Trainer for weight loss: choose the best

“I have decided that I need a trainer for weight loss at home, but which one is the best? Help with a choice! Tatiana”

Tatiana, of course, for weight loss You don’t just need the trainer, and cardio. The choice of cardio is not so great: this exercise bike, rowing, elliptical, stepper and treadmill.

In General, home exercise equipment female site have already chosen here. But now we are aiming to choose a trainer for weight loss!

Of course, work out in the fitness center on a variety of equipment is betterthan at home on a single. There you can alternate the workouts, working out different muscle groups and giving your body different kind of load.

Selection criteria of trainer for weight loss

But from one simulator You can get a lot. The main thing – to fit the following criteria:

  • To worked the greatest number of muscles. The more muscles working the more calories consumed!
  • To the oxygen to the body were delivered as quickly as possible. It promotes the burning of fat cells.

So, let’s rate each trainer for weight loss and make a conclusion – we need a trainer or not.

Stepper for weight loss – work or not?

On stepper stepper we do translational work. It forces you to breathe not too deeply. In the work on the stepper is only a small percentage of the muscles. And movement occur with a rather small amplitude. Besides, to do it is quite boring and monotonous.

Conclusion: the stepper is not suitable for weight loss at home.

Exercise bike for weight loss – work or not?

On the bike we are sitting, but sitting position is not conducive to burning calories. So to win the excess weight, doing to him will be harder than on a different machine.

Conclusion: suitable if… the Bike is not the most effective exercise for weight loss at home. Although he, no doubt, is more effective than a stepper ? And if You are inclined to be lazy, the exercise bike will suit You more than others.

Rowing machine for weight loss – work or not?

Rowing machine perfectly ventilates the lungs, great loads many muscle groups. All this, of course, promotes weight loss. However, the rowing machine gives the load primarily on the shoulder girdle, so the figure may develop unevenly.

Conclusion: suitable if… the Rowing machine is perfect for weight loss women with type figure “Pear”. “Apple” it fits to a lesser extent.
However, if Your type of shape is “Inverted triangle” or “Hourglass”, a rowing machine should be abandoned: it is easy to pump the shoulder girdle.

Treadmill for weight loss – work or not?

Treadmill good exercise for weight loss. It involves training a multitude of muscle groups, and you breathe as deeply as possible. Besides, training on a treadmill can be very diverse, and Jogging at different paces, and walking. On hands and feet You can wear weights.

Conclusion: perfect! Treadmill – a great exercise for weight loss. But it is not for the lazy, as it will have a good sweat!

Elliptical trainer for weight loss – work or not?

The elliptical machine is also good as a trainer for weight loss. However, work on it not in the example easier, because the foot is not off the ground. On this simulator to quickly deal with the extra calories will fail and the training is more monotonous than running on a treadmill. However, it is less traumatic to the joints of the feet.

Conclusion: perfect! If You have a lot of extra pounds or have problems with joints, an elliptical trainer will suit You more than the treadmill, because it unloads the knee.

If you are too lazy to read the entire article ?

  • The best exercise for weight loss according to the “Beautiful and Successful” is a treadmill!
  • However, if You are lazy, then choose the bike.
  • If Your initial weight is too large or there are problems with the knees, choose an elliptical trainer.
  • But if Your body type is “Pear”, then Your choice is a rowing machine.

And of course, You cannot lose weight without the right diet and sufficient motivation! Success!

The author — Olga Sympaty, site

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