To learn how to walk on high heels

Winter is not the time to learn to walk on high heels, but in the winter it just. Just two-three workouts, and the stud will cease to seem the most horrible invention of mankind.

First, we need to develop the right posture.

For this fit a simple exercise. Sit on a chair, straighten your back, shoulders pull back slightly, and his feet press down to the floor. Now tighten your buttocks, abdominal muscles and hips. In this position, hold for a few seconds and slowly stand up. Repeat the exercise several times.

When you walk in heels, we must remember one important rule. The higher the heel, the closer to the toes, moves the center of gravity. Conversely, the lower the heel, the farther to the heel to shift your weight. Also, be careful then, that while walking socks always looked apart. Otherwise feet will cling to one another, and so fall short.

Another exercise. Imagine that in front of you on the floor is a thin, long rope. Your task is to pass on her heels. It’s simple, if you go strictly on one line and put one foot in front of the other.

And now practice “in the field”.

The best place is a large supermarket. Take the trolley and graceful to pace around the store. In any case do not let the cart out of hand. It will serve you encouragement and support, especially at first. But, if you still feel that the balance can not hold, boldly grab on to the shelf… or nearby buyers.

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