The woman of mystery: develop the feminine mystique

“Met a man, talked not long, he broke up with me for the reason that I is simple as it boots (so he said). A friend advised me to continue to be a mystery to men. But what does that mean? To hide something about yourself?


But at close communication him everything will be known, because communication is trust. And how then to be a mystery? Irina

Each of us will be offended if you tell her that it is as simple as boots. Therefore, usually do not say out loud. Irina, maybe You are very lucky that the man pointed directly at the cause of the cooling. Let’s work in this area! The topic of today’s article on – mystery women!

The woman of mystery: who is she?

When someone says “mysterious woman”, I have this image of a sort of femme fatal’: black and red clothes, wide-brimmed hat obscuring the eyes…

But really, a woman of mystery can be absolutely any. Men mystique women appreciate the phrase “there’s something in there. Women, oddly enough, too, because the mystery fascinated all ?

The mystery is that it’s unpredictable. Interesting to watch the film with a simple story heard earlier joke is not funny, and the interlocutor, who speaks about the same, did not attract.

And also with us. When we are fully open before the man, with us already interested!

Mystery in a woman is a very passionate man, because he wants to solve it, to prove to himself that he can, that he CAN solve.

The woman-a riddle never to be read book for men. In the article “How not to be boring for men” is a wonderful phrase “Husband-the dog does not tell the entire thigh”. That is something you should always be hidden in order to surprise and delight your lover. Moreover, this “Treasury of unusual” must be constantly replenished, otherwise he’ll “bite”.

Here is a wonderful quote from the book of Jack London Valley of the moon”. He, like anyone else, understand what need to show the man and what not:

“Always be under the veil, without many veils. Pakutavatest thousands of sparkling iridescent shells, in beautiful fabrics, embellished with precious stones. Never let the last veil be drawn. Every time you pounce on it, and so without end. But don’t let my husband to see it. Let the eager lover you can be sure that separates you from the only one, the veil that every time it breaks. Let him be sure of that. Really should it be otherwise: let the next morning he will be convinced that the latest cover of still slipped away from his hands, and then he’ll never know satiety.

Those silly women who imagine that, winning of the man the final victory. Then they settle down and grow fat, wither, MOPE and be miserable. But let your first victory of love turns into an endless series of victories. Every day you have to re-conquer your husband.”

Secrecy and mystery are one and the same?

Indeed, the mystique of women often involves nedogovarivanie, but the secrecy and mystery are two different things. From the above quote by Jack London it is clear that when you’re a woman of mystery, you create the illusion that there are no secrets left, and yet, mysteries still remain! That is, the mysterious woman, Frank, but… something wasn’t right when.

Plain get on complete information, and more for her to have nothing to surprise…

Mystery in a woman and highlight is one and the same?

Indeed, the feminine mystique and the highlight can be one and the same. “It’s something there is,” say many men. Yes, these qualities are very close. However, the highlight still more tangible, and many men know THAT is the highlight of their favorites.

  • “She looks at me in such an unusual look like no other can not.”
  • “She can laugh so leaping that I’m melting”.
  • “In bed, she gets up to such tricks that others do not even dreamed of. No other woman is not able to”.

And so on… But what is the mystery of their beloved, no man did not really respond.

How to become a mystery: the practical part
If you just met how to become a girl-a riddle

We come to the practical part of our article about a female mystery. You just met with a man either going to do it. It is known that the first impression about a person develops almost instantly — from 0.5 to 4 minutes (different sources say different). But how to become the girl of mystery in this short time?

1. Engage man

It’s pretty simple. In addition to the well-known advice about what kind of clothes do men like what make-up they find attractive and how to behave on a first date, there is also internal quality. They become important when you are outwardly the man for me.

But, in principle, be interested in a man right, even without engaging in conversation. For example, some unusual detail in the bathroom, or unusual behavior.

Show that you are not like everyone else. However, for this to happen naturally, it should really be not such as all!

Subsequent discussion should also be interesting man. Ideally, he should detect the many General topicsthat you could discuss all the years of living together ? Well in practice – show that you have a lot of interesting and that you can be a lot to talk about.

2. Do not toss it all at once!

This is the main mistake a lot of girls. They want any knight immediately found out about them all! He learns a few dates, and…. disappears!

Want to become a girl-a mystery? Let only the most important and necessary, and in any case do not throw negative information, otherwise run away from. Only good things!

3. Zamolchit time

Here it is, the innuendo in practice! The ability to shut up at the right time is really important. Take a lesson from TV series – series always end “on a cliffhanger”, and for good reason. You want to see what will happen next and you’re waiting for the next episode with impatience.

So it is with man: the woman of mystery always feels the moment when you need to keep quiet on this topic, start the next, or… disappear.

4. Disappear

The end of the first successful Dating your disappearance. The point is that men are always catching up, if you leave on time! Do not succumb to the entreaties to sit a little bit more or a little walk together. Better go and leave behind pleasant memories, than to be just like everyone else.

So that timely care can save a budding relationship!

And if you want to become truly a mystery, disappear, like in the movies! But leave behind:

  • Exciting memory – for example, touch him or hold the person close, but not kiss.
  • Something that will help the man to find you – for example, a business card, information about the places you go to, something else.

In General, do something really unusual, and you will never forget! Will be a pleasant surprise if the man really will find you.

Important training!

No reason, no reason at all to become a girl, a mystery unlikely to succeed. Important training. The more you behave mysteriously, the better and easier it all turns out!

If men in the environment is not so much practice with her friends. Women mystery works, too, because to solve the riddle of want any!

If you have a relationship or have you been married: the woman is a mystery to her husband

Be sure to read the article “How not to be boring for men and begin to bring to life!

In short:

  • Have Hobbies, passions – in short, an interesting private lifethat is different from a man’s life.
  • Boost your self esteem and behave like you – most-Most.
  • Be not too accessible for her husband, even if you’ve been married.
  • Do not go overboardin portraying the mystery woman. Men thin feel falseness.

And remember that each of us has something… mysterious. Find it in yourself, and emphasize and will be the most desirable woman in the world!

The author – Olga Sympaty, site

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