To protect your child from Internet: the dangerous world wide web?

If you have children older than 7 years, they sure know how to use the Internet , or at least know what it is and why you need to! That in itself is not bad – this is our reality, and to detain the child exclusively in the “prehistoric era” paper books simply will not work – it will find the Internet at school, at a party at a friend in the library… Much more important – as much as possible to protect your child from the Internet and teach himself to see the danger of the world wide web! And how to control them and to protect from danger, will tell the website ““.

The Internet is where lies the greatest danger?

Do you think what is the biggest danger to the child is the Internet? I think 99% of parents first think of the available “adult” content (pornography).

However, psychologists believe that this is not the worst – there are less visible but quite real risks, which you should protect your child online!

False information

Children are gullible, and printed information (especially on behalf of some popular personalities) believe unconditionally! Is the Internet the child can look for answers to the disturbing questionsthat he did not want to raise with parents or friends.

Here is a real case. The school held a conversation with the girls-teenagers on prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

After hearing all the ABCs about condoms, one of the kids raised his hand and said all this nonsense! And the only absolute working the way that she has managed to try is… douching with Coca-Cola!

Where information? From the Internet, of course!

Disclosure of personal data about themselves and their family

For example, the child wants to have a page Vkontakte, to communicate with their fellow peers. At the time of registration he was invited to fill application form, which will be visible to all visitors – and there mobile and home phone numbers, address, school and class, not to mention the real name and surname…

And in addition, the ability to upload photos! And that child meticulously fills out a questionnaire and upload photos – “this is my mom and dad in Turkey on the beach”, “this is our house”, “here’s a phone I got for my birthday”…

I do not need to explain what is dangerous!

Virtual Dating

Exploring the personalities, pretending to not for those who are. A nightmare of every parent – what if my child make contact with a pedophile?!

But even if this will not reach many of these “friends” will create a child the illusion of popularity and friendship – and will want and whether he will be able to be friends after this really, without the Internet?


Instead of having to evolve and adapt in society, the child becomes accustomed to virtual communication and begins to avoid real.

Financial risks

The Internet provides endless opportunities to spend money! You can pay by withdrawal from a mobile phone or by entering the last 4 digits of Bank cards of the parents (and these figures are on the card itself and written), or sticking bills in the terminal, working with “electronic money”…

What do you think, who designed all of these “voices” and “gifts” in social networks, or “paid services” gaming applications?

Mostly for kids and Teens! So the task of parents here – to protect from the Internet is not only the child, but and their own wallets!


Compacts with games and gaming consoles a thing of the past now in the Internet there are many online gameswhere you can fight with real people-players!

For a teenager this could be an extremely exciting activity, can obscure real life!

So, as you can see, the Internet is not just the blocking of porn sites! What else could be the threat of the Internet (and adults too!) – read here.

How to restrict the use of certain sites?

The protection of children from the Internet that offer various operating systems and programs.

For example, in Windows operating systems Live and Windows 7 it is possible to connect function Parental controls (“Parental Control”). Using it, you can limit the time of stay of the child on the Internet (after which the traffic is blocked at all), the use of certain software, games.

Also the protection of the child from Internet are filtering software sites – in the presence of certain words in the content in the site is simply not loaded (these programs are usually installed in schools and other institutions).

How to teach a child not to trust the Internet?

However, to truly protect children from the Internet – so not just to restrict access to certain sites, and to teach him to see the danger and avoid it. How?

I think all parents already know that the stories about the Gray Wolf from social networking to child, to put it mildly, a special experience will not produce.

Real protection of the child from the dangers of the Internet will be the only real demonstration of danger.

Of course, does not offer truly to acquaint the child with dangerous people! But if you want to show your child how easy to impersonate another person hiding behind the nickname and the avatar, become a “dangerous person” itself!

For example, you know that your child sits in the evening Vkontakte for the chatter of other teenagers.

Get your own account under a pseudonym (for example, “Katya Candy”) and gobavica friends own child. Try to ask provoking questions (“what is your mother work? And she’ll pocket a lot of money to give? What’s your number?”, etc.) – you’ll be shocked how easy a child can blurt out this information to an unknown piece of Candy from the anime face to the avatar!

Or download from the pages foolish child his picture to fix it in photoshop horns and a mustache, and put on public display again, the child will be amazed that its pictures can be so easy to use on its own, to the detriment of the owner!

In order to complete the “spy Saga”, tell your child to meet with “beautiful stranger” in reality – that will check, he will ask permission from mom or not?

Further – on a situation. If the child agreed to meet, unable to go herself, and then long and painfully to recover his confidence. And may be asked to play the role of “maniac” someone from the friendswhom the child knows – preferably not too young man not quite a model appearance.

We believe the resulting shock permanently wean the child from virtual Dating and be a protection-“the grafting” from the Internet for a child!

Protection from Internet dangers for a child will be a few experiments that you can put together a “joke”.

For example, to wean him believe all that is written, try together to write the text clearly untrue (for example “Sensation! From Santa Claus under the hood grow horns!”) – invent justifications “duck”, refer to non-existent books, evidence, fictional people, etc. Post it in any sitethat allow free publication of texts (at least in some community on the same social network) and wait for the review – the child will be amazed that such nonsense someone noticed!

Or, on the contrary, type in the search any obvious queries, and count how many obviously wrong answers will be typed in the first ten links!

Most importantly, remember to protect the child should not from the Internet as a global evil, and from his own gullibility and naivety!

Let the child be good to be able to use the Internet to know the technical details and possibilities, but to distinguish truth from “fake” than the awkward poke sites and get into the simplest of traps!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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