Tip 1: How to make an envelope for money

A very common gift for any occasion were money. This is understandable, as the giver does not need to invent anything, but only in an envelope to put a certain amount. But how to make this gift more memorable? Very simple! You need to make the envelope for money with their own hands.
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The question “what will happen if you drink hydrogen peroxide?” – 1 answer You need

  • dense white paper 23*23 cm
  • – scrapbook paper in two different types
  • office white paper
  • – satin ribbon
  • pencil
  • – line
  • – scissors
  • – glue stick
  • – items to decorate the envelope

Statement 1 On white cardboard measure out the three lines starting from the edge is 8 cm, then 9 cm from the first line and 6 cm from the second. Bend lines according to the paper.
With the left and right edges of the sheet to apply a marking at 1.5 cm and Cut strips only at the middle of the rectangle leaving them untouched.
2 Of the first type scrapbook paper make pieces of size 7.8*19.8 cm and 8.8*19,8 cm Edges can be processed in a zigzag machine stitch.
3 Of the second type – two lanes 7,8*8 cm 5.8*8 see And they glued the white paper with lace edges. This effect will help to achieve a decorative hole punch.
4 Long lengths of scrap-paper, paste to the front side of the future envelope, and placed them on top of the openwork of the workpiece.
5 To the reverse side glue a satin ribbon and close it with a paper.
6 the Front side decorate to your taste any of the elements – beads, lace, paper flowers and butterflies, etc. Work is completed the Envelope for money ready! Sources:

  • How to make a beautiful gift envelope card money with your own hands?

Tip 2: How to make a simple envelope for money, a Certain amount of cash in a pretty envelope is a universal gift. And envelope for money is made with your own hands, make such a gift less impersonal.

For making simple but elegant envelope for money, you will need colored paper (ideal specialty paper for scrapbooking, but you can take a patterned paper for gift wrapping, colored paper for children’s craft), glue, scissors, paper for the base of the envelope (white or pale color), optional finishing materials (synthetic or satin ribbon, beads, sequins, paper lace napkins, etc.).

Helpful hint: paper with patterns you can do with your hands – just find a sheet filled with beautiful pattern and print it on a color printer.

Work process:

1. On paper for the base of the envelope (white printer or color the lips), make pattern envelope. Please note that the length of the envelope (measurement A) and the width of the envelope (measurement), should be respectively greater than the length and width of the bills that you put in the envelope, about 1-1.5 cm Width of valve (measurement G) must be equal to the width of the envelope (B), narrow valve width (measurement B) must be less than the cut In about two times. A slim flap for mounting of the envelope in folded condition shall be not less than 1 cm but more than 3 cm it should not do.

2. For the decoration of the envelope cut out three rectangles of patterned paper on all three great valve. The length and width of these rectangles should be about 3-5 mm smaller than the envelope size. On the pattern, these rectangles are denoted by thin gray lines.

3. Glue the rectangles of patterned paper in the blank envelope, and then fold the envelope, apply glue to the side flaps and glue it.

4. Decorate the envelope corresponding to the feast of the inscription. To do this, select a beautiful font, type your lettering on your computer the appropriate color, print it on a color printer.

Complete decoration of the envelope a strip of paper towels with a slotted edge or paper flowers, tie the envelope with tape.

Tip 3: How to make a Simple envelope mail envelope can easily do yourself, will only have to sign it and add marks. On the same principle and made gift envelopes, but they take nice, thick paper and added decorative elements – lace, ribbon, beads and more.
You will need

  • white A4 sheet
  • – glue stick
  • – line
  • pencil
  • – stationery scissors

Manual 1 disposable Paper vertically and make two curl back down from the top 5.5 cm, bottom 11.5 cm
2 With the right and left sides of the sheet make allowances for gluing 2 cm
3 the upper curved part of the cut obtained marginalia.
4, And the bottom of the sheet, make the incisions 2 cm on the fold line.
5 Glue the side allowances.
6 the Upper part of the paper bend and get the finished envelope.

Tip 1: How to make an envelope for money

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