The wheat germ oil for eyelashes

How effective wheat germ oil for eyelashes? What action has? How to use it and what to expect? On the use read our review.

When choosing the best oil for eyelash growth traditionally prefer castor. However, not the most popular fraught with so many advantages that forget it’s just a crime. We are talking about wheat germ oil. It is recognized as an effective means to rejuvenate, improve skin condition. And the home kit can be used if the eyelashes need help.

Basics of effective

Doctors and beauticians are not accidentally recommend taking the remedy internally as a supplements. In this oil there are more than 10 unsaturated and amino acids that stimulate skin renewal. But it is extremely important that is in this tool, and vitamins — a range including A and e, the beauty vitamin, as well as groups b and D. is it squalene a natural antioxidant that prevents aging of cells, another antioxidant octacosanol. And in addition an incredible collection of minerals, from potassium and zinc, finishing with selenium, iodine, copper.

Would wheat germ oil for eyelashes? Of course. Penetrating the skin of the eyelid, it fills the hair follicles and hairs supplies the necessary substances for their growth. Additionally it supplies the cilia themselves are complex minerals, making them more dense, fluffy, obedient. The tool can be determined even visually: the eyelashes are acquiring the characteristic curve, as in the use of expensive professional cosmetics.

Benefits of the oil

In addition to the healing and the rich composition of this medium has several advantages for cosmetic use.

  • Thick consistency — thanks to the oil does not spread, so apply it very convenient.
  • Beneficial effects on the skin — there is nothing wrong if the composition is on the skin of the eyelids. Moreover it is very useful, as it further nourishes the skin, relieves fatigue, rejuvenates it. You can RUB the substance into the skin of the eyelids especially when the product is applied on the eyelashes.
  • The lack of discomfort. If you are using castor oil usually is a burning sensation, then this means these “side effects” is not. Apply it very comfortable.

Also worth noting is the efficiency of the oil of wheat germ for eyelashes. Its use in cosmetology usually requires mixing with other components because of the dense and viscous consistency. You can try to use the tool alone or with other components. In any case, the package will last you a long time.

The technique

Use it to prevent loss of lashes should be in the period of spring avitaminosis. For this purpose it is enough to apply 3 times a week for half an hour, then remove with a tissue.

If you have problems with eyelashes: the loss, breakage, loss of density, should be used daily. The technique of application of following.

  • Lashes should be cleaned of makeup — that’s why the best time for the procedure is night.
  • The oil is slightly warm, then put on the eyelashes and eyelids. For application, use a cotton swab or brush from the old prismatica. The last pre-need to rinse well under hot water. Additionally, massage your eyelids (only when using pure product!)
  • Leave the detergent on the lid for 1 hour. After you remove it with a cotton pad or tissue, then wash with water.
  • Combination with other components

    There is no need to Supplement the medium with vitamins, as they are present in it in sufficient quantity. But to improve its healing “the formula”. Recommend the following combinations of oil of wheat germ for eyelashes reviews which confirm their effectiveness.

    • Castor oil — improves the health of the cilia and activates their growth, which disappear “emptiness” after the loss of hairs. The proportions of funds — 1:1, should be used within one month. It is important to avoid getting them forever, because castor oil can cause burning, discomfort. It is impossible to apply the composition to the eyelids and going to sleep with him because of the possibility of edema of the eyes in the morning.
    • With linen and peach oils — this tool enables you to strengthen the roots of the lashes and stop them from falling out. The main component of the composition is the wheat germ oil, others are added a couple of drops.
    • With rose oil, mixed in equal proportions. The tool is suitable for women with sensitive skin or prone to allergic reactions. The gentle action of the composition will not cause redness and swelling.

    The result from the use of the funds will be visible fairly quickly. The elasticity of the eyelashes will increase over the weeks. But using them should be at least a month: like all natural products, it accumulates in the tissues, which improves its efficiency for the application.

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