Thrush in adults: symptoms and treatment

When my tongue swells up a blister that’s starting to hurt, I always think: “Who am I not said so?” In fact, when I started to talk too much, my grandmother told me: “Bite your tongue!”

And just in a few days my tongue swelled up a blister. Now I know what normal PIP is an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth called aphthous stomatitis in adults.

Today women’s site “” we understand the actual reasons that can cause this inflammation, than to cure thrush in adults and how it differs from other types of inflammations of the oral cavity.

What is aphthous stomatitis?

With aphthous stomatitis faced by many. You will hardly find those who have at least once was not the AFL (sores) in the mouth. The symptoms of aphthous stomatitis in adults the following:

  • on the tongue or on the hard palate appears a single pimple or wound round size up to 1 cm in diameter – AFTA;
  • bezel aphthae reddish, and in the middle is a small bubble filled with fluid;
  • the blister hurts when he touches.

General condition of the patient in this case is not broken, just sore sore in the mouth.

The disease is as follows:

  • At the initial stage a small area on the tongue begins to blush.
  • In place of redness appears, the blister.
  • Inflammation can last from 2 to 5 days.
  • At the final stage the blister disappears, the soreness goes away.
  • Most often aphthous stomatitis in adults, the causes of which will be discussed below, a single inflamed pimple, rarely two. This is the main difference canker sores from other types of this disease.


    Aphthous stomatitis is an infectious autoimmune disease, the cause of its occurrence is the creation of a favorable environment in the mouth for bacteria to grow.

    How does it happen?

    The surface of the tongue covered with a thin transparent film which protects it from inflammation. Some of this film is thinner, the other thicker.

    In the oral cavity is home to a huge number of bacteria. As soon as the conditions for their reproduction, they begin to injure the protective film in the mouth – “eat away” and to damage it. In the place where they begin to multiply, appear painful aphthae, ulcers and sores, there are created ideal conditions for the inflammatory process.

    When there are such conditions?

  • Any, even the most minor damage to the language is the first impetus to the stomatitis. For example, you like to flip seeds. Because of this, at the end of the tongue may appear a microscopic crack. Bacteria begin to multiply, and at this point there is inflammation and bubbles with the liquid is the main symptom of canker sores.
  • Bit my tongue, damaged the surface of the chipped tooth, badly pierced piercing, seared spicy and hot food, bad set of dentures – all of which can damage the tongue causes thrush.
  • The cause of aphthous stomatitis in adults can be infectious diseases – sore throat, tonsillitis, etc.
  • Also pips in tongues may appear in case of insufficient oral hygiene.
  • Inflammation on the tongue can arise due to dust and dirt that fall in the oral cavity. With this problem facing people who have to work a lot in dusty conditions.
  • Caries and Tartar, periodontitis and other dental disease can also cause inflammation.
  • Dirty hands and unwashed vegetables and fruits also are the explanations why the mouth appears aphthous stomatitis in adults.
  • By the way, smokers film on the tongue is thicker – so the body tries to protect itself from the effects of nicotine. Therefore, smokers aphthous stomatitis occurs much less frequently than those people who do not smoke.

    How to treat thrush?

    Canker treat adults not necessarily. After a few days the blister will pass without any intervention. But if you are prone to stomatitis and PIP suffer much, start a topical treatment.


    Before to find out than to cure thrush in an adult, look at how you can pause the inflammatory process.

    • Refrain from spicy, spicy and salty foods. Although when the time came you and so it can’t eat.
    • If the ulcer on the tongue hurts, take painkillers. Treat the site of inflammation cream or gel with lidocaine. It will remove the pain.

    Step 1

    Pick any antiseptic that need treating (rinsing) the mouth. Chlorophyllipt solution furatsilina, “synthesis”, a solution of borax in glycerin, aminocaproic acid suitable for this purpose best.

    Supporters to treat aphthous stomatitis in an adult traditional methods suggest rinsing aphthae decoctions of chamomile, sage, celandine.

    Step 2

    In parallel with the rinse or oral irrigation start treating aphthae pharmacy anti-inflammatory drugs. “Holisal”, “Efficient”, oxolinic ointment, “Lugol spray”, “Romazulan”, “Stomatofit” and so forth.

    Well established in the treatment of Stomatofit And is a thick balm with antiseptic herbs.

    When the wound heals, you can handle it Solkoserilom, which will accelerate the recovery of the mucosa.

    If you want to treat thrush using folk remedies, then this will fit the following recipes:

    • You can treat aphthous stomatitis propolis. Its miraculous properties female site told here. To cure PIP propolis, it is enough just to chew on. This pain will be removed, and the inflammation will help stop.
    • Helps to cure thrush in adults, egg white and salt. Saline is necessary to rinse the oral cavity. Beat egg white and spread it over aphthae on the tongue.
    • Relieves inflammation of the grated raw potatoes.
    • Reduce inflammation with aphthous stomatitis in adults, sage oil and peach oil.

    The duration of treatment depends on the size of aphthae. The more its value the longer the treatment.

    Step 3

    Complete treatment taking antihistamines. Suitable Suprastin, Diazolin and other counterparts. They need to drink a course of 10-12 days.

    Chronic aphthous stomatitis in adults

    If you often aphthae appear in the mouth, it is about chronic aphthous stomatitis in adults. Any reason may cause a relapse. The symptom of stomatitis is exactly as if a General disease, and the treatment in this case is slightly different.

    • People who are prone to aphthous stomatitis, be sure to get tested to determine what minerals missing in your body. Most often in adults with frequent aphthous stomatitis of not enough vitamin B12 and folic acid. It is important to replenish the body with these vitamins: take vitamin B12 and folic acid.
    • Be sure to spend time sanation of the oral cavity. So you reduce the risk of recurrent stomatitis.
    • Take note: frequent aphthous stomatitis in adults happens if the organism of HIV. Definitely get tested at the doctor.

    Until the end of the causes of aphthous stomatitis in adults is not clear. If you once had a canker sore, it will periodically appear. Many dentists suggest as often as possible to carry out hygienic bath for the mouth. Rinse the mouth morning and evening decoction of chamomile or other antiseptic agents is a good prevention of aphthous stomatitis in adults.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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