The smell of men: what role relationships play smells

I smelled it immediately… Spicy, enveloping, slightly bitter aroma of the male, thick notes that hit my nose and immediately intoxicated, depriving the will and ability to think, I wanted only to bury your nose in his chest and sniff, sniff…. to absorb his scent into himself, to absorb to the end and carry with you, like the sweet precious smell of men, the smell of My man.

It just so happened – the lovers I choose by smell. It has always been. I do not care how old he is, whether he is tall, broad-shouldered and handsome, I don’t care about his social status, the presence of lived. square and make of car, the main thing – the smell! The smell of it. Everything else is secondary and therefore not so important.

I turned around hoping to find and see someone who emits this sonorous, mesmerizing aroma. The tall, statuesque brunette, curiously looking into my little excited face, tremetousia nostrils and hurled indignant lightning eyes. I smiled… and went to the exit. I’m just afraid that will break and throw myself on his neck – so much I wanted to inhale this intoxicating and so men’s fragrance, dive into it, skip through it all in order to fully enjoy its rich and exquisite beauty.

He caught up to me on the steps. Thus began the story of my love the Title…

The scent of a man: chemistry, physics, etc

The sense of smell is one of the most important senses that help us navigate in space, to feel the approach of danger, to react to the odors.

The smell leads us through life, like a guiding star it helps us to make the right choice, to be determined. Smell we choose the perfume, food and… men. Although many of us are not even aware of it. Well, came to the court particular man, well it didn’t happen. Although not ugly at all, well-fed and in moderation, and quite talkative — just right to lick him like candy, but something’s not right and wrong.

But the answer is simple – the smell! On a purely olfactory level, we choose sniffing for her husband/beloved especially cosmophone and “sweet” instances, the instances that we genetically fit, instances that can give us strong descendants, has a complete set required for a successful and healthy life skills.

Yes, Yes. Scientists have already proven the fact that the smell is a kind of test of the genetic compatibility of immune systems of the two partners. And the more the immune system is different from one immune system to another, the greater the probability that these two will not go past each other. As I passed by and my Title Man.

Ie it turns out that nature itself gives us a sign that should/should not continue the acquaintance with the new counterparts. And as for me — with the nature of only fools and stubborn people argue.

No wonder that many of us on the first day of Dating decide to “go for coffee” to the man, only tasted its flavor (not coffee — men ? ) and trusting your nose, then not the least bit sorry about it.

And we are all about the love at first sight hard…

We are sniffing each other (later, a Man confessed to me that though in the beginning I was fascinated by him as his controversial behavior, but the children he wanted from me, just smelling my sweaty, hot first sex of the body) like a wild animal. Because each person has their own spirits, individual and unlike any other.

It’s like a fingerprint. No two men with the same smells, as well as women. But the sensitivity to smells we all have different. This explains the fact that of the five friends, only one will lead his nose to the side of a handsome man, entered the restaurant, two would notice him only when he gets up close and personal, one wince when he sits down at the table, two did not respond.

We all histochem natural scents (pheromones), which stifle not even the new-fangled perfumes on them we react, feeling the attraction to another person. But the pheromone is nothing but active substances produced by our endocrine glands. In fact, it is a cocktail of scents of our hair, body, mucous membranes, which we perceive thanks to a special receptor in our nose.

Many people believe – in order to love the smell of another person, you need to love the person. I absolutely disagree with this! And here’s why….

I confess, once I decided to go against nature, stepping on the throat of his nose ? , which is now terribly sorry. I had a man – decent, as usual, not to drink or smoke, flowers, coat gave. All was well there, except for the smell. Well, I didn’t like him, period. But to leave just because of this lacked the courage. Not with his hands once, you will agree, to explain to the person you’re breaking up with him just because he smells… “the wrong way” and that the smell makes you almost disgusted. That’s why I stayed here, hoping for the best and that, in the end, snorting in the family, giving him expensive perfumes and antiperspirant. Not snorting! Left him late that night, after another unsuccessful attempt to “make love” in bed. Forgot to clarify – and sex with him was not totally bad, but not very good. Mediocre in General.


For me the smells is everything. I’ll take the scent of food, friends, men, Yes there are things I buy only good sniffing them! (I hope this stays between us ? ).

Moreover, the most significant moments of my relationship with the Title Man I have been associated with… smells. I remember exactlyhow it smelled when you first kissed me, Declaration of love, I know by heart the smell of his arousal, happiness, sadness. I don’t always have the words to describe a particular flavor, and I’m not sure that’s possible. Nutmeg, patchouli, Mandarin, spices, a little sea breeze, a pinch of sex and a subtle hint of freedom… In its aroma so much!

I don’t know whether to envy or sympathize with the ladies who are not able to smell men, on the one hand, they were lucky — no need to worry and worry about NewConnect this same smell, but they lack a huge component of relationships, making them harmonious, cohesive and so fragrant.

I know only one thing – I fully rely on your nose and very happy that on that day it worked as it should, to prevent misfires, because it’s been years, and I love the scent of her Man (even if he spends all day spinning nut, wore the gravity and the temperature outside is +30). Even if he’s not with me now. But that’s another story…

And what is the smell of your man?

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