Tip 1: How to configure the printer’s print

Typically, the standard print settings provided by default when connecting the printerenough to work with him. But you may need to change the settings. Configure printing printer, selecting the appropriate item in the settings of your computer. Suggested settings for different printers can have a variety of items, but, nevertheless, the General scheme of adjustment of the printing is regular.
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The question “How to fix the spring in the stapler” – 1 response instructions 1 Click “start – control Panel”. 2 In the opened folder, select “Printers and other hardware . 3 Of the suggested icons, the opened folder, select “Printers and faxes . 4 After opening, you will see all the printers and other print devices on your computer. Select the desired for settings. 5 In the left part of the window opens the control panel printing. Select “configure print settings . 6 dialog box Opens. For different printers, it looks different, but the standard starter offers are likely to be setting the orientation. Select from the tab “Location . 7 also from the list of “Pages per sheet you can select the number of pages to be printed on a single sheet of paper. 8 you Can change the order direction print “the order of the pages . Check the box under “From start to end, or “From the end to the beginning . The choice of procedure will help to facilitate ease of Assembly of multi-page documents. 9 In the tab “Paper/Quality you can select the print quality for a specific paper. Quality of print depends on the number of dots per inch. Here you can use both numbers and the options of quality levels: low, medium, high. Here you can select the paper source in the “tray Selection . 10 If there are options, select the type of paper you use. 11 Here you can select print mode (monochrome or color), if the printer has color printing. 12 For other, more complex settings, you can choose the button “Advanced . Here you can change all the possible settings press. As a rule, in order to configure the printer’s print to work with standard documents, this feature is not used. Related videos Sources:

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Tip 2: How to configure the printer long printers have become part of our life. They can be found in every office and many homes. But you cannot use the printer offline, in order to begin to work, it needs to be connected to the computer.
You will need

  • The USB cable.

Instruction 1 With most of the printers in the kit is not the USB cable needed to connect the printer to the computer, so be careful about what to buy. The length should be 1.8 or 3 m Long, 5-meter cables do not work with all printers, so it is best not to use them. 2 After you have unpacked the printer, you need to insert a cartridge (or cartridges, if the printer is an inkjet). Remove the print cartridge from its packaging, remove the protective film or paper and install in the printer. Read more about how to do this is written in the instructions. 3 Insert the driver disk into your optical drive. Work the autorun and a menu will appear (if autorun is disabled, go to the drive and run autorun.exe or setup.exe). Autorun menu for different printers may be different, you need from the presented options to install drivers. If drivers for some reason, was not included, then you can download them directly from the manufacturer’s website. 4 When the installer copies the necessary files, it will prompt you to connect the printer to the computer. Take USB cable and connect the square connector to the printer, and the rectangular – to computer. Then turn on the printer. The computer detects it and continue the installation. 5 If the laser printer, then you will be prompted to print a test page. After it is printed, he can get to work. If the inkjet printer, before you start, you first need to calibrate it. The printer will print small pictures, then you will need the computer to enter the results that are most similar to the printed drawing. After the calibration, the printer is ready for operation. Related videos Sources:

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Tip 3: How to set the printer to black printing Modern printer provides high quality printing. But sometimes the user is confronted with a situation where the printed document is too pale, instead of black there is grey.
Manual 1 In that case, if print quality laser printer deteriorated and there’s no apparent reason, first check the presence of toner. Lack of toner usually manifests itself by the appearance of the printed document is lighter vertical sections of the text. If the cause is a bad seal is the lack of toner, remove the cartridge and gently shake it from side to side. This will redistribute the remnants of toner that will allow you to print a dozen pages in normal quality. 2 Check if you have toner save mode. If you, for example, work with text editor Word, choose: “File” – “Print”. Select in the window “Properties”. Then on the tab “Paper/quality”, click “Advanced”. In the opened window, in the lower part, there is a checkbox for enable/disable eco-mode. If you specified that the eco mode is enabled, select “Off”. 3 For some printers, there is a button responsible for the print quality. If you have such a printer, check what position it is pressed or not. 4 In a poor print quality may be to blame for the toner in that case, if it is of poor quality or intended for different printer models. If the printer started to not print soon after refilling the cartridge, case, likely, it is in the toner. Replace the defective toner, refilling the cartridge (it is quite possible to fill their own) will make sure that in the bunker left traces of the old toner. 5 it is Possible that the printer is working properly, while an inexperienced user wants to see the text printed in bold typeface, but does not know how to do it. The lack of bold is interpreted as “bad print”. If you need to select all the text in bold in Word, press: “edit – select all”, then click the black letter “W” on the formatting toolbar. Of the toolbar you can choose, opening: “View – toolbars”.

Tip 1: How to configure the printer’s print

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