Trainer for faces of Lulu Ultra: aging is canceled!

Just imagine – you do not face the aging face. Wrinkles do not appear (and those that are, are smoothed out!)! The skin becomes elastic, chin — tucked, no “bags” under the eyes… I Say a miracle? But miracles, alas, does not happen… But there are development based on a deep knowledge of human physiology and mechanisms of aging! This development is exercise for the muscles of the face Lulu Ultra. It is quite affordable for most women, easy to use, and most importantly allows to refuse from expensive, risky and often ineffective methods of Botox injections or plastic surgery!

Why face ages?

To understand how does Lulu Ultra, (which can be read on, you first need to understand why age-related changes occur on the face.

What distinguishes the face of a young girl from the face of the old lady? Wrinkles on the skin? Yes, but not only! Status changes of the facial muscles, which, in fact, “tight” skin! Muscles lose their elasticity, become flabby… And what we see on the face? Saggy (and sometimes even double-triple!) chin, drooping cheeks (because of that ugly deepened nasolabial folds) that changed its shape eyelids, bags under the eyes, deep wrinkles on the forehead… well, fun. But why do some people acquire these traits early and others much later, and some did to a ripe old age never acquires pendulous and triple chins?

In General, it largely depends… on the anatomical structure of the face! For example, from the position of the lower jaw. If your jaw is slightly displaced forward or back, it is not inconspicuous feature of the smile (malocclusion), and the problem of the whole muscular apparatus of the face, which in the adult and elderly age can result in a very noticeable trouble! For example, earlier worn down and spoil the teeth. From jaw movements in the wrong, the wrong trajectory, her muscles tired like any other muscle of inappropriate movements! Try, for example, to walk, placing the foot inside socks – tired much faster than normal walk! The same is true of facial muscles: they are too tense, you experience cramping, this can lead to headaches, pain in the neck, dizziness, sleep problems…

Gradually aggravates the displacement of the mandible malocclusion, time is not fixed plates or braces, bad posture, stress, to create a “muscle clamp” for psychological reasons… In the long – term result is exactly what we said above: sagging skin, deep wrinkles, sinking chin…

What to do? To train the muscles!

Yes, with your face all in the same way as with the hands, feet, pressure, etc. – giving the muscles the right, precisely calculated load, they can train! The pros are obvious muscular frame will “hold” the person, not allowing wrinkles to appear and change the contours of the face, and cramps you’ll just forget! And still need to “teach” the temporomandibular joint to move properly, develop it.

This is what will exercise for the muscles of the face Lulu Ultra.

As you can see, the use of simulators does not require special preparation or the presence of a coach! No need to go to the salon and spend the extra money for a facelift and other treatments – because the Lulu Ultra simulator provides the real, and it is absolutely natural for your face lifting! By the way, if in addition to the simulators you care for the skin by other methods (for example, apply the creams or serums), it is not a contraindication, on the contrary, Lulu Ultra seriously enhance the operation of vhodnych means, because the skin can much better absorb and resist their influence.

When a muscle is actively working, it rushes blood and increases metabolism. This is a very well – improved circulation has an impact (of course positive) on the skin – better complexion, the skin is regenerated, fresher and younger! And all this – the result, a simple and painless exercise which takes 10 minutes a day!

BEFORE and AFTER 2 weeks of training on the simulator. Click to enlarge

And another definite plus Lulu Ultra simulator, this small! So if you leave your house with one clutch, this is not a reason to abandon exercise! The simulator is mechanical, so no searching for a free socket, no charger…

BEFORE and AFTER 2 weeks of training on the simulator. Click to enlarge

So, still think we need to wait for some utopian miracle to look young and well-groomed? And if not, then look at the site and get your exercise for the facial muscles!

For this you can visit a specialized shop to the address: Russia, Samara, demokraticheskaya street 12.
Or call by phones: +7 (937) 070 53 11; 8 (846) 990 30 06.
Can also write on e-mail: or in Skype: LULU

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