The smell in the fridge: how to get rid of quickly?

A serious problem that can ruin not only your appetite, but also mood, can become repulsive odor in refrigerator – how to get rid of it? Women’s website “” tell your readers the most popular proven methods.

What to do first?

The odor is due to the fact that the fridge is there such a function as air ventilation. Because of this, harmful substances are formed, which lead to the emergence of a repulsive odor.

Modern refrigerators have this function, as air ionization, which allows to get rid of the problem odors. But what about those who have a simple fridge, no extra features clean smell (air ionization)?

You need to use the popular ways how to remove smell in the fridge, or buy special tools that help to get rid of this problem.

Before you choose an effective way to combat odor in the refrigerator, it is necessary to conduct an audit on the shelves, to find and eliminate the source of the problem.

  • You must release all the shelves of products.
  • Wash the walls and shelves of the refrigerator with warm water and detergent.
  • Wipe everything with a clean cloth.
  • Wipe dry.
  • Wipe the walls of the refrigerator with 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • Wipe everything dry.
  • Leave for 30 minutes, open the door.
  • The unpleasant smell should disappear. To more such problem happened, you should all products be stored in tightly closed containers or cooking foil, and on the shelves to place the absorbers of the odor.

    There are as folk remedies and industrial preparations. We offer you a few ways that help to prevent odors in the refrigerator – absorb and neutralize it.

    How to remove smell in the fridge: folk methods

    Make a rating of the most popular folk remedies that help to get rid of the smell in the fridge quickly.

    • The easiest way is to place on the shelves of the refrigerator are black bread. It perfectly absorbs all odors, not allowing them to spread throughout the refrigerator. Also help to overcome this problem and other products: rice grain, spread out on a platter and placed on the shelf of the refrigerator, sliced lemon, orange. Well absorb the odors of spices: turmeric, cinnamon, cloves.
    • Perhaps we can not say about the people’s ways of dealing with onions and garlic. If the smell in the fridge is very strong and unpleasant, it is not enough to wash walls with a detergent and peroxide. It is more efficient to RUB the walls with garlic or onion and leave the door open to 12 – 14 hours. The smell should go away.

    I’m doing this: cut the lemon, pour into a small salt, on top of all cover with a thin cloth, RUB all the inside of the refrigerator. No more wipe and I leave for the night. Salt absorbs the odor, and lemon is refreshing.

    • It turns out, activated charcoal is not only useful for digestion but also helps to get rid of the smell in the fridge. If you put on a door shelf of a container of tablets of activated charcoal, the odors in the fridge will not be mixed.

    Here’s the original solution found by our inventive fellow citizens:

    I invented the following way how to remove the smell in the refrigerator with activated carbon. Take a plastic egg from kinder. It pierced the small holes, fall asleep in the middle of pounded and warmed in the microwave activated carbon, cushy put on the shelf in the fridge to the Department for eggs. Once a month hyping again heated and sent back. Helps cool. Julia.

    • Baking soda to remove smell in the fridge helps not worse activated carbon. The principle is the same: to place on the shelves of a container of baking soda that will absorb the odors. A bowl of soda (about 50 g in glass) should be kept open. Need to be changed once a month.
    • The most effective way to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator, without resorting to the purchase of industrial vehicles, is to use the tea bags. You can just put on the shelves a couple of bags of black tea – the smell in the refrigerator to appear. Tea perfectly absorbs and neutralizes odors, does not allow them to mix.
    • Helps to combat unpleasant smells and black coffee to remove the smell in the fridge with it, also very simple. Enough to place on the shelves of the container in which covered the ground coffee. Not to accidentally overturn the container, it is possible to use traditional fixtures.

    I know a simple way to get rid of smell in refrigerator: a jar of used cream poured ground coffee, put everything on the shelf, and never smell bad in the fridge does not happen. Try it, is valid.

    • Well helps to remove smell in the fridge charcoal. Before you send it on the shelf, the coal is pulverized. The coal may be preheated. And to prevent odors, keep a container of coal on the shelf permanently. This is a very effective odor absorber.

    You can use the wood charcoal for barbecue, and even better to take it from the fire. It can be changed frequently – every 2 weeks. The smell in the fridge will not. Tested by me personally. Lily.

    • What inventive of our people! It turns out that to remove the smell from the fridge can the cat litter. What? Most importantly, choose unscented! What is not a alternative to popular funds?

    Industrial tools

    If you need to remove rotten smell from refrigerator advises to use a universal tool Dorgan(OdorGone). Here’s how to talk about it in the review:

    Went to a couple months from home. Broken freezer, and all stocks of meat and fish is rotten. Can you imagine what the stench was not only in the refrigerator, but in the whole apartment? No folk remedies do not help here. Just spray odors Dorgon saved me from that stench. Washed walls of the refrigerator with plain water with detergent. Then wiped it off dry and put on the walls of the absorber OdorGone. Two hours and smell like was not! Natalia.

    Today in the market you can find ready special means with different fillings-a absorbents. They are produced most often in the form of ball, egg-shaped or plain boxes with holes, through which odor is absorbed. Stay on the reviews about the most popular tools that help to prevent odors in the fridge.


    In each package is hiding, as a rule, 3 balls, inside which is silicagel. This substance collects in itself all the smells. Reveal beads prior to use.

    One ball is in the fridge, and go unused in a bag.

    Balls well absorb odors, and reviews on balls from the smell in the fridge meet positive. Frau Schmidt, Top House, Fridge Balls, the smell is here checked bulbs-odour absorbers.

    Eggs absorbers

    Sinks may be in the form of eggs. The convenience of these sinks is that they not only absorb odor and control temperature in the refrigerator. The original egg-the sink is white, and under the influence of temperature becomes blue. If the egg is not turned blue, that means the fridge is not so cool. As odor absorber activated charcoal acts.

    They serve about 2 months, although the packaging specified period is 4 months.

    Some use ready-made balls. Instead of used absorbent asleep inside activated charcoal, soda, tea – that is, natural home remedies mentioned above.


    Help remove the odor filters dispenser. They are mounted on the walls and collect all the odors in itself. Absorbent is the activated carbon. The disadvantage is that the filter is bulky and mounting is not always securely hold them on the walls.

    The gel sinks

    For those who are looking for how to remove the smell from the fridge developed a special gel absorbers, comprising lemon extract. Sometimes it contains silver ions. Therefore, the gel sinks will not only eliminate the smell, but also provide antibacterial effects.


    The most expensive sinks on today — the ionizer smell. They smell clean, and not allowed to deteriorate products that restrain the process of decay. Such devices operate on batteries. Put them in the fridge for a few minutes a day. This is enough to smell from the refrigerator to clean quickly.

    Here are the basic secrets that tell you how to get rid of the smell in the fridge.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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