Thermal water for the face – use, feedback, efficiency

Women’s website “” always helps your readers to care about their appearance, health, grooming. Let’s talk today about such a wonderful tool like the thermal water for the face. With it, you’ll look wonderful and your skin will get enough life-giving moisture and essential minerals.

What is thermal water and its beneficial properties

Thermal water is naturally mineralized water that is gushing out of the ground and having an elevated temperature more than 20 degrees. It has a positive effect on the human body.

About the healing properties of thermal waters have been known for a long time. Bathing in warm springs, bath has always been valued as a therapeutic and comforting.

Thermal water is beneficial for the face, skin condition. It is composed of the following minerals: potassium and magnesium, iron and copper, calcium and sodium, silicon, selenium, boron, and sulfates, bicarbonates, chlorides.

“Living water” helps with disorders of blood circulation and insomnia, headache and fatigue, bronchitis and neurological diseases, a weakened immune system. And that’s not all: arthritis, arthrosis, some gynecological diseases, infertility, rehabilitation after a stroke – these are the times when the thermal water can help.

Hot springs is, as abroad, e.g. in China, Turkey, Germany, and Russia, for example, in Tyumen, Altai Krai, the Moscow region.

Thermal water for the face from the bottle. Reviews

In addition to the hot springs of healing waters, a trip which is not a daily event, there’s an alternative – sold in cosmetic stores thermal water. For ease of use made it in the form of a spray.

It moisturizes the skin, saturate it with essential trace elements, normalizes water-lipid balance, increases skin’s resistance to adverse environmental influences, improves the turgor of tissues, making the skin elastic, smooth and supple.

With all this thermal water for the face, does not dry the skin and you can use it several times a day.

The website offers to read a few reviews.

  • “I use thermal water company Vichy – the effect is definitely there! After a month of daily use, the results are visible: skin is soft, smooth, has ceased to be shelled. Heard that tool is not for everyone, but it’s true that one good, the other bad, skin sensitivity at all different. My friend also like it very dry skin, thermal water literally splashes all over the body and is very happy. Alexander.”

Needless to say about the restorative properties of thermal water, beneficial for the skin? In the summer it is especially important to moisturize the skin, because the hot sun and warm wind dried her, she may begin to peel off, drabot, wrinkles will not keep you waiting. (More tips on how to effectively moisturize the skin, read this article on the “Beautiful and Successful”)

  • “Thermalkem take the time to moisturize dry skin. This time decided to buy and test it in action. They chose the firm I am composed of 100% thermal water of Tuzla. In principle, it is fine with me, happy – moisturizes and tones. But spraying is not very good, there are large drops. Helen”.

Any thermal water for the face in its composition contains hyaluronic acid, which serves as a kind of elixir of youth. It absorbs and retains moisture in the tissues, gives elasticity, tightening the skin.

  • “For about three years, use of thermal water Aven. For the price get a little expensive, but worth it. It saves me the summer sun, in winter from the drying air batteries. The skin comes to life instantly, and overall health immediately improved, tones, invigorates, different than a Cup of coffee. Tatiana”.

How to choose and use

When choosing thermal water for the skin the first thing to pay attention to composition. It must be specified the source from which the water was taken. Different sources – different mineral content, therefore, properties, action on the skin is also different.

For very sensitive, thin skin it is better to choose water with low content of trace elements. This will significantly reduce the probability of allergic reactions, redness, dryness, tightness.

To use thermal water for the face is very simple. It is necessary to spray from a distance of about 30 cm from face. If you wish, you can wait until the moisture is absorbed. At this time it will not hurt to do self-massage face. And excess water can wet the towel or cotton pad in half a minute-a minute after application.

Thermal water for the face is a godsend for those who have dry dehydrated skin. It is useful to carry in her purse. It is natural, contains no additives, substances. In General, it is safe to say that the thermal water is beneficial and effective, if you match it to your skin type.

Author Elvira Agacheva, site

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