Travel during pregnancy: rules of safe travel

Pregnant women as very needed a complete rest and travel during pregnancy (assuming good health). After childbirth new mommy will be busy with the baby and her will be busy.

However, one should consider some important rules and contraindications while on vacation in other countries strongly suggests women’s website ““.

In a way, during flights or during long trips by car, train, woman in “interesting situation” might experience some discomfort, which we will discuss in this article. Note that travel during pregnancy is generally permitted by gynecologists only in the second trimester from 18 to 24 a week, when there is no significant threat of miscarriage and premature birth.

Contact your doctors and find out what are the contraindications for travel exist?

When you travel during pregnancy is strongly not recommended

Travelling during pregnancy can only bring harm if a pregnant woman observed any of the following conditions:

  • acute toxicosis;
  • the risk of miscarriage or premature birth;
  • symptom mnogonogie and water shortage;
  • chronic diseases and their exacerbation;
  • bleeding or risk of bleeding (placenta previa).

In other cases, it is desirable to consult and to inform about his decision to leave doctor, and then you can safely collect the suitcase and together with my husband to go on vacation that will be for you and your future baby are very helpful. Fresh fruit, clean air, gentle sun and warm sand, blue sea or ocean and a lot of impressions travel during pregnancy ggarantiruyut you positive emotions.

However, you should take into account several very important points we will talk about them further.

Pregnancy travel abroad: important points

Your holiday can be varied: from a trip to Europe as a tourist wanting to see the sights, to rest on beaches in exotic countries of Africa, Asia, and South America. It is important to consider that the rest should not be extreme, but calm.

At the same time, choosing where to relax and where to go on a trip, it is necessary to learn about the local culture, specialties, epidemiological situation, especially in exotic countries.

If your dream is to swim in the Indian ocean, then consult your doctor concerning vaccination, because in these countries, the sanitary conditions leave much to be desired. Be careful and vigilant!

Travel during the second trimester of pregnancy can be fun and safe if you’re aware of the potential risks and unforeseen circumstances. For example, if you decided to go on an excursion in the mountains, you should know that height is of great importance, because some women in your position is getting bad even at the height of 1800 meters.

The best option is still for you – a quiet holiday at sea or ocean with a temperate climate, advises that is for you and the baby useful is the temperature above approximately 28 degrees.

Climate change may also impact your well-being, therefore, traveling during pregnancy, take care of proper rest, try not to overwork, eat well, sleep. You may feel weakness and dizziness, but that the impact of climate change, adaptation, which takes place literally within a couple of days.

As for transport, it can be ground (car, bus, train) or air (plane). If you’re planning long trips during pregnancy, it is likely that you will have to take a flight on the plane.

Usually the flights of all types of travel during pregnancy cause the most worries and questions.

Make sure you feel great, take reference from doctor about you health travel is permitted, ask the airline representative to give you a private and comfortable for the flight seat with increased comfort. You should be comfortable clothes, not restrict movement. If during the journey often want to use the bathroom, don’t be shy, it’s normal for a pregnant.

Stock up on candy to relieve possible feelings of nausea, drink more. During the flight it is better not to focus on the process of flight, and Vice versa – to be distracted by a book, music, film. You will help our tips on how to cope with aerophobia, if you usually fly on a plane make you nervous.

It is useful sometimes to get up and walk around the cabin to stretch their legs and restore circulation.

Sea, beach and tan: how not to hurt?

If you go to sea while pregnant, you must exercise caution and discretion. Should be limited to morning and evening hours spent on the beach, because at lunch time the sun and heat is unfavorable for you and baby.

During pregnancy in the body occur powerful hormonal changes, often they are accompanied by spots and stripes, which appeared on the skin. Should not make it worse by prolonged exposure without protection in the southern sun.

Be sure to use the sprays and oils with a high protection factor from ultraviolet radiation. About their choice are requested to consult a doctor.

You should be comfortable, drink plenty of water, wear a hat and sunglasses. Try to swim near the shore, swim at the depth you need, and hard with that belly to conquer the Maritime depths.

The loungers in the shady side – a great vacation and coolness, the best option of relaxing on the beach for a pregnant woman.

Take along a first aid kit!

If you are assigned the intake of certain drugs, when traveling during pregnancy, make sure that first aid kit with everything you need is present in your Luggage.

In your first aid kit should at least be paracetamol, activated charcoal, Pepto, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, cotton, gauze, Rescue balm or some other cream for burns, bruises, scratches, wounds.

Good holiday to you and your long-awaited baby!

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