To find a common language with the teacher – it is not too difficult

The ability to communicate and to find approach to different people – perhaps the main skills that can be obtained in the College. Every teacher is an actor in his own one-man show called “lecture”, because it is acting – that his words were remembered by the public and something else to her, the audience, prompted! But in the exam an actor becomes a student: his role is to convince the teacher to knowledge of the subject! How to find a common language with the teacher and what are the psychological techniques you should remember, tell you

The teacher – what are they?

Different! However, as the students!

For example, my years of study has always been easier to write a coursework entirely in silence and creative solitude, and then to submit on the court teaching the finished work (even if that was followed by several amendments and modifications).

But no, I, unfortunately, came across caring and sincere teachers who would like to see each topic in the writing process, edit every comma, and even ran to me with every little bit of suitable for the theme of the book!

But my friend, on the contrary, wanted tips, discussions during the writing and weekly evidence that she was all right. However, researchers shied away from her opus, like fire, to the last days before.

Of course, we both sulked on the teacher, considering them “bad”, but in fact with each “bad” and “wrong” teacher can find a common language!

Varieties of “difficult” teacher

They can be found in any educational institution.

“Though on a head stand, the exam to know!”

The teacher quickly finds a common language with the whole group for attendance is not followed, instead of lectures telling stories of life… you Can relax! Well, think of it, some little book recommended at the beginning – such a good man all the same, all “machines” will supply!

Do not relax! If you see some “deviations from the norm” (albeit in a positive way) – ask seniors not to expect any dirty trick in the exam?!

And, of course, going to the exam, get the recommended book!

“At least sleep on the Desk, but the vapor that was!

Sometimes this type of teaching annoys students more than hard “shakedown” on the exam – like a textbook, and learn all is quite real, but no! Estimate put the “attendance”!

Although in reality to find a common language with a teacher is much easier than with all the others – quite a simple presence on the lectures.

If the group is large, and sit on all cylinders I do not want, you can try the tactic “to keep out of sight and disappear”: have attended at least 50% of teaching hours (especially at the beginning and end of the semester). But they need to clearly manifest themselves trying to answer the questions to prepare a meaningful report, etc.

“My subject.

At first glance such a fan of their subject creates a lasting impression that the person is unable not only to speak but also to think about anything else, and about such wonderful things as Dating, walking and shopping do not suspect!

In my student’s practice also was a teacher. When she was in the hospital with a heart attack and we found out about it, my friend spoke with an air of profundity: “It’s her bibliography!..”. However, the bibliography after her lectures, we really memorized perfectly!

And to find a common language with the teacher fan, you have to effectively show the special role of the subject in your life.

For example, to find additional material on the subject matter and with burning eyes ask him to announce to the entire audience!


“Any student knows my subject for more than a “three”, I am on the Quartet, and only the Lord God – “5”.

Fives here really should not wait. To convince the teacher that he and the students belong to the same species “Homo Sapiens” — is also no easy task! But a bit to reduce the distance.

May be effective tactics of “scientific debate”: try to catch the thought of the teacher, to Express his vision of the issue and share more information on it! This is what may be “common language” with the teacher independent thinking he’ll appreciate the most!

“Teacher surprise”

The tale of this unique is in the archive any ever any learned man! In my case, the entire semester we silently studied Russian literature. In the exam I got a ticket dedicated to my beloved, repeatedly re-read the novel “Anna Karenina”.

However, it was enough to utter the first sentence about this work, “teacher surprise” taken aback me a question: “WHAT COLOR EYES were a HORSE VRONSKY???!”.

Of course, not having a clear answer, my “unique” triumphantly concluded that “You haven’t read Tolstoy!!!” and appointed me to retake…

In General, the universal tactic of finding a common language with teachers-“surprises” yet to be developed.

If suspect – better to be honest to cram!


Yes. Alas… How to fight corruption in educational institutions, do not know not only I, but also the Ministry of education! But finding teachers is bribery a common language can not too greedy students! ?

There is a category of “small bribes”that can compete – such profs usually announce the amount “group,” all humbly “thrown off” or “put”. The calculation of the simple fear of “what if I don’t know, and…”.

The “service” offered petty bribes – is simply to turn away from the crib or inflate the score for the wrong answer.

As a rule, the deliberate understatement of the assessment or attempts to “fill up” this type of bribe is not practicing, even if he doesn’t pay.

Confident in their knowledge? Try to save!

Why are the students so different?

Why some do not learn and get “excellent” and the other bison at night and do not come out of the triples?

This question often asked former school grades – those girls broke 10 school years not a single window. The headings in their notes always selected the paste a different color, and missed a couple of equates to disaster!

However, the University school’s hard work and willingness to scribbling long notes somehow does not give the proper results. In honors often struggling disorderly man, falsely ohayuschih before every exam: “Oh, I don’t know nothing, last night at the club partying!..”.

Subradio “heroside” immediately begin to look for the catch – born rumors about bribes, kinship, etc. And no trick!

The “secret” of such honors – the ability to find a common language with the teacher!

Unlike the school teacher, the teacher did not appreciate the “good behavior” and neat handwriting, and understanding of the subject (which from the “Zubrenok” often escapes!). In each student group are 1-2-3 man, and involuntarily grasping the essence of memory “on the fly”: a brief explanation of the lecturer, only a cursory reading of the textbook, etc.

All other spaces complements the eloquence and the skill of logical thinking details. Such a brilliant talker really protushit all night before the exam and persaude all the terms, but to find a teacher with a common language and to explain “how it works”, he will be able always!

Psychology to help the student!

From this we can deduce a number of psychological techniques for finding a common language with the teacher, which sometimes can replace the missing knowledge. The website advises to adopt the following tricks:

  • Self-confidence. Sitting down to answer, smile! Do not let the “gestures of excitement” — is not vertical in the hands of the pen/leaf/recevied don’t look at the ceiling or at the floor (preferably to face the teacher, occasionally glancing at the paper), don’t touch the hair, ears, nose! It should be smooth, without “uh” and “well, it’s…”, preferably – moderately fast (but quick if it is unusual for you, speak at your normal pace) – it helps to find common language with any teacher!
  • Tell me first what you know for sure! Even if it will be General this discipline! Presented with a confident tone of an indisputable fact – already half of answer!
  • Don’t know all the details of this issue – share “additional information”. This may be information from other aspect of the discipline, or even information from related areas of knowledge!
    Remember the anecdote about the students who going for exam in Zoology, learned single ticket “On the flea”? On got a question about the dog, he calmly replied: “the Dog has wool and fur have fleas. And flea is…” (and hereafter!) ?
  • Use “phrase of convergence”. This phrase, which emphasize the community of students and teachers – “We all know that…”, “In our branch of science is important…”, etc., In principle, similar verbal construction will help to find common language not only with teacher but also with any other person!
  • If there is a weakness in the theory – turn to practice: for example, try to remember where, when and how to apply the described technology (ideal if example of you saw firsthand, and you can add to this the fact personal experiences!).
  • Don’t answer memorized phrases – it usually makes a teacher strong desire to ask an additional question in order to test, not whether there was evidence of the use of the crib!
  • Show your interest in the subject. Teachers love when a student admits, as he was interested to prepare to look for materials, how much new and valuable, he learned!

In General, do not show the teacher that you’re worried or, God forbid, do not know the material! But not babolast! The right tone is calm kindness! So you really will find a common language even with the most difficult teacher!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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