Too lazy to work: how to motivate yourself?

All probably familiar with that moment when you really want to envy the unemployed: office, weekdays, something to do at work, but… bored and too lazy to work. And the mind slips the arguments about the pressures and deadlines of working material, the possibility of catch up from the boss (or Vice versa, in the award case good job), but still — too lazy to work! How to deal with it – tell the site ““!

Why I’m too lazy to work?

Somewhere on a deep subconscious level all of us, Homo sapiens, are subject to the same instincts as the animals. Any human activity in a very broad sense can have two motives:

  • The satisfaction of physiological and material needs (food, warmth, etc.). This in a sense can be called the direct and the main motive to work is to earn a livelihood, housing, etc.
  • Dominance over the “tribesmen”. In an animal pack this instinct is important, because whoever wins the other members of the pack (not necessarily destroys or drives away – rather, he becomes to the position of primacy over the collective), has more opportunities to meet the physiological needs – in particular, more filling and tastier eating than subordinates “losers”. People viewed this dependence is weaker, but even if that dominance has no direct opportunity to earn more, we are unlikely to give up on him – instinct is instinct. Simply stated, dominance is what we call “glory”, “success”, “show-off”, etc. But even if a person thinks that he is unimportant, the evaluation of its activities by society (that is, he works not for the sake of demonstration of their superiority in some area), it includes self-esteem! Self-esteem says, “I did ogogo what, I’m done, I’m probably better than many others that didn’t!”. It stimulates to work, improve themselves and generally something to do, however not even showing off your work to others and no one is suppressing!
  • So. What seems to be a way of achieving these two goals (both or one ), we do not lazy. A very simple example – if a person is hungry, he will never be too lazy to do some work if this is the only condition for receiving food at the moment.

    In real life this principle operates is often very disguised: we work for the boss praised, to make life better for colleagues to give the award…

    The greater the probability of these events, the harder I want to work, isn’t it? All this combination in different proportions of two reasons: to gain something and, so to speak, to show off!

    And the problem of “too lazy to work” begins when our mind ceases to perceive the relationship between the necessary to fulfill action and intent.

    For example — the salary is not soon, it’s any pay, even if now not work and be lazy… And the boss was a feat of labor will not notice, and colleagues envy did not flourish, and self-esteem suggests that routine writings – not such a feat to itself a Pat on the head…

    And so, the psyche instantly goes into “remote denial” — the person feels sleepy, tired, can not think…

    By the way, ever notice that all of these symptoms that are too lazy to work, disappear at lunchtime or after work?

    Successful employees are not lazy to work!

    If you look closely to any work team, we can observe the following fact: successful employees are much less likely to get lazy! At first glance, all natural – those who can overcome my laziness, work is progressing better, it says the bosses, a person grows in his career, etc, to cope with laziness is the path to success.

    Of course, it is. But! This is only one side of the coin!

    Remember: the best motivation to work is the dominance and financial reward, in other words, success.

    The more success brings a working life, the less reason to be lazy to work! Successful people, of course, is also tired sometimes, but for objective reasons, intensive labor activities. By the way, the success (real or even illusory – that’s it, I can do that!) can cause workaholism!

    And here it is – the vicious circle of success: desire to work – success – desire to work!

    And what happens with the “lazy loser”?

    Suppose a person sees no remuneration for his work, or finds it disproportionately small relative to the invested effort. Accordingly, his mind immediately “rings off”: why work hard, if domination zilch and material rewards is not so good? The man is just too lazy to work. To any heights in the long term strategy does not. The cycle of failure closes…

    What to do when too lazy to work?

    Now that you already know all the “tricks” that can throw your subconscious, learn to govern themselves and to cope with laziness! The website “” will tell you how to do it!

    • Always look for motivation. If the brain does not want to think about serious things pay in 20 days, coming up with the motivation yourself – preferably short-and visible! For example: I will add this article to 12.00, and then allow myself to eat. Not yet available – no snacking!
    • Try for those jobs where more likely to do them well (to seek the assessment of others and myself-to praise). From a broader perspective – do thing for the soul, pleasing to look for work where it is possible to use their talents, etc. Because usually too lazy to work, what does not, what does not correspond to your abilities and Hobbies, as they say, “goes wrong”…
    • Don’t avoid healthy competition. Well, when the competition among the employees there – it’s motivating to work better than others! By the way, this moment often notice people working at home or alone, without visual comparison of the results of their work and yours, and I want to make myself some slack.

    Hopefully, these tips will help you to cope with them in those moments when too lazy to work!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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