The top 10 things which attract men at the first meeting

In order to study other planets today is flying to Mars to find out how successful venerance to be closer to a strong and intelligent Martians, knowing that they, like men, pay attention when you first meet us.

For the writing of this opus was surveyed n-Noe number of Martians, whom expressed sincere gratitude to facilitate the conquest of their own as us ?

By the way, ladies, pay attention to the fact that men react to this poll with interest! Most likely, they are already starving and desperate, being in the eternal search for non-Smoking girls who can cook and which is interesting to talk ? So was very pleased to be able to contribute a little bit to change the world:)” ©.

And I warn you, this article is simply woven from the words of the men themselves – no processing, analysis and ad-libbing, as is usually the case in such articles. You pay attention to men — just the facts from the horse’s mouth ?

“You never get a second chance to create first impression” — in terms of first contact with a man is never more relevant phrase. For those who turn up their nose and said that I will still be myself, parry – if you don’t like men, don’t know or ignore the fact, which attracts the attention of men, and you this itself is – success! ?

All interesting and is to not simply repeat all that is written in these articles, and try to make it part of his character, life, and appearance, of course.

Today, it goes on a first date, or better to say – not just about him.

You introduced the friends you met in a movie/club/at the conference, which was full of other people – no matter where. It is important that you want to attract the attention of some men, attracted, and he of course started the process of evaluating you. By the way, how often men forget that the same process is automatically started from the other side. But today not about it ?

Men not so primitive and limited, according to some ladies. And they all share startling similarities in what they, men, pay attention when we first met. And as it turned out, they want to see so much that will handicap us even needs to be such and such, behaved so and so, but also knew how to fly” ? Men do hard casting. Enjoy the fact that they became less ?

But still, I think that it makes sense to listen to, so to speak, the source, and not suffer continually with the question – why is nobody returning my calls/not ringing after the first meeting?

Top 10 importance or to draw attention to men when we first met
Yes, it is before all other things – appearance. Amazing, isn’t it? ?

From the looks included in the top:

  •  Chest (no comment);
  •  Body proportions (namely the proportions, not the settings, oddly enough. That is, it is important that the figure was at least proportional growth of body parts proportional to each other, etc.)
  • The face (there’s the taste and color, as they say… But big and gaudy in addition, the number of cosmetic points you just will not add. Moreover, it is noticed that most men are not looking for, or rather not expect, from a woman’s face beauty. The majority is enough, so it was nice, sweet, and charming. And this is achieved in particular by using a sincere smile and expressive eyes).

Not notice: a new super awesome manicure, nail shapes, hairstyles, etc.

But notice – too long (extensions) nails, dirt under the fingernails, slezshie nail Polish, dirty hair. Hmm, and who said that they are inattentive?

Quote of zero places in the ranking: “I also to her to go! Of course, this is the most important” ?

The ability to communicate!

The unconditional leader of the ranking (looks do not count) “which attracts the attention of men.” And who says they all need “the one”? Maybe necessary, but the survey shows that for some reason, I want to talk more:)

Probably there is an understanding that even the most passionate bed once boring, but to communicate, like it or not, you need to constantly.

In this case you must:

  • A sense of humor.

“Don’t joke, then surely you have some funny story from your life. If not, do you have enough of a boring life?!” ©

  • Simplicity in communication.

Too complicated and too clever not to talk, for obvious reasons:) Plus here is the ability to speak relaxed and “anything” is welcome.

  • To dispense information.

That is not to be silent all the time, but not talking all the time. Unfortunately, this monitor is not at all impossible, this is not news.

  • To be able to behave in public and not be ashamed.

This is for those situations where the first acquaintance takes place in the company. It is important that you not shy of people, and without scruple, and “savagery” involved in the conversation as equals, do not hesitate to Express their opinion.

  • Words parasites and mate.

Notice that even those who are guilty in this. C’est La vie, as they say. Injustice.

Hobbies – must have

To sing, to dance, to run, to jump, to embroider, to climb cliffs to breed rabbits or to watch a Japanese movie – it does not matter. But it is important to have a life of their own with their Hobbies, know what they need, and not shy to tell about them. So you pay attention to men in terms of Hobbies? Answer – at all!

Reading and erudition

Although it remains a mystery how important it is for unbookish and neeregirovannom men, because participation in the survey they took. And interesting whether they we, ladies?

Reading books (educational, artistic, and not you-know-what), watch interesting movies, in General, interested in the world and life around ?

But not to throw a show-off” ©. If your first experience happens at a scientific conference or on the transfer of “What? Where? When?” or “clever and Clever” — then, of course, possible. But you need to be able to communicate so that both were interesting and understandable, otherwise it’s just selfishness and self-assertion at the expense of another.

And the desire of many not to think the status of social networking” ©.


Yes, it turns out, it is important to be able to dress stylishly, but it does not matter where bought clothing and whose on her tag. Most importantly – stylish, tasteful, clean and tidy. That’s all that was said.

By the way, the theme of shopping (even if it’s not your “disease”) — will not cause delight and is likely to occupy one of the first place in ANTI-rating “which attracts the attention of men.” The impression that this kind of “red flag” for men when we first met.


This refers not to swoon at the word “sex” and others; to be realistic, and not in the clouds.

In addition, not to play in kindergarten, how many years you may be; and NOT to create artificial barriers to future travelers – if you want to give a phone number or to agree to offer follow-up meetings – to do it!” ©

How strange that this disease is not treated and some have even the women of 35-40 years.

Goals, values in life

This is probably the strangest thingthat was heard in the series “estimate when we FIRST met”. Against this background the “cute” female habit “Dima said “hi!” and she already mentally got married and had three children” no longer seems so strange.

But we have what we have. Maybe due to the fact that it is not always possible to determine the true intentions in our lives, many of our Dating over before it begins, or end of the morning disappointment, having exhausted themselves one night? I mean, who honestly and openly says, they say, Oh, really want a family and everything else? It is not easy. Many will keep quiet about it, even knowing what really draw the attention of men, afraid to scare or to be considered just that which is “already mentally married”. There is a very fine line, and you need to think about how best to talk about it.

Questions here – what you want to achieve in life? What things do you value the most in people? What your life values and priorities?

Strange, of course, not all men can do to answer these questions, but genuinely interested.

Priorities usually are: career vs. family money vs. love, children vs various life entertainment. The fact that this in life to connect, and it’s not always necessary to choose were not considered…

Bad habits

Oddly enough, but Yes, bad habits are not included in the most top. All it’s important to NOT (Smoking, drinking, etc.), but this item was always at the end of the hierarchy. But in the end, ALL the polls complain that it is extremely difficult to find a girl who doesn’T smoke. Ladies, is that true?

By the way, often men are wary of a girl who does not drink. In the company is whether your first encounter or you have a date – it doesn’t matter.

Attitude to money/ability to support themselves

Do not evaluate people by the amount of money, cars and other things. To be able to see the future of men.

And the ability to support themselves was paramount for those looking for a serious relationship, because, as it turned out, men want to the girl had their own life, an interesting job and would be entirely from men.

Full dependence, as a rule, admit and welcomes those who are looking for a relationship, more like a parent,”dad and daughter“. For an equal relationship is not typical. With all this, what pay attention men, this is NOT the kind of work the girl and how much she earns. It is important, how it works, how to relate to the people around – customers, colleagues, boss, etc., to aspire to at work.

Kindness, gentleness, sincerity, humanity, acceptance, sincerity, generosity

Then probably everything is clear ?

Among others, stood out soft, feminine, pleasant voice (how to do this – read we have), some zest – what is it for raisins and examples of it — could not figure out. This is probably something from the “surprise me!”; the absence of complexes (“some “feminine habits” are allowed, but not more” ©),

It’s amazing how many men appreciate when we first met. So, what is happening in their mind on a first date – even scary to imagine. And the best answer to the question which attracts the attention of men when we FIRST met, the answer is “not AT ALL”. We’re accustomed to think about it somewhat differently. Although there is an assumption that I think the way we imagined, those men who in principle are not needed. Why think about them?

As always, everything is very simple. But as practice shows, many girls are simply not paying attention. And the right would have would be some logic or system for how to behave at the first meeting, so behave like God put per capita. They do not read our website, one can see ?

But we, we! We know what to do? How to gain points in order from the jackpot? Not a problem! ?

Although, you know, there are two very strange things:

  • It is strange that the experience, practice and statistics of the girls who always (and when we first met, in particular) behave as described above, rarely meet men who pay attention to it and appreciate it. Who is to blame and what to do?
  • Not too hard to be like I want to see the men. It is the natural state of a normal girl with feminine traits. However, after seeing this, many men begin to question: “do we really need?”, “And make it”. And, unfortunately, such cases are plenty. It was all so perfect… why do I need it? © And, you know, often you begin to doubt is justified ?
  • In any case, want to believe rich, Beautiful and Successful, it was understood that the work starts with ourselves. And only a woman given the gift to change the world around through itself, changing itself. Men have no such gift, no. But they have we ?

    Although… looking at how “we choose, we are chosen” and which pairs are created around, I would personally like to say that there is one most important factor that negates all the above. If you’re three perfect, and it is even more – the heart wants what it wants.

    Although this does not negate the work on yourself, ladies! ?

    The author – Lyubov Ivanova, site

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