The whole truth about the tools for weight loss

Our questions are answered, the doctor of biological Sciences, leading researcher of the Institute of Nutrition of RAMS Andrey Vasilyev.

In the world, almost no people, content with their weight. As shown by numerous observations, even celebrities known for its beauty and perfection, often dissatisfied with their body weight. Efforts to maintain or decrease body mass, have to be daily and, ideally, should be a special program of weight management. Key factors are: caloric restriction of food intake, and, necessarily, parallel to the increase in physical activity. How important is dietary food Supplement, in a weight loss program and how to organize this process, we asked the Professor, doctor of biological Sciences, leading researcher, Institute of Nutrition of RAMS Andrey Valerievich Vasiliev.

So do you really need dietary supplements losing weight? What is their role?

AB: the Objective of dietary supplements in the implementation of a weight loss program is to help the body adapt to a low calorie diet and exercise. The combination of exercise and the right nutrition provides a gradual weight loss and allows you to keep it at a stable level. The inclusion of relevant dietary supplements in the diet promotes weight loss, normal work of internal organs, improves metabolism and makes weight loss a more healthy and correct.

Often we consume food contains more fat and sugar than necessary for our body. In this situation, the aid of dietary supplements containing in its composition of dietary fiber: cellulose, cellulose, alginates are seaweed, chitosan, pectin, etc. These substances bind (absorb) sugar, fat and cholesterol of food in the digestive tract and prevent their absorption. They also bind intestinal bile acids, which are precursors of endogenous cholesterol synthesized in the liver and constitutes about 75% of cholesterol in the human body.

In addition to the sorption action of the fibers promote the growth of normal microflora of the large intestine and normalizes intestinal motility, preventing constipation and is quite common among people with overweight and lovers diets.

Is it possible to do without the laxative effects of the application of means to reduce weight?

AV: One of the most important conditions for health, especially for weight loss, is the normal work of the gastrointestinal tract. It is necessary for the proper digestion of incoming food, to maintain normal microflora of the large intestine, the timely removal of harmful substances and metabolic products secreted from the liver in the bile. The tendency to constipation, and the abuse of protein diets toxic products of metabolism can flow back into blood and create unnecessary strain on the liver and other organs, regulates the metabolism. In this situation come to the aid of substances – sources of dietary fiber, which I mentioned earlier, or herbal ingredients with laxative effect (fennel, Senna, rhubarb, etc.). The concentration of these components in dietary supplements is lower than pharmaceutical products, and their laxative or diuretic is much softer, and they do not interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the small intestine. For example, “Turboslim tea”, which is declared by the manufacturer as a cleansing, really has a mild diuretic action, through the inclusion in its composition of the peduncle cherries. Recipes such dietary supplements are developed in full compliance with state regulations.

A key organ regulating metabolism, is the liver. It is the liver carries out detoxification produced in the body products of metabolism and coming from the outside harmful substances. The active work of the cells of the liver, their integrity and functional completeness is very important for the body. Support cells of the liver provide such components in the composition of dietary SUPPLEMENTS, as α-lipoic acid, turmeric extract and green tea (contained in the “Turboslim ALPHA” , “Coffee “Turboslim”, etc.). The bile from the liver excreted products of metabolism, and the bile takes part in the digestion of food and regulating the proper functioning of the intestines. To improve the structure and flow of bile can be used dietary supplements — sources of lecithin or vegetable extracts, such as corn silk, turmeric, burdock (complex present in the formulation of tea and coffee “Turboslim.”

And how the Express tools for weight loss? Why the use of such means we are fast losing the volume? It is not harmful?

AV: This happens due to the intercellular and intracellular fluid, and, importantly, this process has nothing to do with dehydration. Moreover, this is a very important psychological aspect. The most difficult part in programs on weight reduction — not to break, one of the most difficult tasks is to provide motivation for losing weight a continuous rate weight loss. A clear reduction in volume in the early days — the best bid for victory, it helps us to overcome the most difficult first few days and go on a new diet. This explains the popularity of so-called means rapid weight loss, designed for intensive three-day course. By simultaneously burning fats, appetite suppression and diuretic action in the short term to achieve desirable coveted effect, and it significantly enhances motivation to continue the course.

How to cope with hunger during a diet?

AV: hunger is a natural physiological expression of the body’s need for nutrients, of which he was deprived. Completely block the feeling of hunger for some time, but it is harmful to the body and brings only short-term effect regarding weight loss. Task dieticheskie additives, for example, the same Turboslim “Evalar” is not off hunger as such, and reduction of cravings for bad food (sweet and fatty). Discard old eating habits. Replace them new, healthier. Instead of a bottle of coke, wash down your meal with a cocktail “Turboslim”, and instead of a snack pastry – eat bar “Turboslim.”

For the correction of eating behavior used by several groups of substances. One of them is sources of soluble dietary fibers (pectin, inulin, and others), which in combination with water well swell in the stomach and signals the brain that the body has received food. But as the sense of hunger and fullness depends not only on the stretching of the stomach walls, but also from changes in blood concentrations of glucose, amino acids and other substances, the simple use of fibers allows to fool the body only for a short period of time. It is very important that fiber combined with protein and a small amount of digestible carbohydrates that enter the body and create a feeling of satiety. An example of an effective combination may be “Turboslim Dietary cocktail”, in which soluble dietary fiber blend with whey concentrate milk protein and fructose.

Another group of dietary supplements containing plants, in which experimental and clinical studies the ability to reduce appetite. They are much milder than drugs, and unlike sibutramine and similar substances have no adverse effects on the psyche. Good ability to reduce appetite, including sugar cravings, have shown extracts of bean, artichoke, and hoodia used in “Turboslim Blocker calories” and “Turboslim appetite Control”.

During diets often experience fatigue and weakness. There is a way to handle this?

AV: When caloric restriction diet, especially when combined with exercise sometimes marked prostration. In this situation it is advisable to Supplement the diet of natural tonic components such as guarana extract, caffeine, theobromine, theophylline and a number of other biologically active substances. Guarana speeds up the metabolism, enhances mood and improves concentration and memory. Unlike pure caffeine or coffee, the guarana extract works best in small concentrations with the caffeine content, not to exceed 9 mg. It is so much contained in “Turboslim Express weight loss” and “Turboslim Day. Enhanced formula”. In such amounts guarana extract supports the nervous system, causing rapid heartbeat and increase blood pressure.

Why after a month of diet we again gain weight?

AV: Any low-calorie diet leads to the destruction not so much fat, how many muscle cells. When an unbalanced low calorie diet for a month you can lose up to 25% of muscle mass. It should be understood that the muscle cells are major wasters of energy in the body. Therefore, this decline is accompanied by a decrease in the ability of an organism to expend energy. When after a month of diet the person returns to normal diet, the amount of energy consumed is the same, and energy expenditures are reduced. As a result, we will soon gain weight again, and, most of all, more source. That is why physical activity, prevents destruction of muscle cells and increasing their number, are an indispensable part of any weight loss program.

For example, the ingestion of dietary supplements containing L-carnitine increases the effectiveness of physical exercise and speeds up the process of weight loss. L-carnitine is a substance which contributes to more complete combustion of fatty acids in muscle cells. It also supports the heart, improving its performance, which is important when cardio training. The combination of L-carnitine and α-lipoic acid protects the cells of muscle and liver from free radicals formed during intense exercise, stress and diabetes. “Turboslim alpha” L-carnitine and α-lipoic acid complement each other, thus reinforcing the result.

Can you tell me about the correct model of weight loss, that is to say, a perfect formula?

AB: most Likely this formula at everyone, but very important, achieving normalization of weight, slimness and beauty, not to forget and about health. It is important to remember that in weight loss there are three main stages: cleansing the body of toxic products of metabolism, increase the intensity of fat burning and fitness by using nutrition and functional foods (shakes, bars, teas, fat burning coffee).

In addition, it is important to choose the right dietary Supplement. Better if will help you with this specialist dietitian. You need to understand that there is no a single miraculous diet supplements. To achieve the result you need to Supplement your diet with complex dietary supplements, complementary in their effect. It is better to choose the same brand and very well, if such mark contains a range of products that, as a designer, complement each other and provide an effective program for weight loss.

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