The shabby chic style in clothes – why he goes to all?

One summer inevitably comes the day when the most conservative and business-like ladies can’t go without a shudder to think about the jacket, pencil skirt or sheath – because it’s hot! And yet so luxurious blooms all around, and the birds chirping and the aromas of leaves, and pour…

In General, if all this beauty set you up to poetic mood, and I want to create a new, gentle and feminine – it’s time to read the article on the website about the style of shebbi-chic in clothes!

What is shabby chic?

The literal translation is “distressed luxury“. The origins of the style shabby chic in Victorian era.

It is clear that things of a century ago, in contrast to vintage, you can not wear – if it survived, it has Museum value. But to feel like the heroine of an English novel, dressed in frills and lace, sometimes Oh, how I want!

Therefore, it was shabby chic – this style is designed to mimic the outfits of old, not copying them fully, only giving a slight hint of age. Clothing style shabby chic looks like artificially aged – this contributes to the “olinala” colors, typical of Victorian floral prints, sometimes cut and silhouette, sometimes finishing and decoration…

In General, a very shabby welcome handwork – knitting, lace, embroidery, jewelry, ribbons, etc.

Shabby – especially European style, it is sometimes even divided into “French” and “English”. However, some of its elements are synthesized successfully with many other fashion trends – boho (we have already talked about it), ethno, hippie…

Shabby chic (the name itself speaks about it!) perfectly suitable for creating elegant images, especially in the summer – this style is very feminine. Can afford and very young girls and elegant women!

Shabby chic clothing

Shabby – quite a variable style. In principle, there is unique to this area of fashion.

The General trend of femininity: she can manifest in the accentuated waist line, the abundance of delicate, translucent lightweight fabrics…

Very interesting images are obtained, if we take things to a modern silhouette (short dresses, shorts, t-shirts and tops) and combine them with accessories and decorative elements in vintage style!

In everyday versions of frills and flowers can be combined with denim, for example, jeans and a top with lace, light floral dress and a cropped Jean jacket, etc.

Colors and prints

A distinctive feature of the style of shabby clothing – inherent pastel shades. There’s all kinds of pink, beige, pale blue, mint, turquoise, etc. Dark colors there, but not in plain things, and, for example, as the background floral print is a muted brown, blue, purple, Burgundy…

Prints – flower and another flower! Possible as small prints, and large – with bouquets of roses or peonies, as it was fashionable in the Victorian era. Interesting option – prints with flower garlands that mimic vintage Wallpaper.

Also sometimes acceptable wide strip or cage, small polka dots – also pastel shades.

And of course, lace (or print “lace”) – light lace can be everywhere!

Accessories in the style of shebbi-chic

The shabby chic style in clothes is not all! It is important to choose the right accessories and jewelry.

What cute things I should add in my box?

  • Pearl beads. It can be a simple string of pearls, and maybe an interesting necklace, where the pearls are intertwined with a ribbon, lace braid…
  • Earrings-roses pastel shade
  • Earrings-bows
  • Wide bracelet with floral print
  • Nice headband or wrap with flower
  • Brooch-cameo
  • A locket on a chain

Shoes in the style of shabby can be as heels and ballet flats or sandals wedge – choose what suits you and is suitable to a particular outfit, just hold the overall style!

Add a shabby chic style in clothing a light chiffon scarf in floral and cute bag with lace trim and the look is ready!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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