The secrets of Chinese youth: skin care

Guess the age of Chinese women is very difficult, and today women’s site “” will tell you some tricks. Thanks to the secrets the vast majority of women from China look so young and fresh even in adulthood. Their maturity can give is that the only wise eyes, but not skin.

The first morning of the procedure

Chinese women with the dawn not jump. Their day begins with a measured nursing procedures. So, you need to warm up both hands by rubbing them against each other. You can do it with your eyes closed to not immediately move away from a pleasant half asleep and at the same time concentrate better. Warm your palms need to touch to his forehead, cheeks, neck (bottom-up), move your hands as if to wash. Such a peaceful meeting of a new day good for the skin, nervous system and mood.

Features power

The skin was young, smooth, healthy, Chinese women eat more acidic: apples, lemons. And after 35 years are required in the diet become soy products: sauce, meat, tofu. It is in this food so much calcium, iron and vitamin E.


Chinese beauties love to do face masks. For example, they take the egg whites, a big spoonful of honey, a little fresh lemon juice. Before going to sleep such a composition is applied on face for 30 minutes, then wash off.

And to make the skin clean and fresh, make a mask out of strawberries and milk.

But it is the samples of the more familiar masks that our women rarely have enough time. Complex in it especially there is nothing, except a lot of time will have to spend. We also sometimes women go to bed in makeup, to masks is not reached. And for good reason.

And here’s another example of an unusual mask for a beach holiday. To fight wrinkles, the faces of Chinese women of Mature age wearing nylon masks. In some ways they are similar to balaclavas, but their use is invaluable. This is a special development order to the scorching sun did not spoil the skin. Helps to fight wrinkles, keep youth and elasticity of the skin even on the beach. It’s also a good way for those who don’t like to apply sunscreen on the face because of an allergic reaction, for example, to the composition.

Is not all women have the courage. Because the only Russian woman on the beach can sometimes be in full makeup and gold that the real vulgarity, says

By the way, the sun itself for Chinese women is not acceptable. For example, China has very little tanning, and then use them, usually newcomers – and for a lot of money. And in China for women considered the most beautiful light, almost porcelain skin.

Secret of beauty point

Chinese women for several millennia, pass each other secret techniques of self-massage. To massage special points should be several times a day. These twin points, and stretch them at the same.

San-Yin-Jiao, i.e. a special point of female beauty, located above the inner ankle, at a distance of three widths of thumbs. They should be applied to these areas, other parts of the hands to clasp his feet. And then you have intense pressure points while creating a vibration. For about a minute.

Features daytime makeup in China – freshness, naturalness

Makeup for Chinese women is considered ideal when helps to create a gentle and natural girl, like spring Bud blooming roses. By the way, in the everyday life of Chinese women use pale pink blush, not dark bronzite.

Chinese women are much more selfish than Russian women. Agree, we pay very little attention to care for themselves, sometimes forget to take care of themselves, as once. Save on medical and decorative cosmetics, carry heavy bags. In order to maintain vitality, which would have had every cell of the skin, you need to become a little selfish. Stop trying to “be everything to everyone” and focus on yourself.

Author – Eva the rainbow site

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