The use of glycerin and its application in the home

Women’s website “” today will reveal the secrets of cosmetic ingredient that is used in cosmetics for over 200 years. Although that it effectively cares for the skin and hair, we learned not so long ago.

The main use of glycerin – the attraction of liquid molecules from the air. How to effectively use its moisturizing qualities, not to harm your appearance? What are masks and cosmetic products with glycerin can be made at home?

Useful skin care properties of glycerol:

  • antiseptic
  • moderating effect
  • hydration
  • protecting and restoring damaged skin
  • healing of cracked skin

How to choose a quality glycerin?

To choose the right glycerin and use it at home, first of all, carefully look at the packaging – there must be specified: natural glycerin (from vegetable oils) or synthetic production.

If the label doesn’t show “natural” is a reason to be alarmed as artificial glycerine produced from toxic substances epichlorohydrin.

Also pay attention to the degree of purification of substances for cosmetic purposes, the most appropriate percentage of 99.5. Vegetable glycerin does not cause allergies, not counting individual intolerance.

How to use glycerin for face care?

As a cosmetic component of this substance is used in home remedies for dry skin and good works in pair with honey.

For effective cleansing mask, mix a teaspoon of glycerin and honey and then add the same amount of oat flour. The mask should be applied on the problem areas of the face for about 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

Effect of hydration – the main use of vegetable glycerin – can be achieved by dissolving a teaspoon of glycerin in the same quantity of water and mix with one egg yolk. Let the mask work for approximately 15 minutes and then wash it with water at room temperature. advises to spend time when you keep on the skin of any cosmetic product with glycerin, next to full bath.

To this substance is well-acted, it is necessary that the humidity was at least 45%. Otherwise, this feature will serve you a disservice and will “extract” water molecules out of your skin, draining it.

The use of glycerin for hair at home

Glycerin is often used in the composition means for care of dry, brittle hair (often for curly locks).

Take into consideration that this substance is able to dissolve the color molecules to the hair, so it is better to apply the mask with the content of glycerin in the day before staining.

This home remedy will help to soften and moisturize hair, so it is good to use in autumn and winter, when the hair is weakened.

Mix two tablespoons of honey and a teaspoon of glycerin and aloe juice. If hair is severely damaged, add a little of burdock oil. RUB the mask into the hair roots and then comb to spread the tool throughout the length of the curls and hold it about half an hour. After that, wash your hair with your regular shampoo.

Double benefit from oil and glycerin will make your hair shiny and smooth to the touch.

In another embodiment, the mask glycerin mixed in equal proportions with Apple cider vinegar, and one egg yolk and a drop of burdock or castor oil.

This mask should be kept under wrap and a towel for about 40 minutes. Don’t forget that glycerol has lightening properties (especially if you keep the mask for more than an hour and under the film), so if it is not in your plans, it is better to use another mask.

But if you want slightly to lighten and improve your hair, make glycerin shampoo at home.

For this brew 50 g of dried chamomile flowers in a Cup of water (bring to boil), let it brew for three hours and strain. Here add a tablespoon of glycerin and finely grated baby soap neutral. Before use mix well when shaken, as soap flakes may settle to the bottom. If you have dark hair and you don’t want them to lighten, replace the chamomile with St. John’s wort or nettle – these herbs will give hair more saturated color.

To receive daily use for the hair from the glycerin, add a teaspoon of the substances in your shampoo.

Cosmetics for face with glycerin it is best to use afternoon or morning, as it forms on the skin surface film that holds moisture and protects the skin from dust and dirt.

But at night the skin cells get rid of toxins, and the film greatly prevents this, so waste is converted to puffiness and bags under the eyes.

“Pure” glycerine at home you can use very rarely (once per month) as a rapid means of hydration, for example, before an important event.

Add a few drops of glycerin in the detergent and you’ll protect your hands from drying out when washing up and washing up water with 5% content of glycerin, to moisturize the skin.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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