To regain the trust after infidelity: is it possible and how?

Our women’s website repeatedly wrote about male infidelity and how to prevent them. But our reader Inga had such a question: “And if the infidelity happened? I would like to understand, how to learn to trust him after all.

After all, one way or another, trust is easy to lose and hard to win!”. Inga, then, how to regain the trust after infidelity, if you decide to forgive the man and continue your relationship – perhaps the key question in this situation, so we will try to answer!

How to stop looking back and start “from scratch”?

Inga is absolutely right: the most difficult to restore trust after infidelity – to stop “scroll” in the head short film about how your loved one has been in the arms of that bitch. Here he looks at you in love eyes: but he and it, a reptile, just look! Gave you a rose for no reason – yeah, and she’s probably a whole bunch in a huge basket!

That would be women’s memory would be designed the same as your laptop: D drive, I’ve found “Cheating husband”, the Delete key and all op, and no bad memories! You can re-fill your memory joint photo with shining smiles!

Unfortunately, for a woman to do such a manipulation to regain the trust after infidelity is very difficult… And that man sinned for the umpteenth time listens to criticisms, reminders, and whims, a thousand times says that this will never happen again, and the woman again and again torments himself!

You know what is happening at this time in the mind of men? And nothing! If cheating is really in the past, and he broke off all relations with his mistress for you, it file of “Treason” already in the “basket”! Or, in the very distant dad in archived form!

Since men tend to polygamy much more than we women (the reasons for this phenomenon that emerged in the Neolithic far, now I will not tell), nature gave them the amazing ability to separate sex from love (because of infidelity, needless to say, most often are made for sex!), and subsequently easy to forget what happened.

Here you’re not thinking every minute about the amazing dinner that you served in the Milan restaurant two years ago?

So if you do forgive him and want to continue your relationship, the first step to regaining trust after infidelity: stop reproach the man this event! Even if your inner voice is still cursing a string of obscenities and demands to immediately Express all the shades of your resentment!

The main conversation between you took place? Man knows that you forgive him? If Yes, then this is a good place to put the end and best never to this question not to come back!

Is it worth to put him on a “short leash”?

Many women who survived the betrayal of her beloved husband, decide – “Trust, but verify!”. And here is installed a total surveillance.

Read SMS, email, Skype and ICQ”, a thorough review exposed the accounts of all persons of the female sex who is in a “friends” husband in social networks, a five-minute delay men work involve interrogation, conducted separately on leisure and not talking!

And really – if he turned out to be capable of that, constantly there is a threat of subsequent adultery! How then to regain the trust after infidelity – is it better to put a man on the “short leash”?

Yes, the threat does exist! The man was not blind and you are not glued with superglue – it’s great seeing other women around, measures them, compares with you! However, does “short leash” to prevent cheating?

In fact, the worse a man is with you, the more it will appear the desire to escape from such a Union! And suffocating atmosphere of constant distrust and control a man like totally not!

A womanís task is not to physically protect her man from the possibility to change (by the way, it is very difficult, if a man wants to change anyway!), and to instil in him the desire to change at all.

Constantly interested in him, again and again to make him love me! And in relations to “guard-prisoner” to regain the trust after infidelity is virtually impossible!

What a man can do to regain people’s confidence after infidelity?

If a man loves you, repented, and wants to start over, it is undoubtedly interested in the fact that you started to trust him again!

Well, if you will share with him your feelings and show that you also want to regain the trust and forget about cheating!

But, instead of endlessly “cut” and jealous, you better ask about a specific (doable!) things: for example, never to meet with a former lover, to go to places the both of you no one knows (by the way, travel together and experience new places – a great way to restore the intimacy!), more to tell you about their problems, desires, dreams…

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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