The style is French chic in clothing: how to look Parisian?

Everyone knows that French women are different delicate taste and exquisite style. Women’s website “” I’ll tell you how to make the most of their beauty secrets, every day to look perfect.

French chic (or as it is called – the style of Parisian women) is a skillful combination of femininity, modesty and grace. You are unlikely to see true Parisian in motley and throw the outfit even if the outfit is at its peak.

Quite the contrary – you will hardly notice this woman, but looking closely to it, you will understand that her image is arranged almost perfectly: everything is so nice!

Casual style French women

In everyday life French women prefer comfortable and practical classics. Gina’s narrow shoes to go low, turtlenecks and pullovers and neutral tones, voluminous scarves is the basic wardrobe of Parisian women.

These women do not feel obliged to look “as cover” every day – there are holidays and festive evening.

The basic principle in the style of French women – the”elegance and chic without pretentiousness”.

It’s unlikely you’ll look appropriate on the streets of Paris in four-inch heels and ultra-mini. And colleagues in the office would admire bright makeup at nine in the morning, and thinks it is at least strange. While at a party at the club this outfit and makeup would be quite appropriate.

The choice of accessories of a French suit not less seriously.

The preference for high-status things and jewelry: nice bag, expensive shoes, jewelry from natural metals and stones. However, all of these things should not draw undue attention to yourself. Let them price only knows the owner!

And a little bit of femininity

For the Paris lady femininity? No, it’s not overt cleavage, no high heels and not the dress, just covering the hips.

The femininity of French women – in the details, fabrics and styles. The skirt is A-line, accentuate the graceful ankle, a string of pearls on a thin neck, soft cashmere, soft silk – this is the style of the French chic in clothes …

The image of modern Parisian women would not be complete without the inner component. These women can become the European benchmark in the ability to behave correctly and to present it.

Fragrances Of France

What, in addition to sophisticated women, associated France? Of course with the spirits.

For many years the real French perfume take pride of place on perfume shelves all women in the world (and French is no exception).

A resident of the fashion capital, for the most part, quite Patriotic in their choice of perfume – Guerlain, bright, unique Chanel No. 5 or Nina Ricci fine – they are undoubted favourites.

A true French woman chooses a unique perfume and tries not to change, to become her calling card, her style.

French chic hairstyles

Oddly enough, the French are not afraid to experiment with hair: elegant braids are replaced by ultra-short “boyish” haircut, black Kare in the style of Amelie comes to replace the red curls.

It is important to find the hairstyle that is right for you. And to determine it experimentally, by trial and error!

In the daily life of Parisian women prefer to look modestly enough, this also applies to hair including. Dissolved hair in the office, they prefer modest “shells”, but the party can show itself in all its glory.

A few secrets of French chic in clothing

  • Make a basic wardrobe, which will be combined with each other. already talked about how to do it.
  • Prefer uncluttered and restrained outfits that will be comfortable and practical in everyday life.
  • In cold weather, your salvation will be cozy scarf that will be the highlight of the image. Lying freely on the shoulders, wrapped around neck, voluminous or slim – choose it according with your way for today.
  • Consider the rule need to dress in accordance with the situation. In the office – strictly in the restaurant is chic and impressive, for a walk – whether. Don’t try to impress too frilly attire, you simply will not understand.
  • With particularly strict approach to the selection of bags and shoes. The bag is versatile, not too big, but roomy enough, made of genuine leather. Shoes – comfortable pair of flat shoes for walking and elegant pumps for the office. It is a necessary minimum. As for the decorations, then, following the style of French chic in clothing, ideal to have your “business card”, the accessory that will be associated only with you. This can be a statement ring with natural stone, thin silk handkerchief on his neck, a bracelet with an unusual weave.
  • And yet, like it or not, without confidence, which is the main weapon of the French team, all the secrets of their beauty do not work!

    By Ekaterina Romanova, site

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