Trainings, courses, seminars: how to choose the correct

“We all learned a little something and somehow” — these Pushkin’s lines could not be better describe… modern man, eager for knowledge! Because the relevance of the knowledge of their wide range and creative use of the now often much more important than the depth and fullness! And to obtain such knowledge and skills can be at various trainings, seminars and courses, most of which are paid. How to learn something new and not give your money to a fraudster – read tips!

A new profession

Sometimes a good intensive course of learning something can replace the “real” education (at least secondary). Of course, a position of leadership after these courses you did not immediately take, but at the workplace you qualify you can!

Areas where such training might be good for employment – fashion and style, sales, service industries, and even different “universal” positions like Secretary, where the basic skills are the cute smile and the knowledge of the PC at the user level.

Courses such as “basic training” is offered often. In what may be the catch?

1. Training “wrong”. For example, after diligently attending hairdressing skills you work in a salon, and… it turns out that you taught schemes of haircuts in the fashion of a decade ago, but not modern trends!

To understand about what is the rate and whether to visit (and pay for) it all, it would be good to visit a trial (introductory) session, and if not offered – ask for a training plan.

It also makes sense to ask the education and practical experience in this field educators and/or developers of the course.

Alarming, if the mechanic suddenly began to teach programming or a graduate teaching University, not working with children every day, decides to talk about child psychology!

2. Training “in theory”. At least strange, if studying besides hairdressing, you’ll be scribbling notes with diagrams of hairstyles and never gets to someone’s uncut head! In advance ask – does the practical training, and how will the training.

3. Supplements. It happens that, after making payment for the course itself, it turns out that in the process of learning need to pay for any printed or electronic materials (video tutorials, for example), consumables for practical work, etc.

It’s a shame and a pity to pay, and do not want to throw (principal amount already paid, the time spent)… On this account! So interested in such things in advance!

4. Training. For example, a person goes to training “sales Manager”, and after 2-3 sessions begins to realize that he is simply campaigning to become a distributor of a particular firm (or suggest another option is clearly not very profitable relationship with the company – to create her “partner” website, “bring 10 friends”, etc.).

Such “tricks” are possible if the training activity is not the main interest for you organization.

5. Technology “Bring a friend”. And get… in the end you’re nothing special get. But I promise that if your friend agrees to pay the tuition, then you will have some kind of a unique opportunity – for example, additional lesson free, drive with training materials, etc.

Trust me, this cost is already included in your course – your efforts to find a solvent “other” (2, 5, 10 “friends”) are much more expensive!

6. Training without the “crust”. Many, going on courses, I want to get not so much knowledge how much a certain piece of paper (certificate, certificate, etc.) about the end of these courses, then to proudly show it to the employer. Important to you this moment? Check in advance!

Refresher training

The improve in the profession serve various trainings, workshops, seminars, etc. About which field of activity was discussed, the usefulness of such measures on 80% depends on who leads them. You want to learn from someone who described himself reached the heights, not the theorist who read 3-4 books?

So before you pay for the training, intrigued by the name, take an interest in the personality of the presenter – this should be a specialist in their field, and preferably, the practitioner! Well, if that individual had any public outcry – for example, if his designs or projects can be read on the Internet and make up their minds.

Very useful are the seminars and workshops involving the exchange of experience among specialists colleagues. Find out in advance the program of the event – will there be similar communication, or have to listen to the monologue by the leader?

And in order to protect themselves from financial fraud, do not make a large Deposit in advance for the training and especially not do this in absentia: at least go to the specified address and check availability of this office in the nature!

“Course mail”, video courses, webinars

This is where fraud thrives in full lush color is in the sale of various educational print, video and audio materials! The risks are plenty:

1. To obtain a non-unique materials for the money. However, such benefits or courses can be easily download online for free.

Unfortunately, this is used by many Internet scammers – the information is taken from a pair of three “unclassified” sources, skillfully compiled, and the product is issued for the “author’s method”.

So think twice before you pay for interest rate if there was anything similar freely available?

2. Transfer money in the evening and not in the morning to get the chairs. It is. Best of all – if the ordered material you will receive in the mail and pay upon receipt. Pre-paying on the Internet carries the risk always!

3. To obtain a bunch of complex information I.. not to understand it! Why female site recommends to choose courses which involve contact with real teachers (albeit virtual – reference and checking of homework, communication, correspondence, webinars, etc.).

Where to go not worth it

There is a category of learning activities, to expose the Scam which can be just from the title. These include:

  • “Hereditary fortune teller will give skill” “Training stuff”, “School of healing”, etc. Activities this whole clairvoyant of the brethren is in itself questionable. The more doubt, “guaranteed” teaching something supernatural anyone willing to pay for it.
  • “All the secrets of yoga”, “Become a Pro for 2 classes”, etc. the Secrets and complexities in any case is not perceived for 2 classes (or even month course!). If advertising promises all at once, including beginners with zero training is a Scam!
  • “Earn a million”, “Molodist for 20 years” etc. If it really worked, the presenter of the course would already lay in a hammock in the Bahamas with their millions, and not presenting such a stunning secret to all and Sundry!

In General, we need a sensible precaution and the desire to get as much information about what going to pay (as well as in life in General and not only in the selection of the training).

But the main thing – do not be afraid to learn! Something new you can learn anywhere and everywhere (even in the experience with scammers)!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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