To prepare vegetable patties?

Questions cooking meatless dishes relevant to many. Someone does not want to violate the prohibitions of lent, someone tries to stick to a vegetarian diet, and for some it’s just a matter of taste. One way or another, but many Housewives from time to time in search of worthy recipes for meatless dishes. And because the site “” decided to help them and tell them how to cook a delicious vegetable patties.

Than a good vegetable patties?

Patties – a universal thing.

They well satisfy hunger and, if necessary, it is convenient to take on the road. There are hundreds of different recipes for this glorious dish, but because each of us can choose the kind of pies that it is most a good choice.

It vegetable patties are still the most popular. They are prepared not only those who hold the post but also the people who are on the diet. Made with simple ingredients, vegetable patties are completely harmless to health.

In addition, these cakes will also help to save on the ingredients. Cooked without eggs and milk, they have the lowest cost among all other dishes as a festive and everyday table.

Another huge benefit of making this kind of cakes is that they have a very pleasant taste. Moderately sweet, layered and lightly oiled the dough probably will not leave indifferent any gourmet.

How to cook vegetable patties?

The most important thing in cooking this dish properly prepare lean dough for pies.

The easiest way to cook the patties vegetable puff. To do this, take 1 kg of flour, 3 tablespoons of salt, a glass of warm water and 3 tbsp oil. Just mix all these ingredients and with your hands knead the dough. Before you proceed directly to the modeling of pies, let the dough stand for about fifteen minutes. During this time, by the way, you can prepare the filling.

Let’s deal with how to make a lean yeast dough for pies.

For this we need 3 cups of flour, one third Cup sugar, pinch of salt, yeast, a glass of water and a quarter Cup of vegetable oil. If you are using dry yeast, they should be pre-diluted in warm water.

If the fast-acting yeast, they can immediately add to the dough. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and knead the dough. After it ceased to be sticky, cover it with a lid or plastic wrap and place in a warm place to Mature. About half an hour knead it again and leave to rise.

When the dough as leavened and unleavened, finally reaches the right consistency, divide it into small balls. Each of these balls roll, place on the center of the resulting pellet stuffing and wrap in the shape of a pie. You should bake vegetable patties in the oven at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Different toppings vegetable pies

Filling kvass can be absolutely any. So, you can use almost anything you find on hand – mushrooms, fish, stewed cabbage, stewed carrots, beans and not only. It is also good and sweet pies with apples, cherries or a variety of jams.

The most popular are the traditional vegetable pies with cabbage. To cook them you first need to extinguish cabbage with onions, or even carrots. The last option will be a little more sweet to the taste, but no less interesting.

Next in popularity are vegetable pies, as a filling in which added potatoes or carrots. If you want to use for cooking the potatoes, it should be pre-boil. If the carrot, fry with a hint of sugar.

No less tasty are also meatless mushroom patties. You can use ordinary mushrooms. For this it is enough to cut and fry with onions. With wild mushrooms a little more hassle. Them before roasting, need to boil.

And for dessert, it is best to cook vegetable dumplings. To prepare this filling just grate the Apple on a grater and add to it a little sugar.

Now you can cook delicious meatless patties.

In order to please yourself and your loved ones this simple and wonderful dish, it is not necessary to wait for a special occasion. The website sure vegetable patties at your table will always be the place.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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