To give birth to a second child, when better to bear a second child

Women’s website “” dedicates a new topic mothers and their children. I’m sure many women who already have a baby, think about it, and whether to give birth to a second child. They are concerned about the coming problems associated with the age difference. Great physical and emotional stress for mom.

Whether to give birth to second child

If you’re still thinking about this question, it may be worthwhile to weigh the “pros” and “cons” and finally decide what you want.

The arguments in favor of two children:

  • Two children from an early age learn to communicate, to interact, to make concessions. The development is a versatile, social;
  • Children make friends, play together and have fun. They will not be bored and lonely.
  • Parents will have double happiness, because every memorable moment in a child’s life remains in the memory for many years. Every smile lifts the spirits and warms the soul. Do you still doubt, have a second child or not?
  • Each shed tear, disease and the hardships, all the difficult moments through which you will pass, a few years later will seem mere trifles or as an inevitable and in his own pleasant, it’s all in the past.

Arguments against the emergence of a second baby there. Despite all the financial and other difficulties of raising children, shouldn’t be any doubts. Then we might have a another question, and when better to bear a second child. Let’s try to understand this together with the website


Same age fun and playful, they have a lot of common interests, toys, games.

As soon as the children get older, they usually become good friends, they love each other.

But at preschool age, their relationship is not always smooth. Often seen quarreling, fighting, sharing toys. They will not give the mom to be bored. Tips on what to do if the child doesn’t get along with a brother or sister, can also be found on the website ““.

The first years from the appearance of a second baby is expected to be difficult. Both children require more attention, supervision, care. They will not leave the mother a spare minute, especially if she’s dealing with it alone. If the difference will be in 1 year, better than the second child not to give birth immediately, but to wait quite a bit.

The difference is 2 years

For children under the age of 10 years, this difference in age is significant. When they are older, it hardly will be felt.

Although very often, and the kids communicate with each other and find a common language. Their interests often coincide. They like to play together. During the game can be conflicts, quarrels, fights. The mother at first, it can be hard to cope with them. And yet with them is a little easier than with class. The oldest already got some skills, for example, have their own.

A difference of 3 years

We can say that the second child is better to give birth when the age difference is 3 years. This favorable difference for mom and her kids.

With the first already much less cares, what is important for mothers in the state. He rarely asks for arms, does not require immediate supervision, knows how to play independently.

After the birth of the second child the eldest child, as a rule, shows interest in him, a desire to help. The child is 3 years eager to perform simple, he understands the requests of the parents, so it can be a good helper. At least, he has already formed a certain independence. He eats, can dress to play. This greatly facilitates the mother’s chores.

A few years later, the children willingly play along, you can find both of them interesting games. The younger imitates the older, strives to be like him. The relationship between them is good, though not without quarrels.

The difference is 4 years

4 years is a good age gap between children. Doubt, whether to give birth to a second child, should not be.

For mom, this difference is good because senior already independent. Older child can look after the little ones if necessary.

This simplifies the chores for mom, and the first child acquires new skills, learns what responsibility. He formed a sense of caring for others, and this is very important.

In the preschool and early school age in children with a four-year age difference, few common interests. But, nevertheless, they are friendly and trying to find joint classes. To give birth to a second child when the first is the difference in 4 years.

The difference 5-6 years

Better to bear a second child with the same time period? If the difference between the children is equal to 5-6 years, they have not so comfortable together. Common interests is not enough. Growing up, the youngest child may interfere with eldest to do homework or play their games.

Mom has relatively more time, because the first child is often asked to look after the younger. It’s not really fair, because the older business. Abuse the time and kindness of an older child do not need to have had no dislike to a younger brother or sister.

A strong friendship between children is possible, but most likely that feeling to each other they will recognize aged 13-19 years.

The difference is more than 7 years

Mom may be concerned about the question: to give birth to a second child when the first difference will be more than 7 years? It’s not the best way affects the relationship between children.

They have no common interests. Each immersed in their lives. They normally communicate, almost no quarrel. But they cannot be called best friends.

Older child at first plays the role of a nanny, helping the younger, defending, protecting him. The mother simply to cope with them. When born the second child, the first is quite independent.

Senior much earlier graduated from high school and moves to a new social level. Here can end their relationship. Most often, communication is reduced to a minimum, decreases significantly.

Perfect difference two children there. In each case, has its pros and cons. Although most commonly found the answer to the question “when is the best time to give birth to a second child” — the optimal age difference the older and the younger child is 3-4 years.

Planning a second child, you must first ask yourself the question, what relationship you expect from children. The difference in age can be planned, focusing on their own response.

Someone wants to keep children fighting over toys. Others want the eldest child was a helper and protector of the younger. Some moms dream that the children were playing together in some games.

If to consider this question from the point of view of women’s health, it is better to bear a second child when the difference is approximately equal to 4 years. About 3 years requires a woman to fully relax and recover from the previous birth.

But in fact whether to give the issue all this time? It’s not the age difference, and the fact that you want a second child and so he you will have.

Author Elvira Agacheva, site

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