth and beauty!

The secret of male beauty 5. Natural

Men – natural! (maybe because unnatural does not attract us as men, because they seem gay?) Light stubble – nice manly and sexy! Not combing in the morning is still beautiful. Wearing what have to – well, everything goes well!

How to use this secret

Men appreciate the natural and in us! For example, article Cosmetics: how to love the man we talked about the fact that men like women with natural makeup… Have the opportunity to save on dekorativke ?

But, of course, naturalness was not good at all. 10 years ago unshaven armpits rare man could surprise, but now your man is unlikely to understand!

The secret of male beauty 6. Interesting life

Many modern men are relatively sedentary, however, no cellulite, no bedsores for some reason they have not observed ? the secret is that they will always find adventure on his fifth point, which make life not boring and make you move your body and brains. A variety of Hobbies and hobby paint life with bright colors and make us Shine men’s eyes. Thanks to them, men feel young.

I strongly disagree with those women who believe that men should not have any Hobbies, except his wife and family. In my experience, men without a hobby strive to make your life more interesting with the help of mistresses, alcohol and drugs.

How to use this secret

Most women have a family and kids lives first fade, then disappear altogether. It is because of heavy load at work and at home a woman does not allow himself to live vibrant, fulfilling lives. The result is obvious: work-home-kids-work-home-children, her husband’s mistress brought. If the house to do, tired, and unloved the work that remains – to seek solace in the fridge?

Psychologists advise to find an interesting hobby, new friends to try that always wanted to try but “didn’t have time”. I suggest the same. Ideally, you should have a purpose in life – then life will be all colors of the rainbow! Read our 20 tips to make yourself happier – maybe something will come to mind!

And finally…

Not all the secrets of male beauty you can use to your, women’s favor. But some can still be kept in mind, you will agree!

And do not grumble against their female share, we have the opportunity to look like a man, spit on shave, wash and cosmetics. But if we thus look younger and more beautiful? I don’t think…

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