The use of burdock oil for eyelashes and reviews

This tool is actively used for improvement of hair. Numerous professional cosmetic products made on its basis. But how effective is burdock oil for eyelashes? Reviews about this facility, its features and benefits read our review.

The raw material for tools is the burdock. In the vernacular it is called a Thistle, hence the name of the drug. From the grass nothing to squeeze. Production is carried out by steeping the crushed roots of burdock in vegetable oil — sunflower, olive and even almond. The finished composition has healing properties, which we describe in detail.

Features oil

Primary areas where product is hair care. But worse in this regard, oil for eyelashes and eyebrows very happy? Reviews show that not. Impact here is completely identical. So the oil to strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows very happy rich in fatty acids (Palmanova and stearic), vitamins and mineral salts. It contains tannins, which none of the means to care for eyelashes. Also “exclusive” is inulin contained in burdock oil for eyelashes and eyebrows.

Reviews beauticians indicate that this component tool efficiently rids the skin of toxins which, in turn, impede the growth of hairs. Clearing the skin of all the excess, oil additionally nourishes it, improves blood circulation, restores and stabilizes the metabolic processes. And they provide high-quality nutrition of hair follicles, stimulating their growth.

Does burdock oil for eyelashes growth? Definitely, helps. And does it not worse than more expensive oil of peach or almond pits. But have the means and ability to influence not just the hair follicles, but also on the structure of the hairs themselves. Tannins and minerals in it literally glued lashes, preventing their fragility and stratification. As a result, they look more thick, rich, possess high elasticity.


How to use burdock oil for eyelashes for maximum benefit? This is also not difficult.

  • Make burdock oil for growth of eyelashes in a separate container — this can be a glass tumbler or saucer. As is usually the tool comes in large jars (250 ml), use it for the care of eyelashes is not very convenient.
  • Heat the part to a comfortable warm temperature. Do not have to do it in a water bath, you can use the microwave. For the minimum amount of product is enough for 5 seconds in a microwave oven.
  • Apply with cotton swab or cotton pad, given the liquid consistency of burdock oil for eyelashes. Method of application the following: distribute the composition from the middle of the hairs to their ends. Apply directly to the eyelids is not necessary, since the oil itself will be spread on the eyelashes.
  • For the convenience of daily use, you can adapt the bottle from the old prismatica. Thoroughly rinse it inside and fill with a syringe oil for eyelashes is very happy. Reviews indicate that applying it with a brush more gently and accidentally falling into the composition in the eye. If this happens, be sure to remove it with a cotton pad to avoid inflammation or discomfort of the eye.
  • Leave it for 40 minutes. After — remove it with a tissue or cotton pad. Carefully DAB the eyelids, so as not to leave them before morning. In the latter case, it may develop swelling.
  • Course duration is 30 days. It is important to perform the routine daily, with no gaps.
  • Composite formulations

    Reviews about burdock oil for eyelash growth confirmed its high efficiency. The result is manifested within a month. But you can enhance this effect by combining the tool with other natural ingredients.

    • Vitamin composition. Add in a tube of burdock oil (about 10 ml) 3 drops of vitamins A and E (from capsules). Being natural antioxidants, they stimulate the activity of hair follicles.
    • Healing balm. When the tool is used to restore lashes after extension, you can prepare an intensive complex of burdock and castor oil (in equal proportions). Add as many drops of vitamin E and fresh aloe juice. Mix tool and place in a glass dish. Apply it daily, avoiding contact with eyes.

    Depending on the status of your eyelashes, you can create and other restorative balms on the basis of burdock oil. Combine it with olive, which rejuvenates the skin of the eyelid, add almond, which increases the density of hairs. You can add fish oil — an effective moisturizing and nourishing way. The result is a monthly rate with such treatments you will receive a stunning effect growth and health of eyelashes!

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