To remove freckles from the face. Harmful nail Polish?

Today, doctors of the European Medical Center will answer two questions for readers of women’s website ““. The questions are:

“My childhood freckles on my face. If they can somehow remove? Preferably, permanently”.

“Tell me, please, how harmful can be the nail Polish? My nails all the time varnished. And yet — do I have nails from the nail to rest?”

How to remove freckles permanently?

“My childhood freckles on my face. Can they somehow be removed? It is desirable for good”


, Dermatologist, European Medical Center, candidate of medical Sciences:

Freckles occur due to hyperplasia of melanocytes (skin cells that produce pigment). Usually one freckle is one melanocyte. They appear only under the influence of the sun. Freckles are divided into congenital and acquired, may reappear, but in other places.

In our clinic we have accumulated many years of successful experience in the elimination of freckles, both congenital and acquired. Freckles on the face can be removed only in the autumn-winter period. Usually requires 2-3 treatments with an interval of 4-5 weeks. The skin is left scars and traces. The treatment is carried out using special laser technology. The treatment method developed in our clinic and is an exclusive. To prevent “freckles” dermatologists around the world continue to recommend the use of sunscreen.

There are a large number of cosmetics for removing freckles. As a rule, they are ineffective and at best can only slightly lighten freckles. With the help of laser techniques it is possible to achieve the complete destruction of the pigment and the cells producing it. The surrounding skin is unaffected, and no scars are left on the site of the freckles.

Harmful nail Polish?

“Tell me, please, how harmful can be the nail Polish? My nails all the time varnished. And yet — do I have nails from the nail to rest?”

Meets Yana hodnevich, dermatologist, cosmetologist, European Medical Center:

Nail Polish, in principle, not harmful. Included in the composition of the varnish components are relatively safe, but to completely eliminate the negative impact on the nails, use base (or base) coat. It should contain vitamins (A, E), minerals (calcium, silicon), keratin. All of these components will have a strengthening effect on the nails! The base coat can be used alone, in the quality of care.

In all coatings, with a certificate of quality, contains absolutely safe concentration of chemical agents, which do not have harmful effects on the body.

Permanent varnish can cause discoloration of the nail plate, but significant changes in the quality of the nails is not going to happen. If we use modern certified products, as a rule, varnish is applied to medical, care a base coatthat makes its use absolutely safe.

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