Tip 1: How to reset the printer cartridge

The situation when you have to reset the cartridges on the printer is quite common. This can be done in several ways.
Manual 1-cartridge printer has a chip, which contains information on the resource and on the number of already printed pages. When the cartridge indicates the need for its replacement, not necessarily that it is really empty, just the chip counted the number of pages needed. And the pages could be printed only a few lines. That is, the ink level in the cartridge is calculated by the program, and there is no information about the real situation. To solve this problem in several ways. To laser printerx, it is possible to replace the chip on the cartridge. There are chips for large quantity laser printers, there are universal chips that are suitable for a wide variety of printer models. In inkjet printerthis chip is fundamentally different and just replace it. In this case, you can hold the reset chip cartridges. The most simple solution is to carry out zeroing using a special programmers or reprogrammation. They are on sale or you can make them yourself. For self-reset chips, remove the cartridges from the printer. 2 In the service menu of the printer press the cancel button and press OK. After some time, release the buttons. 3 In the menu, select the Resets Menu, and then click OK. 4 Select Reset Partial and then again click OK. Then the printer is off. 5 Turn on the printer, select the region and language to Europe. 6 After that follow the instructions will offer you the printer. Check what is the ink level. If he wasn’t 100%, then repeat the steps again, but instead select Partial Reset Semi Full Reset. In some cases after that, you must repeat all the steps again, but with a Partial Reset. 7 also try to click on the button “Reset/Stop” on the printer about 10 seconds. After that, the ink cartridge will no longer be tracked by the printer. For each color need to separately. Now the ink level need to monitor yourself visually. Tip 2: How to unlock the ink cartridge After the ink or toner in the cartridge runs out, you cannot use them with a simple recharge, as manufacturers establish a specific protection system. Here you need to purchase a programmer or replacement chip.
You will need

  • computer;
  • – programmer;
  • program flashing;
  • – replacement chipset.

Instructions 1 If you have a replacement chipset for the cartridge of your laser printer, install it after removing the side cover and took out the old one. Then also, close the cartridge, install the printer and go to print a test page. Usually the chipsets sold in shops of radio engineering and of components for printing devices, they can also be found included with the toner. 2 Purchase in computer stores of your town or point-of-sale components for copiers programmer cartridge. Usually it is a separate item, but can be sold with a toner suited to your printer model. 3 Carefully read nested, download software for flashing, if it wasn’t attached to the programmer; then in accordance with instructions take the appropriate action with the chipset on your cartridge. 4 if you do not have the skills to work with programmers and you have never performed self-disassembly of the cartridge, contact outside organizations to perform service work with your printer. This applies in particular to laser printers, since the reprogramming inkjet cartridgeth is quite easy. 5 it is Also not recommended to use reprogrammed cartridges over time, which is covered by the manufacturer warranty period, as often in terms of use of printers and multifunction devices is the use of a new cartridgey replace the old. In the event of a fault examination will be able to confirm your use of an incorrect cartridge, then the manufacturer will have the right to refuse to perform warranty obligations. Useful advice do Not use the programmer alone in the absence of skills of work with him. A useful tip? Yes No Print How to reset printer cartridge

Tip 1: How to reset the printer cartridge

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