Toy planes on the remote control: feature and characteristics of choice

Toy planes on the remote control – the dream of every kid. And this is understandable. After all, modern aircraft almost completely mirror the original as an exact copy in miniature. Because with such a toy kid can feel that he is a real pilot. What kinds of RC planes exist and that it is better to choose?

What should I consider when choosing RC toys

Toy planes on the remote control it is necessary to choose taking into account such features:

  • the age of the child;
  • the place and purpose of use of such toys;
  • the level of difficulty and price range.

Then the gift of the young pilot will be the most effective.

Features of RC planes

What is characterized by the toy planes on the remote control? Whether they were considered a toy, a sport or a hobby? Most likely, this and that, and another, and a third. But it has a meaning and the choice of the model. After the first tests of the new acquisitions, RC plane, not only the guy, but all his family members will be delighted.

Among the modern models of toy planes on the remote control there is a huge choice of different options. Manufacturers recommend for the first time to choose a simplified model to get acquainted with her and learn.

An overview of the types of aircraft

Flying toy planes on the remote control may be different levels of difficulty:

  • The most common and simple for learning and training. This is the top wing plus a low center of gravity. This design allows the model to stay stable in the air. When you purchase this model, you can learn the basic skills of piloting.
  • With internal combustion engine – these models are the most popular. In the sale they are fully assembled so you just have to take care of the fueling of such aircraft.
  • With an electric motor. This model has a more simple setup and use. This air monster tend to respond to the slightest movement of the remote. It is considered to be very reliable.
  • In the form of Park flyers. They are characterized by the impressive size and a large wingspan, amounting to about one meter. They also are easy to control, but capable of much. However, it is important to remember that for performing good turns will need appropriate management skills.
  • Varieties of aircraft depending on the number of control channels

    Flying the aircraft at the control panel in the most different similar device. It can be simplified or more complex. The main difference between models is how many control channels they are equipped with. You can select options:

  • Dual – plane can be used, modifying the speed of the propeller through the steering. This is the simplest kind of models.
  • Channel – management occurs by means of a rudder, gas and directions.
  • Four – channel control necessary for gas exchange direction, Tonga and roll. These models are considered to be the most common.
  • Five-channel – with additional controls.

  • Flying RC planes does not tend to overcome long distances. The size range will depend on the aircraft and what power is characterized by a control system.

    Limitations of radius do not only depend on how far the subject of radio waves. It is important, to what extent will the visibility of the pilot. This explains the bright contrasting color of many models.

    Rules of control of the aircraft

    So after the first test wasn’t an accident, a toy aircraft on the remote control should be used, having thoroughly studied the user manual. And it should make an adult who will be together with the child to participate in the tests. Let’s deal with the manual of aircraft on the remote control for kids:

  • Before you begin testing, it is important to adjust the aircraft. To do this, check the condition of the alignment, install the wheel in the desired position, as indicated in the instructions.
  • For takeoff, set small speed, then gradually add gas.
  • To the aircraft is not unfolded to the left is compensated by the steering roll.
  • In the process of take-off the main objective – retention model on the surface of the runway.
  • For dispersal models choose greater speed than the take-off. Then you can get off the ground.
  • To plant the aircraft in advance is necessary, without waiting for the battery and fuel leaks.

  • If a purchased model airplane with a motor, then it will need recharging. Duration of this procedure is 30-60 minutes. For small models of aircraft envisaged to be launched in the home, the charge will last for a period of time from 10 to 15 minutes. Storage of an aircraft involves removing the battery and transmitter.

    To summarize

    The young pilot and the conqueror of height will be very pleased to receive a gift of a model airplane radio control. When choosing such toys need to take into account the age of the child.

    The first model should not be complex and costly. Because they can be used.

    Before purchasing a toy model of an aircraft it is necessary to see the range of such goods and to study their characteristics. The plane on the radio is a great way to have fun and to spend time with the child. Because the toy will interest and adults.

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