To teach a man in bed and how to make the pleasure mutual

Ladies, let’s confess – the ideal lovers are rare in nature. That is, of course, is not particularly difficult to find a man skillful, with experience, willing to experiment, with suitable anatomical parameters and physical possibilities, nooo…

It will still have a bit to learn – for themselves. To explain and to show in what direction he should use his whole potential… And if this is a “learning for themselves” is successful, you will get the perfect macho in bed, and the man you certainly will say thank you!

What to teach the guy in the bed – will tell

Basic knowledge and skills

This is the set of simple skills which intelligent men think of themselves (or he explained it all the other girls are up to you). But if the guy really has a vast variety of experience, then perhaps you should tactfully tell him the most simple:

  • Not all women and not always able to obtain a vaginal orgasm from a classic sex.
  • So the lady got a kick out the partner needs to connect the hands and/or tongue.

  • Long is not always good.
  • To lie under puffing half an hour in the missionary position with a partner – is bad sex. After some time a lady gets tired of this monotony and began to write the quarterly report.

  • Quickly and forcefully – not always good, and sometimes even painful. This applies to cunnilingus and fondling hands.
  • Explain to the man that gently, with a change of rhythm and movements he’d get better… And his zeal is still useful to him when he’s scrubbing cast iron pans from the burnt roast.

  • Big size is good, but by themselves, inches are not the solution to all problems.
  • Still have to find a position and rhythm, to change the position, add a different affection, etc. From the dreary “here and there” is able to cum, not every girl.

  • Teach him to obtain his own orgasm.
  • I know it sounds funny, but… There are a lot of men (healthy and no physiological problems!), who have difficulty to orgasm with a partner is acceptable in her the duration of the act. Not after two hours of heroic effort (or five minutes of vague fuss) and not some random way (“On nifigase, it turned out, why would it?!”), and controlled and even planned. And the man himself, and his partner needs to know what and in what position he can have an orgasm. There is a myth that the normal man commits as you like and anywhere – even standing on his knees in the anthill, it would be next to a beautiful lady. But this is a myth – in real life one man needed the position with the deepest penetration, the other helps the stimulation of the scrotum, the third start petting the anus, the fourth needs a little throttle… in short, many people, so many features: need not to snort, “EW, you pervert!”, along to try!

    • Perhaps every man should be able two things: to finish as quickly as possible and not end up as long as possible.

    This will come in handy for spontaneous sex in the Elevator… or a sex marathon all night…

    Teach a man to feel you and understand your feelings!

    This is generally the most important. Sly equipment and savoury magic is practically useless Arsenal, if a man just learned how to be with a particular woman “on one wave”.

    Tell him what time you are about to orgasm (he must feel, what has changed in this moment “out there”) – then he will be able to track it without your comments.

    Take on the role of “leading the dance” — set liking your rhythm, show the optimal set of poses, that is something that you definitely “works”. Even the most experienced lover may not always to do well at random – because women are something different!

    Interesting things to teach the boy

    Of course, is to show your partner those “chips” that give birth to you personally. Of course, the preferences of the individual – learn (or learn together!) what seems interesting to you.

    For example, you should teach the boy a competent technique of anal sex (read about it on the site you can ““) – such that it was not a sudden “Uh, where the hell you went, you’re hurting me, finally!!!”, and indeed enjoyable for both the action, with the right preparation and skillful execution.

    Teach your partner the treatment of sex toys, show those things that can complement casual sex.

    And ask him to bring to your bed something interesting for women, and for himself, or oboudovaniye.

    Long gentle sex with a gentle preludes – the “compulsory program” for each pair! Once in a while… Let the man learn the actions that will help to make the whole process longer, smoothly bring your partner to a sex – and then the techniques of erotic massage, and tantric sex, etc.

    And another important point – move man to believe that a bed is no place complexes, prejudices and stereotypes. Let him learn to admit to yourself and partner that he really likes! Nice anal stimulation – why not? I want to be the “bottom” in BDSM game – worth a try! There is some kind of fetish – well, let him ask the lady to wear these heels and fishnet tights, the aesthetics never hurt anyone!

    After all, what he wants to do an adult with the consent of the partner is normal and acceptable. So… study, study and study again!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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