To combine pregnancy and your career: does it really?

Anyway, but still, humanity lives in a captivity of stereotypes. One of the most common can be called the stereotype of the relationship to pregnancy how to a certain period of detachment from the outside world. For some reason many women believe that pregnancy will require a lot of sacrifices, including the renunciation of work and career advancement. It is this misconception for a long time, forcing them to postpone the planning of the firstborn, to be able to make a career. Today women’s site I will try to help his readers understand how to combine pregnancy and workand other spheres of life, to abandon them active moms is absolutely not necessary.

For a start, perhaps, necessary to enumerate the pros of pregnancy associated with the successful operation.

Pregnancy stimulates and inspires

For anybody not a secret that pregnancy and having a baby will severely change the woman. And it’s not just about the hormonal changes in the body.

Awareness of the woman that soon she will become a mother makes her completely different.

  • Pregnancy is an important incentive for self-improvement womenthat allows her to discover new abilities, and inclinations.
  • During pregnancy a woman’s body is thrown a huge amount of estrogen, so it can be considered a fair statement that in this period the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are the most feminine.
  • As a rule, pregnant women become the object of everyone’s attention in the team: help them, support them. Some superstitious people perceive pregnant women as a symbol of luck. They are credited with strong intuition, thanks to which the self-esteem of pregnant women increases, they become more confident.
  • Pregnancy and work: basic mistakes women in position

    Many expectant mothers, thinking about how to reconcile pregnancy with work, often begin to draw in front of a gloomy picture: the need to perform large volumes of work at reduced efficiency, condemnation and displeasure of superiors, loss of reputation of a qualified specialist.

    Such thoughts compel pregnant women to commit a number of errors.

    Many women did refuse to work, fearing for their health.

    Such a fear could be justified only in the case of a very difficult pregnancy, when during the entire prenatal period, the expectant mother has to stay in the hospital. If everything proceeds normally, the question of how to juggle pregnancy and work, almost not put.

    There is a second extreme, when women are struggling trying to save the previous activity and lead the lifestyle he’s grown accustomed to.

    In principle, it is possible for pregnant women to continue engaging in your favorite activities, including some sports, only recommended to consult a doctor. Maybe some classes will have to impose a time limit and intensity. (What can and cannot be pregnant — read here.)

    In any case, it should be remembered that pregnant categorically it is impossible to overwork. If the activities on the work that the expectant mother has to carry, makes her tired, she will still have to think about changing the workplace or to go to part-time employment.

    How to combine pregnancy and work of famous women

    If in the middle of the last century actress and singer for a career refused maternity, went to an abortion, today large celebrity in Grand fashion. And nurturing their children a stellar mom with no job.

    In an example, angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Maria Shukshin, Valery, Natalia Vodianova. All these women neither pregnant nor having children did not prevent to lead an active lifestyle and career.

    On the contrary, the impression that it is thanks to their children, these strong women have accomplished so much. In fact, the secret of all these women is very simple.

    To combine pregnancy and work them help:

    • Organization. Pregnant women first, you need to organize, elaborate your new routine. This new routine must be the time for visits to the clinic, leisure, socializing with family and friends.
    • Determination. The expectant mother must decide for yourself that it will work. It must decide, to demand from others the understanding of its provisions. At work, you must declare the authorities of failing to work as usual and ask to arrange special working conditions. Pets need to assume a greater share of economic Affairs.
    • Love to the job that they do. Only if the work brings a real pleasure to combine her with the pregnancy happens without any problems.

    The website draws attention to his beautiful and successful readers that an interesting position often helps a woman to feel truly happy. But the caveat to make here is also necessary.

    Pregnancy is not a disease, but still…

    No matter how hard the expectant mother to combine pregnancy and career, she must remember that she is carrying his child, flesh of his flesh, and the lifestyle that she has chosen for both in a given period, should not have a negative impact on the wellbeing of crumbs in the future.

    Therefore, it is very important to create such conditions in which it will be most comfortable with and work, and enjoy this unspeakable sense of expectation of the birth of your baby.

    Here are our tips.

    Stress “no”

    First of all, you need to avoid stressful situations. In order to protect themselves from any negativity, pregnant woman it is advisable to do the same thing that she has to appeal. So how to combine your job and pregnancy – just fun, it remains only to remind the expectant mother, that in her position is allowed to hold not more than 6 hours a day.

    Regular workout

    If work is forcing a pregnant woman to stay long in the same position, it is necessary to systematically break to stretch, walk.

    Proper nutrition

    It is very important during pregnancy well and eat right. The expectant mother to the unborn child it is necessary to refuse from fast food, and eating in the dining room. It is desirable that the lunch was complex.

    Sufficient rest

    During pregnancy it is important to observe the regime of work and rest. Pregnant women should daily walk in the fresh air, be sure to sleep at least 9 hours a day. It is important not only physical but also emotional vacation, so let every weekend any job with its endless projects pales into insignificance, giving way to family gatherings and entertainment.

    Pregnancy is the happiest period

    How to combine pregnancy with a career, every expectant mother can decide for herself. As this question is purely individual.

    Some women, once in position, entirely revel in their happiness, forgetting about everything. They should not torture themselves or the unborn baby, and try to combine pregnancy and a full-time job, and immediately move into part-time employment.

    This option will help you to feel the joy of expectations of the child and at the same time will not be cut off from the world and get the much needed for every woman communication.

    If the expectant mother feels the surge of creative energy, does not suffer from excruciating morning sickness and dreams before his birth to do as much as possible, it does not need much to change your life. These women usually belong to the category of strong. Not in front of them, the question is how to combine pregnancy and successful career as out of any situation they will find a way.

    Universal for all categories of pregnant women can only be one answer.

    Pregnancy is the happiest period in every woman’s life. And from this period we must try to take as many good, joy, happiness, positivity. Because it will last not so long: only 9 months.

    Let these months will be the most bright and pleasant!

    Author – Pelageja, site

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