Top 7 rules for choosing kitchen furniture

Kitchen is a special room. Here you can not only cook, but also have a cozy family night, friendly tea to exchange news after work. It is therefore very important to create a comfortable and functional environment that will delight with beauty and convenience. To get the desired result, will help the advice of design professionals.

Identify the main function of the kitchen

Oddly enough, sometimes the kitchen may not be used for cooking. Someone doesn’t know how to cook, someone does not love someone once, so the kitchen could do without a lot of bells and whistles that are required each owner. But in this case much space to allocate for a dining table and comfortable chairs, to dispense with many cabinets and shelves, leaving only a few necessary. And of course, the design here is in the first place.

If the hostess prepares mainly through household appliances, the kitchen should be enough sockets and places for the provers. Here a good option would be the built in home appliances, which is not evident and does not create a sense of clutter.

Choose a style

Forget boring standard kitchens, because you can choose any style: classic, modern, country, hi-tech, minimalism. Each style has its pros and cons, so first focus on your preferences.

  • Classic — style, characterized by elegance, simplicity of forms and elegance. This style never goes out of fashion and if you value reasonable conservatism and functional simplicity, a classic is exactly what you need.
  • Modern — modern style, which in the first place is conciseness, functionality and simplicity of forms. In the kitchen-modern is used emphatically modern furniture and appliances. Also this style is characterized by bright, calm tones.
  • Country is a cosy rustic style, which blends beauty with functionality. Here at the forefront of natural simplicity, with wooden furniture, linen curtains and tablecloths, pottery. The only condition is that it requires a lot of space, so country food is usually done in large apartments or spacious homes.
  • High-tech — style, which will appeal to fans of modern solutions. In the design of kitchens used metal, glass, plastic, interior is done in minimalist style, all lines clear and straight. Someone they can seem overly futuristic, but in General the kitchen is high-tech looks amazing.

Choose the right color scheme

The color scheme, not less important point than the choice of furniture. The main difficulty is to create harmonious, eye-pleasing combination of colors. If you are confident, you can turn to the designer who will develop the best option for your requirements.

Choosing a color scheme, consider how colors affect your mood and interior.

  • Bright shades is a great technique to visually expand the space, so they are suitable for small spaces. Pastel colors, green, blue, peach, beige will transform the kitchen.
  • Dark colors make the situation more serious and restrained, but visually reduce the room. You can use olive, gray, marsh, if you want to dull the feeling of hunger.
  • Bright, juicy shades is a spectacular way to make an interesting accent. However, to go with bright colors be careful not to irritating effect is positive. For this you need to understand what kind of effect they have. For example, red is aggressive color, purple is a little depressing, blue — soothing. To improve appetite it is better to choose natural colors of vegetables and fruits: green, yellow, orange.
  • White color is neutral, it does not bear a certain load, so is perfect to soften or emphasize the selected colors.

Make a draft

Once you understand what sort of food you want, you need to bring the idea to life at least on paper. You can do it yourself or contact the designer. The second option is preferable, because the specialist will be able to suggest how to best place the furniture to get a comfortable, stylish and functional kitchen. There are several basic options for the location of furniture:

  • Linear — when sink, sink and refrigerator are located in one line and separated by a small counter tops. This working area is convenient due to the fact that all the necessary elements are close.
  • Bilinear is a good option for cross-cutting and walk-through kitchens. On one side are the stove and sink, refrigerator. The table can be folding or mobile. The optimal distance between lines is 1.2 meters.
  • L-the layout is one of the most popular options, but it is not suitable for long and narrow kitchens. All the elements are arranged along two walls at an angle that allows you to effectively organize the workplace and at the same time leave enough space for a dining area.
  • U-layout for a large kitchen. All work surfaces and elements are arranged in a horseshoe, providing freedom of movement during cooking.

Examine the material from which made furniture

From materials depends on the durability and practicality of kitchen furniture. As a rule, for the manufacture of furniture using particleboard, MDF, natural wood.

  • Chipboard is the cheapest material and has good performance. However, he looks less presentable than MDF, so particleboard is often used for body and MDF — facades.
  • Wooden furniture looks luxurious and is an eco-friendly material, but requires careful treatment and regular care. In terms of food, the tree may gradually deform under the influence of changes in temperature and moisture, so for this room, it is better to choose the analogue of the tree.
  • Furniture made of MDF is just the analogue. Eco-friendly, safe, durable, moisture resistant and easy to clean, this material is currently the market leader in kitchen furniture. The only negative — not too high durability, although with proper care this set will last for years.

Pick a kitchen table

Dining table is the most important element of food, especially if it is not possible to make a dining area in another room. Its size and shape depend on the size of the kitchen and interior style.

  • In a small kitchen will be appropriate table-transformer, which converts in case of arrival of guests. The advantage of this table is that the extra strap can increase it two or four times, and at the usual time quietly hiding under the sink.
  • Classic the kitchen and the table should be a classic — wood or material imitating wood.
  • The kitchen in modern style suit table made of plastic, glass or even metal.

The shape of the tables can be square, rectangular, round and oval. The first two options is a classic, in addition, they are easier to place even in a small room. In normal times this table can stand near the wall, and for the arrival of guests is enough to move it to get additional space.

Round or oval table looks more interesting, but by design, it is safer than a table with corners. But him need more, so usually such models are designed for large kitchens or dining rooms.Don’t forget about the decor

Kitchen decoration is one of the most exciting classes. However, it is important to know as: decorative elements should emphasize the interior of the kitchen, not to overshadow it.

Decorative elements are divided into two categories: functional and aesthetic. Functional include curtains, tablecloths, napkins, placemats, all kinds of useful things like salt shakers, pepper shakers, hooks for towels. In this list you can find and luminaires: classic, creative, stylish, they will help to create necessary atmosphere.

Aesthetic decorations are those that just look beautiful, but practical use is not bring. Is paintings and photographs with mouth-watering still lifes, decorative plates, original decorated vases, minimalist shelves with utensils, which is not used for cooking, and just sets the tone.

Main choice of decor is to adhere to common style and colors, and then the kitchen will be truly unique and incredibly stylish.Conclusion

Approach to the selection of kitchen furniture, with all the responsibility, search for the optimal combination of beauty and functionality, do not skimp on quality and you will get amazing result.


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