Threat cartoons: the harm to the psyche of the child

Today women’s site “” offers its readers to discuss the problem of modern children’s cartoons, harm which many parents are seriously underrated.

Many of the children in front of TV or computer monitor spend more time than communicating with parents. Busy moms and dads happy to include your child animated films on the first request.

It’s so convenient: a child quietly watching TV, not naughty, not throwing toys, not bothering my mom with questions.

Not to say that adults are not aware of the dangers of cartoons. Most moms and dads know that for a long time to sit in front of screens is bad for health and for the psyche of the child. But how severe the consequences might be viewed by kids animated movies, know only to professional psychologists.

The dangers of cartoons for children

Small children are attracted to bright, vibrant pictures. Therefore, almost any cartoons they watch willingly and gladly.

But psychologists claim that a child’s brain is not yet ready to process the informationthat comes with the TV screens with too high speed. The kid watching the television, not really fun, and working hard.

Prolonged before the screen can even lead to the development of the child’s neurosis or psychosis.

Psychologists also warn about the dangers of overly bright images flashing in front of the eyes of a child while watching their animated TV shows and movies. They recommend children up to 3 years to show black-and-white cartoons.

In addition, the site learned from professional educators and psychologists: children perceive everything you see on the TV screen as the truth of life. They still do not know how to analyze, split the deeds into good and bad.

But they quickly absorb all incoming information, learn and copy the behavior modelproposed by the creators of animated films. And the characters of many of today’s cartoons, especially the West, are themselves far from exemplary.

Damage to American cartoons

Children’s animated films produced by US are very popular all over the world. Every year the American entertainment companies create new hits, bringing huge revenues to their authors and irreparable harm to the child’s psyche.

Russian psychologists decided to conduct an experiment to pinpoint the dangers of foreign cartoons. They reviewed all the most popular American cartoons, which are often shown on TV: “Shrek”, “Aladdin”, “beauty and the Beast”, “goofy and friends”, “Donald Duck”, “woody Woodpecker,” “Cinderella,” etc.

As a result, they came to the terrible conclusion that most of these animation works contributes to a distorted perception of motherhood. Moreover, these animated works aimed at developing children lifestyle not involving the creation of a family and procreation.

How works psychological program encoded in the cartoons?

Her main weapon are animated heroine. They are the complete opposite of famous female characters from Soviet cartoons. After all, Alyonushka, Vasilisa, Cinderella, Mary-Mistress and the other heroine, so beloved by children of previous generations, are distinguished by their modesty, chastity, some mystique. In them there is no hint of eroticism. Femininity of their figures is hardly emphasized, and the beauty is natural.

The positive heroines of animated films of the Soviet era always has a good face and a nice voice. They are the personification of the image of motherhood and have some similarities with the image of the mother of God.

Completely different appear heroine of the American cartoon: the dangers of influence of each of them lies in the blatant sexuality of these beauties. Women of animated films dissolved. They are not flirting and not flirting and seduces expertly. And this relaxed model the behavior they are copying the little girls.

Psychologists have noticed: almost all of these heroines have the same facial features. This leads to the formation of boys ‘ ideal of female beauty, which does not exist in nature. In the end, then it will be difficult to find your soul mate.

Besides, an American animated beauties often do not behave as a woman: they habit of fighting, swearing, easily cope with men’s work, demonstrate his physical strength. Such heroines contribute to the formation of children incorrect stereotypes of male and female behavior. They seemed to think that women should be strong and self-sufficient, and men are rude and disorderly.

Harm to Western cartoons is that they indoctrinate children to the idea of life as one of endless fun and play. As a result, they grow up to be irresponsible and unable to solve adult problems.

Psychologists have studied the dangers of children’s cartoons, I noticed that in the US these animation works has been used for reducing fertility. In our country the effect of this psychological weapon is also already noticeable.

But if America’s decline in population at the time was a necessity, for Russia it is a recipe for extinction. It turns out, for the destruction of our nation America does not need to start any war, just to spread the harmful cartoons.

But, thank God, not so scary. Adults are quite able to protect their children from the negative impact of Western animation.

How to protect children from the harmful cartoons

Of course, to completely eliminate watching TV from the daily routine of the child is almost impossible: after all, technical progress has made some adjustments in our way of life.

Fortunately, any parent may to protect your baby from negative television. To do this, not so much.

  • You must know well the content of the animated works that looking child. Need to try that baby never seen violence, never heard of vulgar humor, foul expressions.
  • Even the most bad cartoon will not affect the psyche of the child, if he will watch it with their parents, commenting on what is happening on the screen. Parent evaluation will help preschoolers better understand where in the story is fiction, and reflection of life.
  • Mother can offer her baby to watch cartoons is not harmful and instructive. A very small child, for example, it will be interesting and useful to see such masterpieces of Soviet animation as “Three from Buttermilk”, “Well, wait a minute!”, “38 parrots”, “Pig funtik”, “Mother to baby mammoth”, “Cheburashka”. There are good, instructive cartoons, and among the modern: “Luntik”, “Lessons of aunt Owl”, “Fixico”, “Jackson”, etc.
  • We cannot allow the television has completely replaced the child communication with parents.
  • That is, the harm and benefit of cartoons for children are completely dependent on parents. If the mother will offer her baby a good animated films, if you teach him how to retell and discuss what they see, and later analyze, in the future it will be possible not to fear for the impact of all media on his mind.

    Entrusting the education of the kid television parents can lose control over their child completely and forever.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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