Tips on how to increase lips without surgery

Did you know that your lips is the highlight of your face? And if the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the mouth is her feelings. Fashion affects our pursuit of beauty: the mouth must be gracefully rounded, plump. But how to increase lips without surgery to achieve the desired effect?

At the operating lip augmentation many for and against. On the one hand, is fast and effect is constant. But honestly, the results of surgery look strange: everything can be done carefully and in moderation, but the face loses its charm, individuality. Meanwhile, the modern woman has a number of more natural, non-surgical alternatives. The effect of the increase of the lips are the most pleasant — beauty, health and grooming.

The beauty with their own hands

Surprisingly, lip augmentation without injections possible with a simple massage. A little morning and evening treatments will give you a stunning effect. Rubbing the muscles, we stimulate blood flow to the lips, nourished the skin, improve blood circulation. The result is clean and lack that visual “dried”, which makes thin lips. Massage techniques can be different.

Scrub to help

One of the best ways to increase the lips without surgery — by using a scrub. The procedure removes dead skin cells and this gives us great advantages:

  • easier to apply the gloss, balms, lipstick — creates more smooth, high-gloss effect cream Foundation is not clogged peeled off in layers;
  • your lips will become softer, which will give them full scope;
  • better would be to absorb skin care products.

You need to remember that a scrub should be soft enough, better than natural, so as not to damage the skin. Proved to be excellent mask based on honey with herbs and raspberries (strawberries).

  • Raspberries have to grind, mix with a teaspoon of honey and a pinch of dried crushed herbs. Bone berries and dried herbs will give an exfoliating effect, while honey is a great nutrient. By the way, the same mask can be used for face.
  • The mask is better to cool so it thickens.
  • Then in a circular motion on your lips and massage for 3-4 minutes, rinse and moisturize special nutritional means.
  • Better this procedure be performed daily.
  • Cardinal machinery

    Lip augmentation without surgery with the help of massage can be more dramatic, but the effect of these methods briefly. There are two options:

    • use a toothbrush, massaging in a circular motion mouth.
    • the impact of ice cubes.

    In fact, and in another case much blood rushes to the lips, and they visually increase. However, there are negative consequences of lip augmentation with a brush or ice can damage the structure of the skin, cold it can also and crack. If you need a quick effect, for example, for a photo shoot, then such radical methods really help out. But they are not for daily use.Essential oils

    It is a wonderful drug, but also a nutritious ingredient. A feature of the extracts is the impact point. So, oil in the peppermint extract make it possible to increase the upper lip without surgery, if it is too thin. Or to feed the lower lip, if she winded, dried.

    • Peppermint essential oil is applied to the sponge, and then pounded on the surface for 5 minutes.
    • If the skin is damaged, the procedure is not carried out — this might sting.
    • After the essential oils need to moisturize lip balm.

    The use of lipstick

    Who has not heard about the method of cosmetic lip augmentation without injections? Many companies produce a variety of glosses and lipsticks with the effect of plump lips — choose on taste! In this approach, these different balms:

    • with the irritating components in the composition of sweet — or mint extract, or Arnica. They act like the massage, causing a rush of blood.
    • with sealing the skin with substances which smooth wrinkles and give lips a smooth volume.

    Experts say that increase in lips: there are pros and cons. In General, both methods are harmless for healthy skin, but when damaged, irritants can cause inflammation. Women should not be allergic to components that are especially dangerous in this case essential oils — they are concentrated. In the absence of infections and allergies lipsticks with the effect of the volume are completely safe and perfectly moisturize.

    Make-up secrets

    Thinking how to increase lips without surgery, it is better to remember about cosmetics and skillful makeup. Indeed, it is the most effective and natural way to date. Besides, it is completely safe and under the power of any woman. The main thing — to know the secrets of the “volume” of makeup!

    The charm of miss Monroe

    We all remember the seductive lips of Marilyn Monroe. It is, of course, beautiful, but she had her own methods of makeup:

  • you need to take two shades of lipstick that differ by a single tone;
  • weaker as the main color applied with a brush;
  • dark tint is dot in the center of the lips, gradually shading to the edges;
  • the edges of the lips are drawn by a pencil that is slightly darker than the main background.
  • Simple technique cunning Roncal

    Sophisticated Mali Roncal daily “does” plump lips, Jennifer Lopez and beyoncé. Her method can be adopted and our ladies, because it is absolutely simple:

  • on the lips, applied matte bright shadows. It is important not to touch the corners of the mouth, to avoid blur;
  • on top of eye shadow applied a light clear gloss.
  • Method Roncal gives the same visual sensation of juiciness, which aim to reach almost all women. This is due to dullness and thinness of the applied layer of shadows. By the way, Roncal notes that using light powdery properties of cosmetics for the eyes can enhance the lips, combining different colors.”Volume” Nude

    What if makeup should be natural and at the same volume? In nude
    also have their secrets:

  • first clean the lips from dead skin with a scrub;
  • apply;
  • to create a contour pencil beige;
  • the top cover is transparent lipstick and a little powder.
  • Methods are “volumetric” makeup

    To the basic background you need to work out the contours with a soft pencil, lightly increasing them artificially. Enough to deviate 1 mm from the natural edge of the lips. The color of the pencil should be one tone with lipstick.

    The art of make-APA has its own rules that we can follow to achieve the desired volume:

    • light lipstick is applied on the edge, dark at centre;
    • cosmetics should not be pearlescent;
    • the volume of the lips can be given, just priputnev them after applying lipstick (not gloss, as it is too wet and will create lumps);
    • if you paint one color, you should concentrate the color in the center and the edges to feather;
    • it is necessary to use a brush with natural fibers or with a brush for shadows. These tools are like “whipped” cream base, helping to create volume. In addition, the brush is easier to adjust the color to shade it.

    So all the ladies that don’t know how to increase lips without injections — no doubt, you have a wide selection of techniques. Most favorite and loyal, of course, cosmetic. Massage is a useful, preventive element of the care for lips.

    Well, if you need to produce short-term effect, you need a brush or an ice cube. And finally, just smile — and then your lips will be beautiful without any secret ingredients!

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