to purchase a clean apartment

If You have found an apartment you want to buy, but to check the documents and the deal You have nobody to call for help, that is, You buy real estate without the assistance of a proven real estate Agency or lawyer, be sure to not forget to pay attention to the following:

1. You need to make sure that the person posing as the owner of the dwelling, really is. Check the passport data specified in the documents confirming the state registration right of ownership.

If this “personality” does not cause You absolute confidence – do not hesitate to carefully examine the photo page. Look to see if she is feeling that she re-stuck?

The specialists of the state service of registration of transactions with property might not see it (sometimes intentionally), in the end, when they announced the real owner and said that nothing was selling – You will remain without money and without an apartment.

2. If the apartment is sold under power of attorney, do not be lazy and find the son of a notary, which is listed on the document, and clarify whether he confirmed it. After all, this notary may not exist in reality, either he lost his powers for a long time.

3. Check out who is registered in this apartment. For this, you will need to go to the governing body of the housing and communal sector, and to clarify who is really written there.

4. Make sure that the apartment is not under arrest, pledged not imposed any encumbrance. This certificate can be obtained in the bodies of state registration of ownership rights to residential premises.

5. Check the capacity of owners that are causing distrust. Ask for help from the psycho-neurological, narcological dispensary, that does not consist on the account.

If one of the owners will be incapacitated, it after registration will be able to write a statement, then the transaction will be able to recognize invalid, i.e. void, and again the sad outcome.

6. The same applies to if someone of the owners is in prison and the apartment is sold under power of attorney.

This “person”, having been released, can begin to “swing right” and have the new owner have problems.

7. If You are not sure, and the apartment very much, there is a solution – use the so-called title insurance (loss of title and other risks of losing housing), or even discard this option.

And most importantly, do not give money before signing the contract of sale! Only after registration and make sure that you get a receipt of money from You “in full and no claims for payment”. But giving money up front and losing in the process “sellers”, your money You will not find.

By following these simple rules, You’ll be able to purchase a “clean” apartment and become the proud owner of his new home.

Good Luck To You!

source: School of Life

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