Time tanning the skin type, the rules of tanning, how to choose a Solarium

How to sunbathe in the Solarium and that it does not lose to the sun not only harm health, but also has benefited?

How much should you tan? What does it depend? Are there rules for tanning? Whether to use cosmetics?

Let’s start with the main question.

What is the difference of tanning from tanning in the sun?

The difference is that in strict dosage and the optimum ratio of the ultraviolet waves of the spectrum A and spectrum b, as well as the exclusion of the impact of a hard S-waves in tanning, which allows to obtain a safer tanthan tanning in the sun.

Frequency of visits to the Solarium

Do not try sunbathing in the Solarium at once, massive doses. The average for sustainable shade to visit a Solarium 4-6 times and not more than a day. The interval between procedures should be not less than 24 hours!
Then you can sunbathe 1-2 times a week to maintain the resulting color. But mostly, the number of sessions determined individually, depending on your skin type.

Skin type and tanning
The first type:

dark skin, olive, dark breast nipples too. Dark hair, dark eyes, freckles, usually absent. These people can sunbathe and are not subject to burns.

Type two:

the skin is light or slightly dark-skinned, breast nipples quite dark. Dark brown hair, brown eyes and grey or brown, freckles do not exist. The skin of this type favorably to UV light.

Type three:

light skin, the light nipples, freckles little or not at all. Eyes grey, blue or green, hair light brown, chestnut. Such people are sensitive to ultraviolet rays and sunburn so easily. With this skin type to use a Solarium all year round without a break is not necessary — enough course twice a year in winter and spring, when the body especially needs ultraviolet.

The fourth type:

very light skin, reddish hair, green eyes. A lot of freckles, and breast the nipples are very bright. This skin is very sensitive to UV rays. Sunburn happens immediately, but tan no. With this type of skin on the Solarium is not even worth to spend money: a Golden she still will not, but to redden and “burn” can.

Time tanning

It is recommended to sunbathe in the Solarium no more than two times per year for 15-20 sessions. Usually the average cycle is 8-10 consecutive sessions with an interval of 1 day. The duration of tanning depends on skin type and technical characteristics of the Solarium (capacity, number of lamps).

Third , experts advise to start tanning with a 3-5 minute sessions, after the sessions for 10-15 minutes no more than 3 times a week.
Recommended session duration for a second skin type – 20 minutes with intervals of 1-2 days. Further possible sessions in a row for 20 minutes.
To purchase bronze tan people with type the first 4-5 sessions of 20 minutes.

For one tanning session , average time is:

  • 7-32 minutes in the horizontal Solarium
  • 6-15 minutes in vertical Solarium

What Solarium is better – vertical or horizontal?

They often say that in a vertical Solarium tanning is better than horizontal. But in fact it is not. The speed of the sun depends on three factors associated with lamps: quantity; capacity; the ratio of UV-A to UV-B.

Choose what you prefer — to get a quick tan in 5 minutes and run further, or to relax and get maximum pleasure, lying on the glass.

How to make tanning the most effective and safe?

Follow these rules:

  • Take a shower a few hours before tanning or don’t take at all. Do not wash (shower, bath, sauna) just before the session — it robs the skin’s natural protection and can cause burns.
  • Do not visit a Solarium with a wet body.
  • Before visiting the Solarium is not to use cosmetics, so rinse off or wipe it off before a session. The fact that the essential oils, alcohol, preservatives, hormones or dyes included in its composition, can lead to the appearance of age spots.
  • Do not use perfume – it may cause skin irritation.
  • Do not use protective equipment for sunbathing on the sun, if you do not want to become the heroine of the story “type and got the whole tan spots formed”.
  • Use of the Solarium, use lip balm with UV-filter, so as the lips dry.
  • To protect eyes, wear special glasses, which are in every tanning salon. Remember that even covered the ever — precarious protection: ultraviolet light penetrates easily through the thin eyelid, adversely affecting the retina. If you wear contact lenses, before the session must be remove.
  • Hair protect special hat. Solarium makes hair dry and brittle.
  • Protect your nipples with stickers “stikine” and never sunbathe without underwear — this can be dangerous. If the “stikine” in the Solarium, you can cover the nipples with his palms.
  • It is advisable to use special cosmetics for tanning. It protects the skin from aging, provides quick and even tan, and also activates the tanning process. Do not be stingy!
  • After the session, take a shower, apply to face and body moisturizer.
  • After the session, drink a glass of fresh carrot juice, mango juice or apricot — carotene allows to make the tan more resistant and beautiful.
  • The Solarium enhances the activity of many body functions, so right after the session is to relax. That is why, by the way, within 2 hours it is not recommended to take a cold shower or engage in physical work.
  • In one day with a tan in the Solarium should not be peeling it is a great load for the skin.
  • The interval between sessions must be done at least 24 hours. In practical application this means in the Solarium at least a day.

Whom and when to visit a Solarium you can not?

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding.
  • In the days of the monthly cycle.
  • People suffering from various skin diseases.
  • If there is suspicion of cancer (endometriosis, myoma nodules, breast, etc.).

That’s all there is to know! I think it is easy and accessible. If you have any questions, ask directly in the Solarium: a good institution will give you a detailed answer, and bad is better not to go ?

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Time tanning the skin type, the rules of tanning, how to choose a Solarium

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